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  1. I'm having a really hard time finding things to critique about the melee rework. What I will say is that I have never had more fun with melee than I am now.

    Every melee weapon is devastating now. I can give my frames thematic weapons; Ivara can use Fang Prime like an assassin, Chroma can use Kronen like wing-blades, Valkyr can use dual swords like a berserker, and they are all destructive in all content. I couldn't be happier. Weapons that previously saw minimal or starchart-only use, are now seeing endgame use and it feels amazing.

    Thank you.

  2. Quote

    Blessing: Blessing now heals Allies within the shared Tenno Affinity aura range. This Tenno Affinity aura range is a new UI feature available to all players beside the Shield Stat. This range is 50 meters from Trinity. 


    Doesn't this strike anyone in the development team as... a little... excessive? I mean... I guess now I can say "Haha, you guys who mod for max sprint speed and bullet jump and bolt off into the action, I can no longer help you." and all they can do is cry and probably come on here to complain that the trinity is worthless, because it's not my fault that turbocharged Lokis and Ashes and what have you are now permanently out of my 50m range.

    So... Uh. Link (and vamp) builds still ftw, I guess!

  3. "Fixed the Nullifier Crewman’s protective bubble not removing Trinity’s Link."


    Yep, I saw it coming. We get a way to take down the most hated enemy since mutalist ospreys, and they snatch that away from us too. Just remove abilities, DE. You're killing us here.

  4. Ohoho, this is the BIG update I was waiting for! I admit, I didn't expect it all to come at once! The Hysteria re-work, Player Ships, and FREAKIN' KUBROWS?


    Frankly I expected all three of those things over a long, drawn out process of patches and hotfixes, but you dropped them all at once.


    This is my Christmas in July...!

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