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  1. It's okay, 9/10.



    No but actually I love it. I've wanted nothing more than to blast space combat music and just shoot things without worrying about anything else, finally, I can do that. I've got a boss crew and we chew up anything railjack. As for the other 39 pages of patch notes, I have not gotten to them yet, lol. But I will.

  2. This is nothing but terrible. It's a frog-in-boiling-water situation. They say they'll retain full control, but when Tencent points that gun at their head and threatens to remove the precious Chinese player market, DE will bend to any whim. I've seen this at least a dozen times by now.

    Tencent is very close to the CCP and it's authorities. These are the bastards that got Blitzchung banned for saying "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times."

    Watch your coin, Tenno. A percentage of anything you spend here will no doubt go to this corporate ultra-mega giant.

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  3. Heck with it, here ya go. This is a playful memey writing done in... About an hour and a half? Don't rail me for consistency and lore-friendliness. It's Mesa but Big Iron, don't take it too seriously, I got farming to do in-game, I'm not gonna dedicate drafts and revisions to this.



    Flesh and metal landed on the Terra colony, a lawless settlement on one of the less-overgrown plateaus of Earth's arid regions. The stoic silence of the Warframe that presented itself was stifling. A Warframe? Here? Amid the silence, rumors spread like wildfire about the reason for it's visit, but no one dared to confront the monstrosity face-to-face, for it brandished it's weapons and munitions over it's very body, in plain sight.

    The Warframe was restless as it patrolled the settlement. It's oculars appeared to be blindfolded, but it's head moved with hunter's determination. It scanned alleyways, staring down the occasional passersby, but otherwise ignoring the people who continued to cow away from it.

    "It's an assassin," said the fearful, "Sent by the Orokin, to deliver a message... What have we done? Who are they after?"

    But the townspeople would never have guessed, it was an Orokin that the Warframe was hunting. Known only as "The Executor", the callsign was an apt double entendre. They pulled the strings and commanded respect, or killed those who dissented. Executed by The Executor.

    And dissent had come in waves before. Rebellion. Riots. Assassination attempts. All had failed to sway The Executor. Twenty. Twenty assassins had tried and failed to restore order to their backwater town.

    Days went by, and the Warframe continued it's restless vigil. The people were still offput, but none had been injured or even acknowledged by the eternally silent weapon amongst them. The whispers in the shadows changed their tune. If the Warframe wasn't here for them, who was it here for? The only one there who was not like them was... The Executor.

    These whispers were different. Ones of hope. And hope would draw The Executor's attention. Another assassin. Another number. But what was this? A rogue Warframe? Disgusting. This was new, but just the same, it would die like the rest. And then this one would be sent to be repurposed into biofuel as a defective product.

    The Executor dared to show himself to the Warframe in pomp and arrogance. The sun stood at high noon over the arid plateau, and the fears and hopes of all the people was about to be realized. For the first time since it's arrival, the Warframe stopped in it's tracks and it's muscles tensed in silent defiance against The Executor.

    Frozen in time, breath held, the people watched from windows, from cover, some emboldened to stand in the open for what they were sure was going to be a bloodbath.

    Not ten meters apart and... Woe to the observers who blinked their eyes at this moment between moments. The Executor could not raise a limb to execute his sentence, for a ballistic round ripped through elegant Orokin cloth. The Warframe, bristling with weapons and munitions, had unsheathed it's payload for the first time, and was deadly in it's aim.

    Years of oppression, days of tension, over in a single flash. The townspeople gathered around, to lay eyes on a sight they could never imagine. The body of The Executor, motionless on the ground. Eyes open, mouth agape in shock.

    The Executor's final moments pierced with fear, with the realization that their sins had brought down this judgement upon them. Perhaps they would still be alive, if they had not drawn the ire of this Warframe.

    Mesa. The Vigilante. The Peacemaker.



  4. This new mode is fun, fresh, and wow... I keep touting it to my friends as "The Star Trek sim we never got". I just wanted to spout some praise here so you guys don't feel unloved underneath all the other critiques. It's a blast, I'm already in love with my ship, and I look forward to suping this bad boy up.

    Also, between Cephalon Cy's grisly recount of his previous crew and the propulsion systems onboard the railjack in particular; did you take inspiration from novelist David Weber by chance? It feels like I'm reading one of his books.

