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  1. Only one of the 'spurs' in the Radia syandana actually moves when it's on my Atomica skin. It vibrates like the whole thing is apparently supposed to, but the rest of it is completely still. Weirdly enough, if I switch to other skins or frames, it actually works differently every time. Some examples (external gfycat links) Atomica skin, one spur moving Nova Prime skin, three spurs moving Rhino Prime, full movement I can't seem to find any kind of relation between the skins that barely work, ones that partially work, and ones that work completely. Nyx Pasithea barely moves, but default Nyx has partial movement and default Nyx Prime has full movement. On the bright side, to narrow it down a bit, I can at least confirm it doesn't seem to be based on default, Prime and deluxe skins - every Rhino skin has full movement, every Wukong skin has the same degree of limited movement.
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