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  1. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

  2. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

    It is, 2 sec flat now for rubico prime
  3. Primed Ammo Drum...nuff said
  4. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    So Mesa Prime scheduled release is almost 4 months out...calling it now..

    I hope mesa prime comes with solo magnus prime.(would fit actually with her theme)
  5. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    What if all the planets and locations had accurate gravity?

    What i have to say about the oringinal poster’s comment on how we could survive on a 2.58G surface is that yes we could adapt to that strong of a gravity environment BUT there are alot of other factors in play that need to be considered like a normal 200 pound person would suddenly find themselves weighing around 450ish and also the extreme strain a persons heart and pulmonary system would be under to circulate blood under those conditions.so yes we could live under those conditions but it would be more than just annoying.
  6. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    Are there any updates on the UI changeover we have not heard anything since the first batch was released, it has been stated that ther e are still 140ish UI screens that need changed over.thanks DE and keep up the good work.
  7. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Nidus Arcanes

    Also costs more mod points.
  8. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Ballas waiting in my ship

    Fair point
  9. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Ballas waiting in my ship

    Actually first makes an appearance in the war within
  10. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    when is melee 3.0 going live and what are your opinions about it?

    Oh yeah i forgot about them saying range mods were getting nerfed in response to all these changes.thx for reminding me
  11. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    when is melee 3.0 going live and what are your opinions about it?

    Actually they have said that they are buffing the range on most melee weapons by more than a noticeable amount.
  12. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Building stacks of items in foundry

    Sheldon talked about this on a devstream a LONG time ago,they are open to doing this but after he said that nothing ever came of it.
  13. I just discovered the perfect parallel to what the situation must have been like on The zariman ten zero after The man in The Wall drove all the adults mad. It is the movie event horizon. For those of u who do not know the movie go watch it(at your own risk of course,it is consider to be one of if not the most gorey and graphic horror movie ever made.) thoughts?
  14. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Fortuna NPC line request

    I have the suggestion of “they got alex”.
  15. (PS4)ForerunnerKnight

    Unvault the abomination

    Oh i thought u were talking about the marvel comics villain.