    Excellent work guys; keep working on it, fixing it, and I look forward to the corpus expansion to Railjack! I know what I'm doing this weekend :p

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  5. I'm having a really hard time finding things to critique about the melee rework. What I will say is that I have never had more fun with melee than I am now.

    Every melee weapon is devastating now. I can give my frames thematic weapons; Ivara can use Fang Prime like an assassin, Chroma can use Kronen like wing-blades, Valkyr can use dual swords like a berserker, and they are all destructive in all content. I couldn't be happier. Weapons that previously saw minimal or starchart-only use, are now seeing endgame use and it feels amazing.

    Thank you.

  6. I'm certainly no stranger to grinding in this game, and I'm sure all I could say about the Liches right now has already been said, so I'll cut right to my proposed solution.

    Perhaps we can cut maybe just one layer off the RNG? Like, make Requiem Mods permanent? I just found out they were consumed after 3 uses and that was the last straw for me. That's just... Oof. That's too much. These middle-tier rewards in relics, so I'm already:

    1. Gambling that I'm even gonna find one, (I got 3 weapon exilus bps)
    2. Then it's gotta be the one that I want. (I got all the ones I don't need yet)
    3. Then I have to play codebreaker to find the sequence I actually equip them in to function (Still unlocking the 3rd requiem)
    4. Then they go away

    I know I'm just a player, so what do I know about balance? But maybe? Please? Can I just... keep them, for my trouble? If you don't, well... I mean I'd rather farm Sabot Rounds or Augur Secrets to trade for kuva weapons, at that point. I actually enjoy those grinds.

  7. I'm bumping this crap again because I just got out of a group with Shaydrath, after running 20 waves of Defense, leaving with 0 XP and 0 Loot gained, a complete waste of time that I could have spent doing literally anything else for more result.

    We had a nice, long time with no strange connection issues, and now they're popping back up with a vengeance. I haven't been this salty in two years now, if memory serves.

  8. Quote

    Blessing: Blessing now heals Allies within the shared Tenno Affinity aura range. This Tenno Affinity aura range is a new UI feature available to all players beside the Shield Stat. This range is 50 meters from Trinity. 


    Doesn't this strike anyone in the development team as... a little... excessive? I mean... I guess now I can say "Haha, you guys who mod for max sprint speed and bullet jump and bolt off into the action, I can no longer help you." and all they can do is cry and probably come on here to complain that the trinity is worthless, because it's not my fault that turbocharged Lokis and Ashes and what have you are now permanently out of my 50m range.

    So... Uh. Link (and vamp) builds still ftw, I guess!

  9. T4 Defense, Wave 10. Both Stalker and Vor appeared in this mission. Stalker didn't seem to cause any issues, waves proceeded as normal.

    Vor spawned at Wave 8, did his agonizingly long monologue, and then his death speech. I didn't see him show up OR die. Waves proceeded as normal until 10.

    We're still sitting here after ten minutes, no extract/continue prompt, no wave completion, no enemies on the map.

    This has been an issue for a very long time. I do consider this non-cosmetic and hindering to gameplay. Can we get this fixed, please? I'm sick of being salty about wasted time for no reward. Especially when our target is 20; what are we supposed to do when we get unlucky enough to not even make the halfway point because of something we can't even control?

  10. On 5/6/2016 at 3:58 AM, EgAlia said:

    I really like this idea. Feels like it gives more choices on how to mod your Waframe with the flat bonus to your shields etc (if you play frame with low armor). Would personally want more types of these mods in the game with an addition bonus rather than a multiplicative bonus. With a multiplicative bonus, it's only good if that stat was good on your warframe already. With a flat addition bonus you can make really bad stat on a Warframe better. I personally like the idea that you could switch so that stat procs attacks your shield versus your health, I mean you have learned that while playing as Mag for example, toxin and slash procs will be the end of you. Why not give a mod that could counter it, it will take up a mod slot, so players can choose between their powers and their survivability,which I think would be fun.

    Hey thanks :) I love the idea of flat rates, too; imagine all the wild specializations you could set up by more effectively covering weaknesses on certain frames? And yes, I think the biggest flaw in shields right now, aside from their overall fragility, is their uselessness against certain statuses. I'd give up everything else if we could just cover that one weakness. Thanks again :)

    On 5/6/2016 at 2:54 AM, (PS4)xX-GunHound-Xx said:

    I like it! But there's just one thing I'm a little iffy about. This being mod based. And with it being mod based, it's rng based as well sadly.

