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  1. Greetings Tenno!

    Nidus Prime Access brings the master of mutation to the Origin System. Riven Mods are of a similar sort - constantly mutating and evolving - and this Prime Access is no different.

    The Sisters of Parvos update introduced many new powerful weapons, the Tenet series, which caused a period of volatility in usage stats. We are still evaluating the strength of these weapons, but have done our best to add power where it seemed appropriate.

    We’ve also taken this opportunity to slightly change how we calculate Riven values internally, in terms of the tools we use. This change, combined with shifting trends, means that this disposition update adjusts more numbers than usual (but nothing too extreme!)

    Without further ado, here’s what to expect in the update:



    Amprex: 0.75->0.8

    Battacor: 1.05->1.1

    Boltor: 1.25->1.3
    Telos Boltor: 1.15->1.2
    Boltor Prime: 1.15->1.2

    Tenet Flux Rifle: 0.5->0.7

    Fulmin: 0.65->0.7

    Gaze (primary): 1->1.05

    Komorex: 1.1->1.15

    Lanka: 1->1.05

    Kuva Ogris: 0.9->0.85

    Opticor: 1.1->1.15
    Opticor Vandal: 1->1.05

    Panthera Prime: 1.15->1.2

    Proboscis Cernos: 0.55->0.6

    Rubico: 0.9->0.95

    Soma: 1.1->1.15
    Soma Prime: 1->1.05

    Sporothrix: 1.1->1.2

    Stahlta: 0.85->0.9

    Supra: 1.05->1.1
    Supra Vandal: 0.95->1

    Sybaris: 1.25->1.3
    Dex Sybaris: 1.2->1.25
    Sybaris Prime: 1.15->1.2

    Tenora Prime: 0.5->0.8

    Tenet Tetra: 0.5->0.7

    Tiberon Prime: 0.9->0.95

    Tombfinger (primary): 0.85->0.9

    Trumna: 0.75->0.8

    Vectis: 1.05->1.1

    Kuva Zarr: 0.5->0.6



    Arca Plasmor: 0.7->0.8

    Astilla: 1.2->1.25
    Astilla Prime: 0.5->0.8

    Cedo: 0.6->0.65

    Corinth: 1.1->1.15

    Kuva Hek: 0.5->0.7

    Tigris: 1.1->1.15
    Sancti Tigris: 0.95->1
    Tigris Prime: 0.85->0.9



    Akbolto Prime: 1.15->1.2

    Akjagara Prime: 0.9->0.95

    Aklex Prime: 0.85->0.9

    Akstiletto Prime: 0.65->0.7

    Atomos: 0.9->0.95

    Kuva Brakk: 0.9->0.85

    Catabolyst: 1->1.1

    Tenet Cycron: 0.5->0.65

    Mara Detron: 1->1.1
    Tenet Detron: 0.5->0.65

    Epitaph: 0.5->0.55

    Euphona Prime: 0.8->0.85

    Kompressa: 0.5->0.75

    Kuva Twin Stubba: 0.9->0.85

    Pandero: 1.1->1.15
    Pandero Prime: 0.75->0.85

    Kuva Seer: 0.95->1

    Sepulcrum: 0.95->1

    Tenet Diplos: 0.5->0.55

    Tenet Spirex: 0.5->0.6

    Twin Grakatas: 1.15->1.2

    Velox: 1.15->1.2

    Zakti Prime: 0.9->0.95

    Zymos: 1.05->1.1



    Ankyros: 1.45->1.5

    Arum Spinosa: 1.05->1.1

    Atterax: 1.05->1.1

    Galatine Prime: 0.8->0.85

    Galvacord: 1.3->1.35

    Glaive Prime: 0.9->0.8

    Halikar Wraith: 0.75->0.85

    Kreska: 1.3->1.35

    Kronen Prime: 0.65->0.6

    Mios: 1.25->1.3

    Nami Skyla Prime: 1->0.95

    Ohma: 1.15->1.2

    Orthos Prime: 0.65->0.7

    Pulmonars: 1.05->1.1

    Secura Lecta: 1.1->1.15

    Tatsu: 0.95->1

    Tenet Agendus: 0.5->0.55

    Tenet Exec: 0.5->0.6

    Tenet Grigori: 0.5->0.65

    Tenet Livia: 0.5->0.6

    Vastilok: 0.5->0.7

    Venka: 1.05->1.1

    Vitrica: 0.85->0.9

    Volnus Prime: 0.5->0.8

    War: 1->1.05

    Zenistar: 1.1->1.15



    Prisma Dual Decurion: 1.05->1.1

    Grattler: 1->1.05
    Kuva Grattler: 0.5->0.6

    Imperator: 1.05->1.1
    Imperator Vandal: 0.85->0.9

    Larkspur: 0.85->0.9

    Morgha: 0.85->0.9

    Thanks everyone!

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  2. Greetings Tenno!

    Gara Prime Access has arrived to shatter our expectations, and with it come another set of Riven disposition changes. Similar to last time, we have refrained from any gun reductions, and only a couple melee weapons are still in need of downward adjustments.

    Most of you know the process by now, so let’s dive right in - thanks for reading!



