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  1. As the title states this weeks Nightwave Challenge which requires you to kill 100 Eximi is also bugged i am doing Rescue missions as they allways have an Eximus. Now here' s the bug not all Guardian kills are counted towards the challenge and what is even more weired is that the killcount is varying. So sometimes i get 3 Eximus kills counted then the next time only 1 or 2. I want to leave a lil feedback here aswell. I must sadly say that i am loosing fun, i' d prefer the 40 wave challenge as this one is just annoying to me. Maybe it wouldn' t if it would work correctly idk. Sincerely your Cpl_Jigsore
  2. you have xx seconds to reach the other console which isn' t far away. the easiest/fastest way to get there is in using itzal archwings and blink. cheers hope that helps
  3. Any news on how draw him out? What i tried so far: equipped a veiled riven with wall latch kills challenge so i can' t accidently unveil it. Bringing in trash weps like mk1 variants. Repeated the mission where i first encountered him dozens of times. I tried this all solo. I wonder if partyplay is a condition, cause when i met him i was playing with my gf. I also read alot about of not beeing solo would help to get him spawned. Have anyone tested this and could/couldn' t confirm this? Will a forma' d or unranked frame help and even more as a unranked weapon?
  4. Just had my first encounter playing with my gf on Lua-Plato. He showed up right when the occulists were coming in. So wasn' t far away from startpoint.
  5. Just did a solo run on Selki 41 mins. got 1 time fugitives. Before i even tried to simulate a stress situation by using all capsules right when they were ready for use, did that in multiple short runs ranging from 6-8 mins. Didn' t do the trick at all. So i tried everything you can read about on the www to get a visit from the wolf ...nothing. I believe that i heared him once howl, but that could' ve also been an illusion.
  6. I don' t want to complaint or whine or whatever, BUT (yes there allways has to be the but :P) since the nightwave update went live i was doing several hundred of missions and captured dozens of fugitive groups. Still haven' t met the wolf what' s sad cause i' d like to encounter him, to get challenged by him. I am fine with the low drop chance of his weapon parts and enjoy this "hunt"/farm. What i dislike is the fact that there are players that allready got his entire weapon(sounds jealous i know, but i am not as i do not stress out with getting this suboptimal weapon i just want him!). You can read alot about ppl that met him X times but i guess some of the posts are simply lies and kinda want to troll others. If not can me and alot other ppl are so unlucky? Sure patience is a virtue/goodness, but i can' t remember that this ever was a great matter. And to proof i don' t only want to complain or something else i have a suggestion: How about to be able to increase the spawnchance of the wolf by capturing enough fugitives? Lets say 10 groups or 30 fugitives to have a 60% chance that he will spawn in the next mission if he doesn' t the next captured group will slightly increase the chance of him to show up. That way players that aren' t looking to fight him maybe like new players can simply avoid to much struggle and older players/vets could turn and hunt him. Maybe that would satisfy the ppls need? PS: I don' t know if this or something similar was allready suggested.
  7. Kinda glad to see its not language related XD I had the same problem on one of my tools when a string was misread or not correct seperated.
  8. Too bad i can' t realize my idea cause i am not able to spawn coildrive!😢
  9. I can partially understand the impatience, as i also want the update at all cost. But i am not shouting at DE to release unfinished work. I rather would suggest to hold such informations until it is a fact! Now that beeing said, i beg they release it today! XD
  10. I could swear that someone allready had the following idea about dual wielding, but i' ll share my idea anyways. I would love to be able to mix up 2 single swords to a dual wield combo :D. What else? nothing i just love what you guys are doing thx DE for all your efforts :).
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