    Being gated behind the congested state of the rng table, will only make it harder for those to actually make their shields an attractive trait to add in to.

    If this can just be reworked into a newer and more viable shield scaling system, then this idea will be all the more better, imo. Like proto-shielding. It works similarly to armor, but...you know, with shields.

    Amazing concept though.

    Thank you :) Unfortunately, the congested state of the loot tables and dependence of RNG in the game is something that runs much deeper than lackluster shields. A thousand and one people have already commented on those issues, but we're at the mercy of DE in that matter. As it stands, the name of the game is slot allocation and grinding :( So, I'm just trying to roll with the punches, currently. Again, thank you for your feedback!

  11. So shielding and I have a long happy history. Shield build in Mass Effect = Awesome. Protoss player in Starcraft 1 and 2. Advent player in Sins of a Solar Empire.

    However, to my dismay, I find that shielding in Warframe is... Lacking. It's not god-awful, but as you wander into Orokin Derelicts, T3s and T4s, shielding is a very high-risk specialization to delve into. In these scenarios, a method of health restoration (Blessing, Life Leech, etc.), combined with a large pool and high armor are pretty much the only ways you want to go for survival. A Volt Prime, while his shields are immense and regen as a result is great (especially with Fast Deflection + Fortitude), one stray toxic proc can end him. High-armored frames like Valkyr, despite having a skill that benefits from shielding (Paralysis), is very much not a common build, as disregarding 600 base armor and taking focus from another skill that restores health but not shields (Hysteria) is not most people's first choice for a build. Pseudo-volt lightning Chroma also gets large benefits to shields, at the cost of his high armor existing mostly as a contingency for broken shields.

    As a foreword: I know the name of the game for shield frames is "Just don't get hit, scrub" - that's why this is just a recommendation for those who want an alternate play-style, and I've given thought to balance in terms of cost vs. reward. This is all purely theoretical, If/when such an idea were adopted, I'm sure the specifics would be adjusted.

    With all that in mind, I thought up a mod to stick on your Warframe:

    Hardened Shields (D-Slot, Drain 7): Applies a flat rate (or a % of base, whichever is larger) of armor to your shield layer, and forces status procs to affect your shield layer, at the cost of lowered regen rate.

    My goals with this:

    1. To allow high-shield frames like Volt, Zephyr, Frost, et. al., to build shield-oriented tanks at a cost similar to those of health/armor tanks. If the mod takes the larger value between a flat-rate of armor say, 300, or a % of base like 60% to an Valkyr (360), it would apply the percentile 360 to the shielding layer. Still weaker than her HP-Armor pool, but a considerable amount. Meanwhile, Volt at 15 base armor, would be given a flat-rate 300 armor to shields, putting him comfortably next to Frost for armor value.
    2. Redirecting status procs to the shield layer will subject the shields to a lot of abuse; if you've built for shields (which you have probably already done if you're investing in this mod), you'll be relying on your capacity and regen to take it all. However given the insane regen of shields when built currently, it's only fair that would take a large hit, so one can't simply hide for 5 seconds and be at maximum capacity again in another 3 seconds.
    3. The surprisingly low drain of the mod makes it only slightly more expensive to equip than an HP/Armor setup. You would need to reserve slots for Redirection(14), Vigor(11), Hardened Shields(14), Fast Deflection(9), and Fortitude(9). This is a drain of 50. High-armor frames would also possibly invest in Steel Fiber(14) and Armored Agility(11) to preference, raising the total to 64 or 75, respectively.
      1. In comparison, an HP/Armor build would use Vitality(12), Vigor(11), Steel Fiber(14), Armored Agility(11), totaling 48. The fact that HP/Armor takes fewer slots to build, and at a lower cost is something to consider.
    4. Finally, the number of slots consumed to create this setup, next to HP/Armor builds, makes it highly impractical to take both for any sort of ability power or utility, unless you simply want to be an unstoppable bullet sponge and let your guns do the talking.
    5. Obviously, the intent is to bolster shields to be your first and last line of defense... It's fair to assume that if you allow your shields to fall, you don't have much of a health pool to catch you. Hardened Shields would not apply armor to your health pool.