    Bubonico: 0.6->0.7

    Catchmoon (primary): 1->1.05

    Cedo: 0.55->0.6

    Exergis: 1.05->1.1

    Gaze: 0.95->1

    Lanka: 0.95->1

    Panthera Prime: 1.05->1.15

    Proboscis Cernos: 0.5->0.55

    Quellor: 1.05->1.1

    Rattleguts (primary): 0.9->1

    Rubico: 0.8->0.9

    Sporelacer (primary): 0.85->1

    Sporothrix: 0.85->1.1

    Stahlta: 0.8->0.85

    Tiberon: 1->1.05
    Tiberon Prime: 0.85->0.9

    Tombfinger (primary): 0.75->0.85

    Trumna: 0.7->0.75

    Vermisplicer (primary): 0.7->0.85



    Akbolto: 1.25->1.3
    Telos Akbolto: 1.2->1.25
    Akbolto Prime: 1.1->1.15

    Atomos: 0.85->0.9

    Catabolyst: 0.8->1

    Euphona Prime: 0.75->0.8

    Pandero Prime: 0.5->0.75

    Rattleguts (secondary): 0.7->0.75

    Sepulcrum: 0.85->0.95

    Staticor: 0.65->0.7

    Velox: 1.1->1.15

    Vermisplicer (secondary): 0.85->1

    Zakti Prime: 0.75->0.9

    Zymos: 0.95->1.05



    Arca Titron: 1.25->1.3

    Arum Spinosa: 0.85->1.05

    Atterax: 1->1.05

    Dual Kamas: 1.25->1.3
    Dual Kamas Prime: 1.15->1.2

    Galatine Prime: 0.75->0.8

    Glaive Prime: 1.05->0.9

    Gram Prime: 0.8->0.75

    Guandao: 1->1.05
    Guandao Prime: 0.6->0.65

    Halikar Wraith: 0.5->0.75

    Heliocor: 1.3->1.35
    Synoid Heliocor: 1.3->1.35

    Jat Kittag: 1.3->1.35

    Keratinos: 0.9->1

    Korrudo: 1.3->1.35

    Kronen Prime: 0.7->0.65

    Lecta: 1.2->1.25
    Secura Lecta: 1.05->1.1

    Mios: 1.2->1.25

    Nikana: 0.9->0.95

    Ooltha: 1.2->1.25

    Pulmonars: 0.85->1.05

    Quassus: 0.95->1

    Reaper Prime: 0.75->0.7

    Sydon: 1.3->1.35
    Vaykor Sydon: 1.25->1.3

    Vitrica: 0.7->0.85



    Cortege: 0.85->1

    Corvas: 1.1->1.2

    Prisma Dual Decurion: 0.85->1.05

    Morgha: 0.7->0.85


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  3. Greetings Tenno!

    Our first Prime Access of 2021 has danced its way onto all platforms, meaning more Riven adjustments along with it.

    This time, we’ve reached an exciting milestone - not a single Primary, Secondary or Arch-gun has received any sort of disposition reduction! Two quick footnotes on what this means for the present and future of Riven dispositions:

    • Melee Rivens still have a way to go since their changes started later, but we hope to reach a similarly healthy spot sometime this year.
    • This does NOT mean that we will never reduce another gun ever again (in the same way that a disposition going untouched doesn’t mean it will never increase in the future). Warframe boasts not only a wealth of old content, but also a history of major mechanical revisions that can drastically affect which weapons are popular. This set of changes has a perfect example: since our Glaive rework late last year, Glaive Prime in particular has seen a huge influx of usage, resulting in the first ever disposition change for that weapon.

    Without further ado, here are the changes - thanks for reading!



    Basmu: 1.1->1.15

    Bubonico: 0.5->0.6

    Catchmoon: 0.9->1

    Cedo: 0.5->0.55

    Dread: 1.25->1.3

    Fulmin: 0.6->0.65

    Kuva Hind: 1->1.05

    Lanka: 0.9->0.95

    Panthera Prime: 0.85->1.05

    Quellor: 1->1.05

    Rattleguts: 0.8->0.9

    Sporelacer: 0.5->0.85

    Sporothrix: 0.5->0.85

    Supra: 1->1.05
    Supra Vandal: 0.9->0.95

    Sancti Tigris: 0.9->0.95
    Tigris Prime: 0.8->0.85

    Trumna: 0.55->0.7

    Vermisplicer: 0.5->0.7



    Akjagara: 1->1.05
    Akjagara Prime: 0.85->0.9

    Akstilletto: 0.9->0.95
    Akstilletto Prime: 0.6->0.65

    Catabolyst: 0.5->0.8

    Hystrix: 1.15->1.2

    Pox: 1.15->1.2

    Pyrana: 0.9->0.95

    Quatz: 1.15->1.2

    Sepulcrum: 0.75->0.85

    Sporelacer: 0.5->0.55

    Staticor: 0.6->0.65

    Velox: 1->1.1

    Vermisplicer: 0.5->0.85

    Zakti Prime: 0.5->0.75

    Zymos: 0.75->0.95



    Arum Spinosa: 0.5->0.85

    Atterax: 0.95->1

    Broken War: 1.1->1.15

    Cassowar: 1.3->1.35

    Galatine: 0.95->1.05
    Galatine Prime: 0.7->0.75

    Glaive Prime: 1.22->1.05

    Gram Prime: 0.9->0.8

    Guandao Prime: 0.5->0.6

    Gunsen: 1.3->1.35

    Synoid Heliocor: 1.25->1.3

    Hirudo: 1.05->1.1

    Jat Kittag: 1.25->1.3

    Karyst Prime: 0.75->1.05

    Keratinos: 0.7->0.9

    Kronen Prime: 0.85->0.7

    Ceti Lacera: 1.1->1.15

    Lecta: 1.15->1.2
    Secura Lecta: 1->1.05

    Mewan: 1.05->1.1

    Mios: 1.2->1.25

    Orthos: 0.95->1
    Orthos Prime: 0.6->0.65

    Pulmonars: 0.5->0.85

    Quassus: 0.75->0.95

    Rabvee: 1.25->1.3

    Reaper Prime: 0.85->0.75

    Redeemer: 1.1->1.05
    Redeemer Prime: 0.65->0.6

    Sheev: 1.3->1.35

    Sydon: 1.25->1.3
    Vaykor Sydon: 1.2->1.25

    Venka: 1->1.05

    Vitrica: 0.5->0.7

    War: 0.95->1

    Zenistar: 1.05->1.1



    Cortege: 0.7->0.85

    Prisma Dual Decurion: 0.5->0.85

    Imperator: 1->1.05

    Morgha: 0.5->0.7


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  4. Greetings Tenno!

