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  1. Heck with it, here ya go. This is a playful memey writing done in... About an hour and a half? Don't rail me for consistency and lore-friendliness. It's Mesa but Big Iron, don't take it too seriously, I got farming to do in-game, I'm not gonna dedicate drafts and revisions to this.



    Flesh and metal landed on the Terra colony, a lawless settlement on one of the less-overgrown plateaus of Earth's arid regions. The stoic silence of the Warframe that presented itself was stifling. A Warframe? Here? Amid the silence, rumors spread like wildfire about the reason for it's visit, but no one dared to confront the monstrosity face-to-face, for it brandished it's weapons and munitions over it's very body, in plain sight.

    The Warframe was restless as it patrolled the settlement. It's oculars appeared to be blindfolded, but it's head moved with hunter's determination. It scanned alleyways, staring down the occasional passersby, but otherwise ignoring the people who continued to cow away from it.

    "It's an assassin," said the fearful, "Sent by the Orokin, to deliver a message... What have we done? Who are they after?"

    But the townspeople would never have guessed, it was an Orokin that the Warframe was hunting. Known only as "The Executor", the callsign was an apt double entendre. They pulled the strings and commanded respect, or killed those who dissented. Executed by The Executor.

    And dissent had come in waves before. Rebellion. Riots. Assassination attempts. All had failed to sway The Executor. Twenty. Twenty assassins had tried and failed to restore order to their backwater town.

    Days went by, and the Warframe continued it's restless vigil. The people were still offput, but none had been injured or even acknowledged by the eternally silent weapon amongst them. The whispers in the shadows changed their tune. If the Warframe wasn't here for them, who was it here for? The only one there who was not like them was... The Executor.

    These whispers were different. Ones of hope. And hope would draw The Executor's attention. Another assassin. Another number. But what was this? A rogue Warframe? Disgusting. This was new, but just the same, it would die like the rest. And then this one would be sent to be repurposed into biofuel as a defective product.

    The Executor dared to show himself to the Warframe in pomp and arrogance. The sun stood at high noon over the arid plateau, and the fears and hopes of all the people was about to be realized. For the first time since it's arrival, the Warframe stopped in it's tracks and it's muscles tensed in silent defiance against The Executor.

    Frozen in time, breath held, the people watched from windows, from cover, some emboldened to stand in the open for what they were sure was going to be a bloodbath.

    Not ten meters apart and... Woe to the observers who blinked their eyes at this moment between moments. The Executor could not raise a limb to execute his sentence, for a ballistic round ripped through elegant Orokin cloth. The Warframe, bristling with weapons and munitions, had unsheathed it's payload for the first time, and was deadly in it's aim.

    Years of oppression, days of tension, over in a single flash. The townspeople gathered around, to lay eyes on a sight they could never imagine. The body of The Executor, motionless on the ground. Eyes open, mouth agape in shock.

    The Executor's final moments pierced with fear, with the realization that their sins had brought down this judgement upon them. Perhaps they would still be alive, if they had not drawn the ire of this Warframe.

    Mesa. The Vigilante. The Peacemaker.



  2. Ohoho, this is the BIG update I was waiting for! I admit, I didn't expect it all to come at once! The Hysteria re-work, Player Ships, and FREAKIN' KUBROWS?


    Frankly I expected all three of those things over a long, drawn out process of patches and hotfixes, but you dropped them all at once.


    This is my Christmas in July...!

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