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  1. So those Residuals are not about status procs as i thought? What means that all of them(even the Theorem ones) aren't worth the high time investment!?
  2. Thanks for the suggested solution but i must disapoint you, because i even ran over to the other vault to grab a "canister" then the fissures were shown where they are used to be... and when my wife left the second vault the mission was timed out.😐
  3. Just encountered (I don' t know if this is allready known) a bug during the 2. Deimos Isolation Vault Bounty second stage: The console where you get the "lantern" didn' t spawn instead it was still located in the first vault and made the completion impossible.
  4. FORTUNA PLOT is a nice one but aren' t we looking for a location? If i am not mistaken...
  5. Oh just another idea what about the venus bridge(teleportlift)? Or have it to be an irl location?oO
  6. TELEPORTLIFT reminds me on the lifts in a relay!? or i am something missing am just woken up^^. btw. did you guys tried a scrabble word finder just in case...?
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