    The time has come for another Semi-Public Test Cluster weekend, this time for Deimos Arcana. Please read the thread in full before replying!

    1. We will be using Steam Keys to access "Warframe Test" - make sure you have a Steam account!
    2. We will be running all surveys and posts in English - you must understand English to participate.
    3. Despite our best efforts, console accounts cannot be copied to our PC test server, so only PC Warframe accounts will be chosen to participate - sorry!
    4. We will be asking for targeted feedback specific to the Deimos Arcana update. All players will be given details prior to launch, not just the Test Key holders. Expect a public Dev Workshop in the coming days. 
    5. Posting here does not guarantee entry - it will be randomized. We are using the forums because we want to ensure potential participants know how to use our forums and have a base understanding covered in this post. 
    6. If this all sounds good to you - simply reply in this Warframe forum thread with "There is so much to be done here on Deimos" to be entered. We will be sending out about 1000 new Steam Keys for this weekend.

    We will be picking accounts randomly from this reply set. Accounts picked that have numerous warnings, reports, or restrictions against them will be removed from the lottery and have their Key given to another random pick. 

    Furthermore, as we continue expanding the number of players invited to Public Test weekends, we have run into an unfortunate restriction. The more people we give Test access to, the more stress it puts on our firewall, limiting the total number of Tenno we can include at one time. All those that have gained Test access before will have access again this time, but going forward into future playtests, we will have to cull the list of invitees. For now, we have one simple rule: If you login to Test during a Public Test weekend, you will still have access next time a Test takes place. If you do NOT login during a Public Test weekend, your Warframe Test access will be revoked, to make room for new players in the future.

    All those who can participate in weekend testing will receive an inbox message in Warframe during the week. Those removed will no longer have Warframe Test in their Steam libraries. We retain the right to offer permanent spots to proven contributors or other trusted players. 

    We apologize for this new “use it or lose it” rule, but this is our best option for granting access to new players based on the limited number of Steam keys we have access to.


    Good luck, and see you in the Drift!

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  5. Greetings Tenno!

    Yesterday, we released the Nights of Naberus update across all console platforms. Unfortunately, this update accidentally featured some Riven disposition changes that were scheduled to be released with Nezha Prime Access. We sincerely apologize for the unexpected tricks and treats!

    These changes have since been removed from all consoles, but in the interest of transparency, we wanted to share the exact changes you can expect when this update returns to all platforms. All of the trends explained in our last Riven workshop still hold true - there are fewer gun reductions than ever, and melees are still in a state of flux. Archgun Rivens are also being added to the mix from this point forward!

    Without further ado, numbers are as follows:



