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  1. Frame Theme: Loneliness Possible Name: Solitaire Very Bad and Entirely Stupid Pitch: The concept here is a frame that does not want to be alone, but is, and actually manages to benefit from this despite being really bummed out about it at all times. He's like an attention seeking missile (totally a power name right there) who tries to get noticed, by being loud and needy, but in doing so just makes everyone around him so uncomfortable that they have no choice but to ignore him entirely, pretend like they can't see him... which renders him effectively invisible. Super ninja stealth achieved. Kind of. He'll frequently engage in bizarre and unwanted social interactions that repel others, for potential crowd control or similar beneficial effects... Hugging, for example. By initiating a Hug, enemies that see it coming become horrified and flee, and those that become ensnared become paralyzed due to severe social awkwardness. He will also have grotesquely long arms, partly for the hugs, partly to repel others from his horrific appearance, but mostly to enable his passive ability to open friendship doors... all by himself 😢
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