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  1. On 2021-04-18 at 6:55 PM, TurianGarrus said:

    People are actually getting MIGRAINES from this and I do NOT tolerate it IN THE SLIGHTEST! t's just a matter of time before some1 has a seizure or something else very bad.

    Steve Sinclair's vision about smoothness can go out the window, AutoExposure doesn't work that way! If You can just believe me for 1 minute. Make an auto exposure toggle and relieve hundreds of players from migraines. Please. We are talking about HUMAN HEALTH here!

    Somebody already had auras from this, it was the post about vauban's bastille having new lighting effects in combination with the auto exposure that triggered seizure auras. If that individual didn't immediately alt+f4, they stated that the aura would have developed into a full grand mal seizure WHICH IS A POTENTIALLY LETHAL EVENT.


    It's been almost a year since I last checked in on this is issue and I can't believe it's still going. I swear warframe is the only game that can get away with such a blatant health hazard. Not even the beloved cyberpunk 2077 could get away with intentionally triggering seizures in players and people practically used to worship that game and its company. This is unreal. I still refuse to believe this is happening a year later and nobody is being heard.

    It really is a shame because despite all the flaws from when I played a year ago, I still genuinely enjoyed the occasional sortie and void relic opening sessions in the afternoons but DE would literally prefer to harm people like us for the sake of their artistic vision instead of just letting people play the game they like and even bought prime access/platinum bundles for. I still cannot believe I'm typing this.

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  2. I tried playing a defense mission today and couldn't last more than 2 waves before I had to alt+4 and rush to the bathroom to vomit.

    The inconsistent lighting and constant fluctuations in brightness brought on by adaptive exposure is extremely damaging to me and other light sensitive individuals. My siblings report constant migraines now and we've had to drop our daily afternoon sessions because of this.

    Apparently, DE has confirmed that they won't give us an option to toggle adaptive exposure off so I'm here to ask if there are any workarounds. It sucks psychically not being able to play a game I like, especially because I've been playing it just fine for 6 years now until adaptive exposure was forced on.

    Is there anything I can do? Any 3rd party program, any config tweaks, etc., anything to tone down the adaptive exposure?

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  3. V-sync does not work at all. With v-sync on, in DX9 the frame rate hovers around 64-67 even thought the refresh rate of my screen is 60HZ and on DX11 the frame rate hovers around 57-59 fps. Both instances produce unbearable screen tearing which is, ironically, what v-sync is supposed to fix in the first place.


    This next issue has me on the verge of quitting the game permanently and deleting my account because it is so GODDAMN ANNOYING.




    This pretty much leaves me in one of three situations. Either I leave v-sync off or else my PC overworks itself and overheats producing 200+ fps or I turn on v-sync and literally have the game torn in half at all times or I limit myself to 30fps...and why the actual F*** would I do that with a gaming laptop that can maintain consistent, flawless 60fps or above in nearly every game?


    These issues are incredibly frustrating and pretty much leave the game in an unplayable state for me.

  4. As a longtime veteran who played in the closed beta way back when, I HIGHLY suggest you quit right now.

    No, no , no ,no it's not because I hate newbs.

    It's the exact opposite: I want to save you from the grindy hellhole you will come to realize this game is as well as shelter you from mind boggling-ly atrocious updates that the ruin the game even more every so often.

    It might be some fun now, but I guarantee that you WILL NOT enjoy this game after about 30 hours of play maybe even less.

    Do yourself a favor and quit before it's too late.

    If you decide to stay for the horrendous ride, you will most definitely regret it.

  5. The sole root of this problem is the reward system.

    No matter what mission at what level with what enemy you complete the rewards are absolute trash throughout the entire game and that's why this game is so grindy in the fist place.

    You have to go dumpster diving weeks at a time in the highest level missions to even scratch the surface of the game.

    Example: While farming some T4 keys at Draco, we went through 4 waves and 2 out of 4 waves we got ONE SINGLE BRONZE FUSION CORE.

    Just let that sink in for a moment...One of the highest level missions with arguably the most lethal enemy type, the Grineer, and the reward is ONE SINGLE BRONZE FUSION CORE...

  6. exactly, it is about money. if they re release them way more people will buy it because.


    a. they may have seen other use it and seen how epic it is.


    b. actually notice it and want to buy it.


    c. saw it before but didnt have money for it.

    Or they could release new exclusives that coax people into buying them due to the time limit. New>Old

  7. About this option:


    There is currently a discussion on the topic which may result in Aim/Secondary Fire being combined, as separating the two actually doesn't allow for any real function on a handful of weapons (as OP suggests).

    More on this topic after dev continues to discuss/investigate, but just a general heads up that this is on the radar and may result in a simplified solution where Aim/Secondary bindings are combined.

    That is NOT what we want; in fact, it is the complete exact opposite of what the OP wants.

    Did you even read this thread...

  8. The real problem is the the damage multipliers on the stances. It's not the Scindo Prime that's op, it's Cleaving Whirlwind and that is the only reason that the Scindo Prime is considered one of the best melee weapons. Either remove multipliers or add them to every stance.

  9. DE doesn't care anymore.

    Yes, they made amazing content in the past and managed to amaze the playerbase time and time again, but sadly that time has past.

    They got popular

    They got rich.

    There is simply no reason to put in any more effort into their design decisions; they got their money and will continue to get money no matter what now.

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