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  1. Hmm, a few small notes, firstly the naming convention of amalgam mods isn't being used correctly here (also "Amalgam Redirection" suggests the redirection mod has something to do with the mod when it doesn't) . Secondly all the amalgam mods we have for specific weapons introduce bonuses to different weapons or parts of the load-out, not just extra bonuses to the mod the weapon is on. I'm not gonna touch the "balance" issues with these mods but they are all pretty out from 1st glance. Lastly none of the mechanical changes on these mods seem very inventive or particularly unique. -Amalgam redirection - For all practical purposes, its just punch through without having to line up your targets. It's functionally doable though. In practical purposes its like shooting an enemy and the enemy behind them having a magnetize bubble on them. -Amalgam Fire surpress - Umm, not much to criticise here tbh, seems like something kinda just designed to save mod slots. The one real nitpick I have here is the name. If it was supposed to be a pun, where your creating a bullet "hose" and reducing the chance of fires, well ok its not that bad but could be better (also strictly speaking it should be "fire suppression" or "fire suppressant") . But you also have to consider that the phrase "suppressing fire" also exists and would imply almost the direct opposite of what this mod mechanically does. -Amalgum Double Tap - Not phrased very well unfortunately. This seems to be implying that this mechanic is just a weaker version of "amalgam redirection". The name kinda works, but with the burston being a 3 shot burst rifle it is a little 2 subtle for most people to not misunderstand the idea on 1st glance and also if the name is referring to the secondary rounds being fired as the reason for the name choice, well it doesn't really work with the your working off of. This idea of getting a bonus when you land all of the shots from 1 burst is cool though, but it would need to be implemented differently. Also what multiplier are you decreasing? It wasn't stated in the text. (edit: from looking at the lato one it looks like you mean multishot? If u do mean multishot then having a 20% chance for no bullet to fire when u press the trigger is not a good idea) - Amalgam Diamond edge - It seems a bit rushed and poorly thought out, Firstly the corrosive armor proc strips 25% of an enemies armor with every hit, 5% is just 2 weak, if you look at mods like "shattering impact" they give a fixed number because then the armor removal doesn't just reduce on subsequent hits. Also fire rate being reduced with this effect as well as status chance being increased doesn't make much sense since for weapons that are all about applying "on hit effects" work better from a higher fire rate. I like the mechanical idea of trading off fire rate for power but your implementation of that idea here doesn't really work. - Amalgam Bane of Life- wow!, 400% damage to all the factions, so bane mods function differently from others in that they increase the base damage before other mods are applied, so they are super powerful, making this super powerful. The normal lato isn't supposed to be an end game weapon, and the vandal and prime work fine without something this crazy powerful. If this was supposed to be just a 400% damage boost that doesn't work like a bane mod, then it's confusing and needs a new name, and if it doesn't scale that way then it could be just removed and added to the damage bonus already listed on the mod, and at that point, this is just a lato riven in all but name. At the end of the day there are some good ideas in here, but they need to be implemented differently, and the naming stuff might seem petty small but tbh it rly does matter. Needs work, but don't give up.
  2. Dojo Fish tanks + ponds? Adding a credit value to fish meat and oil was a stroke of genius. Although its not the most efficient method of farming credits it doesn't need to be because is so enjoyable and relaxing, to the point that I can spend hours on end fishing. I love the fishing in this game, and would really love to see it expanded on more, it genuinely feels like a game mode in its own right. With this said, can we expect to ever seen the fish scales and the spare parts from servo fish become salable as well? Do you think it would ever be possible to see the fishing expanded beyond the simple resource gathering that is already in the game for players who enjoy this pastime? (aquarium-frame is my greatest dream!)
  3. Exactly, new skins would have meant the rest of us who had em already would have something to do now, and again the point is them being so minor means they are the exact kind of thing that should be left for vets, cause leaving stuff that actually makes a difference to any1 to only older players would make a way bigger impact on newer players. Also you misunderstand, the skins themselves are not a big deal, that was the point I was making. The fact that having them is a sign that you have been playing and supporting the game for almost half a decade DOES make them have value to the players who had them b4, but to the people getting them now they are just skins for weapons that they probably wont even use because they are pretty average at best. Look for founders they have their stuff and that's gr8, but for the rest of us who started in the 1st or 2nd year of this games existence, these few cosmetics and a few others were rly pretty much the only concrete things we had to show that we had been around for a hell of a long time, they didn't matter much, but it feels rly bad that they are just being given away now.
  4. I agree, but tbh i don't think they should come back at all. They are such minor things, they make basically no difference at all to any players who don't have them, they are exactly the kind of things that should remain as something for only vets to have.
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