    Acceltra: 0.65->0.6

    Arca Plasmor: 0.65->0.7

    Amprex: 0.7->0.75

    Catchmoon (primary): 0.75->0.9

    Corinth: 1.05->1.1

    Gaze (primary): 0.65->0.85

    Kuva Bramma: 0.65->0.6

    Kuva Drakgoon: 1.05->1.1

    Panthera Prime: 0.5->0.85

    Rattleguts (primary): 0.6->0.8

    Shedu: 0.85->0.8

    Stahlta: 0.7->0.8

    Tigris: 1->1.1
    Sancti Tigris: 0.85->0.9

    Tombfinger (primary): 0.6->0.75

    Trumna: 0.5->0.55



    Akbolto: 1.2->1.25
    Telos Akbolto: 1.15->1.2
    Akbolto Prime: 1.05->1.1

    Akjagara: 0.95->1

    Akstilletto: 0.8->0.9

    Kuva Nukor: 0.65->0.5

    Pyrana: 0.8->0.9

    Sepulcrum: 0.5->0.75

    Staticor: 0.53->0.6

    Velox: 0.8->1

    Zymos: 0.5->0.75



    Ack & Brunt: 1.25->1.35

    Arca Titron: 1.2->1.25

    Atterax: 0.9->0.95

    Boltace: 1.2->1.25
    Telos Boltace: 1->1.05

    Broken Scepter: 1.35->1.4

    Broken War: 1.05->1.1

    Cassowar: 1.25->1.3

    Cobra & Crane: 1.25->1.3

    Dark Dagger: 0.9->1.1
    Rakta Dark Dagger: 0.8->0.95

    Dehtat: 1.15->1.2

    Dex Dakra: 1.3->1.35

    Dragon Nikana: 1.2->1.15

    Dual Kamas: 1.15->1.25
    Dual Kamas Prime: 1.05->1.15

    Dual Keres: 1.2->1.1

    Endura: 1.3->1.4

    Falcor: 1.25->1.3

    Fragor: 1.15->1.2

    Galatine: 0.85->0.95
    Galatine Prime: 0.65->0.7

    Galvacord: 1.25->1.3

    Gram Prime: 1.05->0.9

    Gunsen: 1.25->1.3

    Hate: 1.2->1.1

    Heliocor: 1.25->1.3
    Synoid Heliocor: 1.2->1.25

    Hirudo: 0.95->1.05

    Jat Kittag: 1.15->1.25

    Karyst Prime: 0.5->0.75

    Keratinos: 0.5->0.7

    Korrudo: 1.25->1.3

    Kreska: 1.25->1.3

    Kronen Prime: 1.05->0.85

    Kronsh: 1.25->1.3

    Ceti Lacera: 1.05->1.1

    Lecta: 1->1.15
    Secura Lecta: 0.9->1

    Lesion: 0.65->0.7

    Magistar: 1.3->1.35
    Sancti Magistar: 1.2->1.25

    Masseter: 1.15->1.2

    Nikana: 0.8->0.9
    Nikana Prime: 0.5->0.6

    Prisma Obex: 1.2->1.25

    Ooltha: 1.15->1.2

    Orthos: 0.85->0.95

    Orvius: 1.3->1.35

    Paracesis: 0.7->0.6

    Pathocyst: 1.25->1.3

    Plague Kripath: 0.65->0.6

    Pupacyst: 1.25->1.3

    Quassus: 0.5->0.75

    Rabvee: 1.2->1.25

    Reaper Prime: 1->0.85

    Redeemer: 1.17->1
    Redeemer Prime: 0.8->0.65

    Scindo: 1.3->1.35

    Sepfahn: 0.75->0.7

    Sydon: 1.15->1.25
    Vaykor Sydon: 1.1->1.2

    Twin Krohkur: 1.25->1.2

    Venka: 0.9->1

    War: 0.9->0.95

    Wolf Sledge: 1.2->1.25

    Xoris: 0.5->0.65

    Zenistar: 0.95->1.05



    Cortege: 0.5->0.7

    Corvas: 1.05->1.1

    Dual Decurion: 1.25->1.3

    Fluctus: 0.9->1

    Grattler: 0.95->1

    Imperator: 0.85->1

    Larkspur: 0.8->0.85

    Phaedra: 1.15->1.2

    Velocitus: 1.05->1.1

    Thanks everyone - expect these changes to go live on all platforms when Nezha Prime arrives in the near future!

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  6. Hail Tenno!

    Today we’ve got a double shot of Warframe rework goodness. You may want to make a snack; we’re gonna be here awhile.

    The subjects of today’s Workshop are two of our oldest frames, and as such, many of our players are very invested in their continued viability. We have listened at length to your feedback, and hope to have struck a balance between adding new features and facelifting old favorites. That being said, everything presented here is subject to further change before release.

    You've all waited long enough - let’s begin!


    First up...

    The greatest tacticians make use of all tools at their disposal, to achieve something greater than the sum of its parts. 

    This is the fantasy we aimed to deliver with VAUBAN, our engineer-themed Warframe. Over six years have passed since his release back in 2013, and although his crowd-controlling abilities were valuable to mitigate damage in high level missions, the state of our ever-changing game rendered his tools less useful over time. Improvements that came with his Prime variant in 2016 gave Vauban more tools to choose from, but after observing how our players chose to utilize his powers, it became apparent that his abilities were still too one-dimensional.

    When revisiting Vauban, we aimed to retain his status as a crowd control powerhouse, while increasing his mobility and lethality to keep up with 2019 Warframe’s lightning-quick pace.

    1. TESLA DRONES (replacing Tesla Grenades)
      Instead of sticking to surfaces, these new Tesla Drones will roll around, following the player. Once an enemy comes within range, these Drones will latch on and emit a shock that stuns the target and nearby enemies. Each Drone has a limited number of shock charges before it must be replaced. Hold cast to summon multiple Tesla Drones at once!

      All four of his mines have been replaced with new options:

      -”Sticky Ripline” pulls a number of nearby enemies to wherever it sticks, rendering them immobile.

      -”Nail Grenade” fires high velocity nails in all directions, inflicting puncture damage to any unlucky enough to be nearby.

      -”Boost Pad” lays down a walk pad, granting a boost of speed in a chosen direction (indicated by arrows).

      -”Damage Amp” will latch onto a nearby ally, enhancing their damage output for a period of time.

    3. ORBITAL STRIKE (Bastille moved to #4)
      A deployable beacon marks a location on the map. After a short countdown, the area is struck by a massive orbital laser explosion (and yes, it does work indoors).

    4. BASTILLE (combined with Vortex)
      Vauban’s two marquee powers have been combined into a new and devastating ultimate ability!

      When deployed, a Bastille will capture nearby enemies, stripping enemies of their armor over time. Players standing within a Bastille’s radius will gain a temporary armor increase, building up over time based on how much armor is currently being stripped from enemies.

      When a Bastille’s duration expires, it collapses into a brief Vortex at the center of the cast for easy group kills. Want the Vortex to appear sooner, or last longer? Holding the cast key will collapse all active Bastilles early!

    Overall, many of Vauban’s powers have been streamlined or replaced, making his tools less redundant, and much more versatile for keeping up with the pace of an average Warframe mission.



    While Vauban is at his strongest while controlling the battlefield, today’s other frame thrives on widespread panic and chaos. EMBER, our fire-based caster Warframe, has seen her usage stats cool off over the years - so it’s time to turn up the heat!

    Although their kits are very different, our goals for this rework were similar: increase the options available to Ember players in moment-to-moment combat, offering more synergies for flexible gameplay, instead of encouraging one-dimensional specialization.

    New Passive: All enemies within a certain range that are on fire will grant Ember added ability strength (up to a cap). 

      Works fundamentally the same as it does now - tap for quick fire, hold to charge for greater impact. Enemies already inflicted by any heat status effect will now take additional damage. 

      The damage output and charge speed also scale off of one of Ember’s newest abilities...
    2. IMMOLATION (replacing Accelerant)
      Time for a history lesson! Prior to Update 11.5, Ember’s second ability used to be “Overheat”, offering an aura of heat damage which also protected her from enemy fire. Almost SIX years later, it’s time for this ring of fire to come full circle.

      When cast, Ember Immolates herself with protective fire armor. Her current level of self-Immolation is indicated by a unique UI indicator; the higher the heat, the more damage resistance, and the more effective Ember’s other abilities become.

      Empty -> Full

      The Immolation meter will build slowly at first - killing enemies and casting Ember’s Fireball (or her new ultimate ability) causes the meter to build faster. But be warned! If the meter reaches 100%, Ember will “overheat”, unleashing a wave of flame expending ALL energy. To prevent this from happening, use Fire Blast to expel a portion of your heat meter, or toggle Immolation off to reset meter build.
      Like Fireball, this ability remained the same function-wise, with a few usability buffs: Casting time has been greatly reduced, and the ability now strips armor from nearby enemies, scaling in effectiveness based on current Immolation levels.