    That's all I've got for this idea. It's rough around the edges despite clanging around in my head for a while, but it could be fun for those who like stacking that blue number!

  12. Allow me to preface this by saying a long time ago, I built an Ignis because I'm something of a pyromaniac. I love fire, and a flamethrower in any incarnation is awesome. Ignis was, obviously a very sub-par weapon, but seeing as I like to screw around, I threw 5 forma on it because I wanted to see how much I could squeeze out of a bad weapon.


    Now, Ignis has made my top 10, and those 5 forma, previously a joke, have ascended it into godhood.


    To my point: Your rebalance of Ignis was something of a masterstroke. You managed to alleviate the weaknesses in the weapon while still keeping it feeling like a flamethrower, giving it a very distinct performance in battle: Large AoE and High Status. Better still, I don't feel the weapon is rediculously overpowered now, either. It's good for what you put into it, and it holds up well in almost all casual scenarios (Just got out of a 30 minute T3 surv with it; we all know what it was like before the buff... just leave it at home).


    There are of course, weapons that still need to be rebalanced, weapons that are particularly weak, weapons that really have no niche, and are more or less, mastery fodder when they shouldn't be. Silva and Aegis comes to mind, being about on the same manufacturing cost level as Ignis, but really it's just absolutely awful. Sheev was not particularly... fascinating in my opinion, either, with the range of a dagger but the speed of a greatsword?


    It's a bit of a vague request, but if and when you do consider future weapons for rebalance, think of Ignis, and how you pulled it out of the grave, but didn't quite make it an Infinity weapon, either. That's good balance.

  13. Yes, thank you! This was the thread I was hoping to see.

    I /hate/ gunning for a target and my Kubrow latches onto it and they do that stupid wrestle animation, while my attacks just phase right through them for the duration.

    It's the #1 reason I use Sentinels over Kubrows right now. Fix this, and I'll bring it on every damn mission, I promise.

  14. This title was hard, I have no idea how to describe it.


    I noticed this first on Akvasto, some time after the Mesa patch, and it's really hurt my usage with the weapon as it was previously one of my favorites, but this bug is severely damaged it's usability. I noticed it again on Akjagara just this week, and after doing some searching in this forum, it would seem like I'm the only one to have this problem - or at least report it.


    How can I put this? When I fire a semi-automatic akimbo secondary too quickly, some shots will consume 2 or even 3 shots on one click, essentially making a mag size of 12 (Akvasto) more like 8. Another way to describe it - I can use all 12 rounds in 10 clicks, but at no additional damage.


    Akjagara does the same thing, shots will simply disappear, and my ammo counter will skip numbers at random, going from 9 shots to 7 in one click. I noticed it on Akjagara in particular when I began counting my clicks. 24 rounds in a standard Akjagara, but I have to reload after 21 clicks on the fire button? Something's fishy, right?


    I have no trouble reproducing the error, but I have no idea how to show it to you short of recording a gif.


    And no, the error does not reproduce when firing slowly, but this sort of defeats the purpose of having two of a weapon, doesn't it? I avoid +refire mods now, since using them only hurts my ammo efficiency with no other gain.

  15. "Fixed the Nullifier Crewman’s protective bubble not removing Trinity’s Link."


    Yep, I saw it coming. We get a way to take down the most hated enemy since mutalist ospreys, and they snatch that away from us too. Just remove abilities, DE. You're killing us here.

  16. It's happened on three different occasions now, and the only constant I've noticed is that they're all coming around the same time as Tar Moas.


    First time it happened, I was on a Rage/Armor built Oberon, I had just started a Hive mission, nothing unusual. Tar Moa around the corner, get ready to fight him, standard stuff. He hits me with his splooge or whatever and IMMEDIATELY my frame drops. This is a max health, max shield, high-armor Oberon, insta-killed by a direct Tar Moa hit.


    Second time was with a Valkyr, also Armor built, so we're talking over 1000 armor points. A direct hit after coming out of Hysteria managed to knock me down 100% to nothing.


    And just now, I was running an infested defense. It was going great until Tar Moas started chucking their goo at the pod; it dropped 10k to 2k in the course of a couple seconds, and I KNOW ancients and runners don't hit that hard at wave 10.


    So help me out, I don't want to believe that this enemy is hitting as hard as it seems, but they're the only thing different that I'm noticing leading up to these insane sudden deaths.

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