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  1. Oh boy, I was looking forward to this all week! I see nothing but good changes here; I can't wait to come home and play some more. Not to be impatient, but do we have any work done on the Railjack Command Tree? I want to bring my fear-of-space-travel lich into my railjack.
  2. Phew!! Now these are some patch notes! I love everything I'm seeing so far; I can't wait to get home and play.
  3. This new mode is fun, fresh, and wow... I keep touting it to my friends as "The Star Trek sim we never got". I just wanted to spout some praise here so you guys don't feel unloved underneath all the other critiques. It's a blast, I'm already in love with my ship, and I look forward to suping this bad boy up. Also, between Cephalon Cy's grisly recount of his previous crew and the propulsion systems onboard the railjack in particular; did you take inspiration from novelist David Weber by chance? It feels like I'm reading one of his books. Excellent work guys; keep working on it, fixing it, and I look forward to the corpus expansion to Railjack! I know what I'm doing this weekend :p
  4. I'm having a really hard time finding things to critique about the melee rework. What I will say is that I have never had more fun with melee than I am now. Every melee weapon is devastating now. I can give my frames thematic weapons; Ivara can use Fang Prime like an assassin, Chroma can use Kronen like wing-blades, Valkyr can use dual swords like a berserker, and they are all destructive in all content. I couldn't be happier. Weapons that previously saw minimal or starchart-only use, are now seeing endgame use and it feels amazing. Thank you.
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