    4. INFERNO (replacing World On Fire)
      Upon casting Inferno, all enemies currently within sight are struck by a fiery comet, lighting each target ablaze in a personal ring of fire. 

      If an enemy ignited by Inferno comes in contact with another unit, the fire will spread, igniting them as well with a fresh ability duration. Damage of the heat AoE scales with current Immolation meter level.

    With these changes, players will take a more active role in “bringing the heat” to all that stand in their way, with added protection that encapsulates Ember’s volatile nature.


    To reiterate, we will be listening closely to feedback, and will remain open to changes both before and after release.

    Thanks for reading, everyone!

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  7. Hail Tenno - sorry to all those affected by this issue! We've been trying to track down a fix for a few days now, and while we are getting closer, it will not be fixed for this weekend. 

    If you lost Focus due to this issue, please make a support ticket, and they should be able to reimburse you: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

    We suspect the issue is caused by players redeeming large amounts of Focus through shards, then spending it on Focus upgrades without leaving the upgrade menu. To avoid this issue for the time being, I suggest fully exiting the upgrade menu after claiming shards, before spending any of your points. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  8. Just now, Voltage said:

    Should we wait until after the hotfix to submit a ticket?

    No need. The fixes will unfortunately not award you the poster retroactively - it only fixes potential issues for players who have yet to acquire all scans. Since we're not releasing another frame in the immediate future, support is the best avenue for a quick fix :thumbup:

  9. Hello again - sorry to those of you who are still having issues. We've identified more edge cases that could cause players to have missed their poster, which will be fixed in the upcoming hotfix.

    However, if you've already acquired all fragments with no poster to show for it, your best bet is to open a support ticket and wait for our team to make things right: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  10. Hey Tenno, I have good news!

    With this week's update, we will be adding Frame Fighter character data for our newest warframe Revenant - if you did not acquire your poster upon completing the roster before, scanning this latest fragment on Earth after this update releases should do the trick.

    Thanks for your reports and patience in this matter :thumbup:

  11. Hail Tenno!

    With big plans for 2018, it seemed like an appropriate time to revisit a core element of Warframe - the Warframes themselves! We spent most of January reading your feedback and analyzing gameplay stats, and as February kicks off we have some plans to share!

    Each Warframe’s stats and ability kits combine into a unique entity that offers different strengths and weaknesses. With 34 Warframes to choose from (and the 35th on the way), a Tenno may find there is no challenge they cannot overcome by making good use of the swiss army knife that their Arsenal offers. Some well-rounded frames do multiple things well, while others greatly excel in specific circumstances.

    When reviewing the Arsenal over time, our developers often find themselves asking: 'is this fun?’. That's the most important question to us, from the perspective of both the active player and their three squadmates. We understand the importance of power fantasy, but overbearing abilities can make squadmates feel ineffective by seriously disrupting intended gameplay flow. Conversely, when a Warframe doesn’t do enough, players may simply choose a “better” frame, sacrificing personalization and diversity for efficiency. Neither of these situations are ideal, so let’s shake things up!

    Everything you're about to read is subject to change. In response to statistics and player feedback, we are planning the following adjustments to Warframe abilities and Augments (appearing in alphabetical order!):


    Bladestorm - Upon activating Bladestorm, Ash’s clones will do the stabbing, leaving the player free to act. Ash can choose to join in the execution by using Teleport on a marked enemy.

    As one of three “stealth” frames that offer invisibility, Ash serves as a more offensive alternative to Ivara and Loki. In practice, his Bladestorm ultimate falls short of those expectations - although the ability is sufficiently lethal, players would be locked into cutscenes as Ash and his clones finished the job on marked targets.

    With the above changes, the Ash player can continue moving and shooting after activating Bladestorm, while his clones do the dirty work! Plus, as an added feature, if a player wants to take advantage of the invincibility offered by the cutscenes (or just thinks they look cool), they can use Teleport on a marked target after activating Bladestorm to join in on the stabbing fun.



    Rubble (new mechanic) - Comes from killing petrified enemies. Atlas collects rubble to restore his health, or temporarily increase armor if already at max health.

    Landslide - Does bonus damage on petrified enemies. Killing petrified enemies with Landslide generates bonus rubble. We have also increased the contact radius at max rank from 1.5m to 2m.

    Petrify - Can use Petrify on Tectonics’ bulwarks to increase rolling velocity and damage. Can also be cast on Rumblers to heal them. Able to cast any ability while Petrify is active - use Landslide to move between enemies or erect rumblers and bulwarks, without Petrify ever turning off! Petrifying speed is also more effective at longer ranges now.

    Rumblers - While casting, creates an AoE around Atlas that will petrify any enemy that comes close. Rumblers create rubble when they expire, based on how much health they had.

    Released in late 2015, Atlas fills the role of a beefy brawler Warframe. While his first ability Landslide really packs a punch, the rest of his kit falls short in comparison to other frames. We saw this reflected in Atlas’ usage stats, where he was the generally the least-used frame that didn’t have a Prime variant.


    Similar to other recent reworks, we aim to give Atlas more synergy between the abilities at his disposal. Petrify is now a versatile ability that does not limit the casting of other abilities, and can be used to buff bulwarks and heal Rumblers. Introducing the Rubble mechanic improves Atlas’ survivability, while rewarding players for taking advantage of the frame’s synergies. The instant AoE Petrify upon casting his Rumblers ultimate also helps protect players during the cast animation.



    Resonating Quake (augment) - Upon cast, places a Quake that does not require channeling to maintain, meaning Banshee can move freely. Has a short duration, and does not move with the player. Has double the range of a regular Soundquake, but does more damage near the center.

