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  1. I just discovered the perfect parallel to what the situation must have been like on The zariman ten zero after The man in The Wall drove all the adults mad. It is the movie event horizon. For those of u who do not know the movie go watch it(at your own risk of course,it is consider to be one of if not the most gorey and graphic horror movie ever made.) thoughts?
  2. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Fortuna NPC line request

    I have the suggestion of “they got alex”.
  3. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Unvault the abomination

    Oh i thought u were talking about the marvel comics villain.
  4. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    You Owe Me (Nef Anyo's parody of "Your Welcome")

    Oh you’ve crossed a line tenno and by the void you’ll regret it.
  5. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    My Hate for Nef Anyo

    Oh you’ve crossed a line tenno and by the void you’ll regret it.
  6. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    The Great TennoCon 2018 Ash Prime Drop Fix!

  7. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Step 1: Railjack. Step 2: reworked orbiters and large battle events?

    Did anyone else notice the sentiel display not to mention what looked liked a foundry and mod tables in the main chamber?
  8. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    A HUGE round of applause for DE and the community!

    and we all know who to think for all of this....praise BOOBEN
  9. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    TennoLive Appreciation Thread

    Whatever that means.
  10. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Post "The Sacrifice" Quest "Hey Kiddo" Dialogue [Spoilers!]

    Sorry my previous post was refering to just The Man in the Wall not rell sorry for the mixup
  11. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    What does Alad V do when he's crying?

    He watches porn
  12. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Post "The Sacrifice" Quest "Hey Kiddo" Dialogue [Spoilers!]

    But He(it?) is also believed to be responsible for driving your(and every other kids)parents mad on the zariman ten zero so really a good/bad thing.
  13. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    More Hey Kiddo? (Sacrifice Spoilers)

    Talk about being “a day late and a dollar short”.
  14. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    So..... how do you think chroma prime design would be?

    I heard from an inside source that chroma prime will have gold parts.
  15. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Nakak been moved?

    Hey i just noticed that nakak’s stall on cetus has been moved has anyone else noticed this?