    Banshee’s abilities fill both offense and support roles, offering damage boosting, crowd control, and area of effect capabilities. But for many, her gameplay has become centralized around an augment for her ultimate, Resonating Quake. Since sound waves can hit through walls, the humongous area of effect can prevent enemies from getting anywhere near the objective, while the casting player is left with nothing to do but wait. From our own public play experiences, Resonating Quake is what we as creators of Warframe find to be the most unfun ability- “I want to enjoy this horde shooter, but where are the hordes?”

    Instead of creating a less effective version of the same augment, Resonating Quake will now offer an alternative playstyle, providing a stationary Quake that does not restrict player movement. The augment will still lock down a very wide area, but with a short duration and less damage on the outskirts of the Quake, it should be less effective at killing enemies your squadmates cannot yet see. Effective usage will now require frequent casting and strategic placement, encouraging a more active playstyle.



    Spectral Scream - Removed walk speed and jump restrictions You can now freely move while this is active! Damage output is now also affected by the Vex Armor's Fury bonus!

    Vex Armor - Fixed a longstanding issue with number calculation being multiplicative. Boosts now apply before upgrades instead of after, making the ability consistent with all other damage boosting abilities. Overshields are now considered for Vex Armor. Chroma's Vex Armor remains one of the top performing damage-multipliers in the game - and it's now an aura! Instead of just being focused on Chroma, it can now benefit allies in range.

    The only change that comes with a full history lesson!

    Fixed an issue where Chroma would deal no damage with Vex Armor active. While this may sound like a simple fix, if you're a Chroma user please read on!
    Solving Vex Armor actually takes as back to Chroma's beginning. On original power creation, we used some less-than-ideal calculation methods to create Scorn and Fury's effects. If you are an avid Chroma user, you probably know the power maximizing this ability brings. At some point in Chroma's future we will need to revisit and use ideal methods for his Abilities; we will inform you well in advance when Chroma is under review.”


    Chroma is a complex frame that players usually acquire further on in their Tenno journey. As referenced above, much of that complexity stems from some questionable back-end calculations, which caused Vex Armor to calculate damage boosts AFTER upgrades instead of before. Although the UI may indicate that damage/armor is buffed by a few hundred percent, the actual buff amounts would be much higher. Furthermore, compound elements would effectively be multiplied twice for Fury’s damage boosting, leading to some ludicrous results.

    Back in April 2017, extreme damage boosting was not really a problem, so we left the ability as is. However, the Plains of Eidolon update marked a shift in community mindset by introducing Teralysts - featuring multiple large health pools on each weakpoint, damage boosting abilities became an important part of efficient hunting teams. While other damage boosting options require more team coordination, a single self-damaging Chroma could bypass the weakpoint damaging portion of the fight in an instant. At its simplest, we do not want our Eidolons one-shotted.

    Chroma’s usage was already somewhat narrow, so we want him to remain a competitive option for Teralyst damage boosting, while also improving other parts of his kit. Although the magnitude of his boost will be lowered, it will still be one of the strongest boosting abilities in the game, and both damage/armor increases will now apply to all teammates in a nearby radius. Furthermore, Spectral Scream without movement restrictions allows players to be the aimgliding, fire-breathing dragon they’ve always dreamed of! We will continue to observe how these changes affect Chroma (and the Teralyst hunting squads) in the coming weeks, and consider further tweaks if needed.



    World On Fire - 5 seconds after casting, a percentage will begin counting up on the ability icon. As this percentage scales from 0% to 100% over 10 seconds, the ability’s energy cost and damage dealt both grow to double, while the ability radius shrinks to half.

    Ember is the original damage caster frame, offering low survivability in exchange for high offense. Her ultimate, World on Fire, is unmatched in terms of widespread lethality - while many Warframes specialize in certain mission types, Ember’s specialty is “anything under level 30”. By simply bullet jumping through levels with World on Fire active, enemies become a non-factor, making Ember a ubiquitous pick across most of the Star Chart. Like a mobile Resonating Quake, this monopoly on kills can leave squadmates struggling to keep up, in an attempt to see the enemy before they melt. These changes increase lethality at higher levels, while addressing the ability’s huge range.

    World on Fire will continue working similarly to how it does now, but with changing effects over time. The gradually increasing energy cost should encourage most players to toggle the ability when needed, instead of the current “set and forget” approach. Players who can afford to run the ability at max charge may need to get more up close and personal, but the increased damage should help Ember out against higher level enemies.  World on Fire is still very capable of clearing rooms and sweeping hallways, but should now be applied more deliberately!



    Mass Vitrify - Wall health scales based on health and shields of the enemies it glasses over.

    Our latest Warframe Gara is a versatile frame on the cutting glass edge, with a tool for most situations. After recent changes to her Mass Vitrify, the ability is serviceable against most of the star chart, but doesn’t hold up well to higher level content.

    While this is tough to showcase in a gif, in practice the wall has gotten stronger because it has covered many enemies in this cast!


    To help the ability scale better, the health of Mass Vitrify’s wall will increase based on the health and shields of the enemies who are “glassed” by the ability’s cast. This added incentive for letting enemies get close to the objective should add an interesting risk/reward element to Gara’s gameplay.



    Polarize - Shards created by Polarize now scale based on power strength, as well as the percentage of damage done to that specific enemy.

    Crush - Each stage of crush emits a shield heal from Mag. Restores shields to nearby allies per damage instance, based on the number of enemies affected.

    Mag has seen many changes over Warframe’s history - her major rework in 2016 reinforced her role as a fragile crowd control caster, widening her usability across all factions. Although she performs well in the right hands, some of the synergies introduced in that rework did not have quite the impact we wanted. Plus as a starter frame, we want new players to feel like choosing Mag is a more viable option.

    Increasing the damage of shards created by Polarize should give Mag more kill power. Additional shield restore on Crush also offers a way to passively support your team while clearing crowded rooms!



    Discharge - Removed the damage cap. Increased base damage output from 750 to 1200. Damage and stun duration are halved for enemies further away from Volt (affected by Mods).

    Removing Discharge’s damage cap has been a common request since Volt’s rework in early 2016. We tried testing this version of the ability internally, and decided it was too much  - stunning all enemies for 20+ seconds, through walls and inside spawn closets, had a seriously disruptive effect on gameplay. However, we understand why this is a common request, and have done our best to make it work.


    Lightning strikes most fierce at the center. To accompany the damage cap removal, Discharge is now less effective at medium to long range, doing less damage and stunning for less time. The damage reduction is mostly offset by an increased base damage on the ability, but the reduced stun at long range should keep mission flow in check.



    Some of Zephyr's abilities are cheaper to cast while airborne - details in progress.

    Tail Wind - Combined into a single ability with Dive Bomb. Can be charge cast on the ground, launching Zephyr into the air where she then hovers. In the air, Tail Wind still flies in whatever direction you’re looking, and Dive Bomb activates if cast while looking straight down.

    Air Burst - New ability replacing Dive Bomb. A projectile that causes an AoE burst on contact, ragdolling enemies. Can be fired into Tornadoes to make them bigger.

    Tornado - Now spawn where player is aiming and can be steered. The closest tornado will move to your aimpoint, meaning you can move them around. Tornado damage type now determined by largest amount of elemental damage absorbed, instead of last type absorbed. Tornadoes do a better job of keeping enemies captured, and shooting Tornadoes will do damage to enemies trapped inside.

    Zephyr, the warrior of the skies, has seen little change since being introduced in early 2014. Four years later, her ability kit is showing its age - Parkour 2.0 improved mobility across all Warframes, making her reduced gravity and Tail Wind less useful by comparison. Turbulence is consistently useful, but all other abilities leave something to be desired.

    To give Zephyr new wind beneath her wings, her Tail Wind and Dive Bomb will now be the same ability, cast depending on which direction the player is looking. This makes room for her new ability Air Burst, which gives Zephyr new ways to rain death from the skies. We do not have a gif ready for this yet. Combined with Tornado tweaks intended to make the ability more consistent and useful, Zephyr’s more well-rounded kit should help reassert her air superiority.


    We believe these changes make our wide Warframe roster more diverse and fun to play. We will be listening to your responses, so please keep feedback respectful and constructive. While not final, these changes will likely go out in a state very close to what is listed above. Once players have had a chance to try the changes themselves, we will consider further actions.

    Thanks Tenno!

    TL;DR, if you don't want to read all this, we're doing an impromptu livestream at twitch.tv/warframe to walk you through it live! 
    Stream over now, thanks to everybody who tuned in! The VOD can be found here, once it's done processing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDzUK17NkVk



    EDIT: I've answered some FAQs in a spoiler tag below - will continue to update as more questions arise!




    Q: Does casting Teleport to join in on Bladestorm cost energy?
    A: Nope! It's completely free.

    Q: Can Ash's clones still proc Arcane Trickery?
    A: Yes they can!


    Q: More info on Atlas' Rubble, please!
    A: Sure! When you collect rubble while at full health, you gain 75 armor for a period of time. Multiple pieces of rubble can stack, but each stack has its own duration.


    Q: Will enemies far away be affected by less stun, or only less damage?
    A: Stun is still consistent at any point on the Quake. First hit has changed to a ragdoll as well!


    Q: What is the new formula for damage and armor calculation?
    A: Instead of [(Base * Mods) * Vex Armor], it is now [Base * (Vex + Mods)], like all other damage boosting abilities.

    Q: Do Chroma's damage buffs stack with other Chromas?
    A: Yes, right now they do!

    Q: Do allies need to take damage in order to benefit from Vex Armor?
    A: Nope! The benefit from Chroma's damage taken is automatically spread to all teammates in range.


    Q: Is the charge time affected by power duration mods?
    A: No it is not - you will reach max charge after 15 seconds regardless of mods.


    Q: Will Crush provide overshields?
    A: Yes!

    Q: Are you increasing Mag's energy pool?
    A: Yes! 125 energy on the base Mag, 175 energy on her Prime.


    Q: Will shooting into Tornado act like shooting into Hydroid's Undertow currently does?
    A: Yes! Currently the difference is Hydroid Undertow does 50% damage divided evenly among all targets inside, whereas Tornado will do 100% of the damage to every target.

    Q: How will the Dive Bomb augment work, now that it is part of Tail Wind?
    A: The augment will be changed - stay tuned!



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  12. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

    General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    • Changed bounty reward tables:
      • Lower level bounties will have less stances, and more useful mods for new players.
      • Higher level bounties will offer Kuva and Void Traces.
    • Reduced crafting costs of operator arcanes:
      • Several reduced to 3 Eidolon Shards instead of 5.
      • Breath of Eidolon requirements replaced with common and uncommon resources.
    • Void Shadow no longer costs 40 Eidolon Shards to craft.
    • Rare and Legendary fish baits now hint to the location of the fish.
    • Added a fast travel option in your pause menu for all Cetus vendors.

    Another update, another set of economy tweaks! Please stay tuned as we continue iterating on Cetus and its various interlocking systems.


    • Fixed an issue where players could not donate gems or cores to Cetus and Quills respectively.
    • Fixed a memory corruption error when using the mining tool.
    • Fixed hair not being covered by paper mache masks.
    • Fixed mining deposits overlapping on certain rocks.
    • Added underwater VFX to certain bodies of water in the Plains.
    • Fixed players not seeing the explosion of other players' embedded grenade launcher projectiles.
    • Added Tusk Recon Commander to the Codex.
    • Added Swooping Falcon, Carving Mantis, Twirling Spire and Stinging Thorn to the Codex.
    • Fixed the “focusing” sound for aiming with a fishing spear not working for clients.
    • Fixed Virtuos Ghost and Virtuos Shadow not having percentage values.
    • Fixed magnetic water in the Plains affecting Limbo while in Rift Walk. 
    • Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow always shooting with a horizontal spread.
    • Improved performance issues when hitting multiple enemies with Valkyr’s Paralysis.
    • Improved scripting for Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm.
    • Fixed Gara’s Spectrorage nullifier checks being too high.
    • Further fixes for Gara’s Mass Vitrify not being properly dispelled by nullifiers.
    • Fixed Gara’s glass armor appearing to fade in every time a new cosmetic option is chosen in the arsenal.
    • Fixed Vazarin’s Guardian Shell not having unique values for the last 2 upgrade levels.
    • Fixed Naramon’s Power Spike affecting sniper combo counter decay.
    • Fixed Unairu’s Void Shadow being able to cloak defense objectives.
    • Fixed a crash caused by Unairu’s Void Chrysalis.
    • Fixed an issue where using Transference for the first time upon entering the plains causing any invisibility on your Warframe to break.
    • Fixed Zaw weapons using sword holsters.
    • Fixed several common crashes.


    • Added a message when changing donations to syndicates, Cetus or Quills if the new total would cause you to exceed your daily cap or max rep.
    • Tweaked text elements in the donation UI screens.
    • Disabled powers in the tunnel between Cetus and Plains to reduce capacity for script errors.
    • Moved cut gems into the Resources tab of your inventory.
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  13. Hydroid Prime: Hotfix 21.6.1



    • Improved objective marker pathing in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
    • Rearranged quest order in the codex to help guide newer players.



    • Fixed a popular crash that could occur if an NPC was firing a projectile weapon when you ran far enough away (this would often occur when doing Syndicate missions).
    • Fixed an invisible material above the Jordas Verdict Stage 2 elevator that was blocking movement.
    • Fixed performance degrading and possibly crashing the game when using Melee weapons with Mods that reduce the weapon's Range.
    • Fixed range mods not affecting whips when invisible.
    • Fixed an issue where Nami Skyla and Nami Skyla Prime were displaying different Riven dispositions.
    • Fixed the Jat Kusar charge attack exploding in your face if invisible.
    • Fixed instances of Ballistica Prime not properly spawning ghosts.
    • Fixed the color of the Prime Ballistica ghosts flickering for Clients.
    • Fixed Ballistica Prime not unfolding correctly if no primary is equipped.
    • Fixed incorrect glass material in several tileset.
    • Fixed level holes in the Corpus Outpost and Orokin Moon tilesets.
    • Fixed minimap issues in the Corpus Outpost and Ice Planet tilesets.
    • Fixed “building” VFX appearing on crafted weapons waiting in the foundry.
    • Fixed several emblems that were appearing too bright or too transparent.
    • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck ascending the ramp of their Liset.
    • FIxed various other crashes and added diagnostics to help isolate others.


    Conclave Changes & Fixes

    • Fixed using the Viper with the Skull Shots Mod or a Grakata with the Brain Storm Mod, activating the headshot bonus with the final shot in your magazine resulting in the weapon to fire much faster than intended in Conclave.
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  14. 24 minutes ago, BeanBandit said:

    Mesa's Peacemaker still isn't back to 100% I still cast while looking directly at an enemy or group of enemies and no matter how much I click I don't get any shots from peacemaker. It is working better than the day before though. It actually shoots more frequently, but it is still inconsistent in when it actually starts to fire. Some times you go into the stance and no matter how much you mash fire you get no shots to go off even if they were in the original reticle.

    To everyone experiencing issues with Peacemaker, we've got a fix ready to go for Monday!

    The main issue we observed involves holding Shift while activating the ability - for this weekend, let go of Shift when pressing 4 and you should have better luck :thumbup:

  15. Hey guys - first of all, thanks to those who have messaged me. Although we have not yet found the solution, we do have a workaround that has seen some success. The issue is related to the host's display settings, which are located in a file called EE.cfg. This file can usually be located in /Users/your.name/AppData/Local/Warframe/.

    If you have hosted games where client(s) have seen the issues described in this thread, please copy-paste the contents of that file into a private forum message, and send them to me. I will use these files to hopefully isolate the cause of the issue.

    Inside the previously mentioned EE.cfg file, there will be a line that says something like [Windows_Config,/EE/Types/Base/Config]. Locate it, clear everything below that line, and save the file. This will clear your display settings in-game. Upon relogging, you are free to change the settings back to whatever they were before.

    This solution has worked for ourselves and some other players - but I repeat, this only works as a solution for the host. If you are experiencing this issue as a client, performing this trick won't help. If you find yourself with this bug in a public mission, dying and reviving will also solve the problem for the duration of the mission.

    Thanks in advance for any help, and I hope this solution works for you!

  16. Please DEConnor while they're making adjustments to Terminal Velocity have them making the mod equippable on sentinel weapons as well.


    The mod currently doesn't show for sentinel rifles like other rifle mods.  I posted about it here:




    Thank you!  =)


    Hmm, not sure why that is. Duly noted!



    I have experienced this issue with the Supra also(at least the hitscan part, never noticed the bullets disappearing since I haven't been using it that much lately).  My build is:

    Top: Stormbringer, Infected Clip, Terminal Velocity, Rifle Ammo Mutation

    Bottom: Shred, Split Chamber, Serration, Heavy Caliber

    All mods maxed except for Serration, which is rank 8, if ranks matter.


    DEConnor, the Lanka is the only weapon of the four that has innate punch through.  My build has Shred for punch through, perhaps try the other three with punch through mods?


    Tried your loadout, still no luck. I'm pretty sure any fix would apply to all weapons, though.


    Thanks for the help everyone!

  17. Hey MadKirby, thanks for the thorough report. I've tested the four weapons you listed and could only reproduce the issue with the Lanka. Were you using any other mods on the automatic weapons, or anything else that might affect projectile speed?


    Regardless, the team will be made aware of the issue!

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