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  1. Really? That's the first time I've ever heard of a survival not allowing extraction 5 minutes in. However, that still doesn't quite answer why life support just stopped coming at all after seven minutes for me. I could have made it to ten minutes with Rhino had there still been Life Support coming in, but Lotus just stopped sending them around that time in addition to the enemies simply no longer dropping the personal air packs that add about 2% to the gauge. The idea behind spacing the life support replenishers farther apart gradually over the course of a mission is something I understand
  2. So, earlier today (about 12:45 AM EST) there was an alert on Skyresh, Phobos, as a Grinner Survival with a reward of a Speed Holster Aura. I ran it twice, once with an Ash and then with my Rhino. Both times Lotus failed to ever mention extraction was ready, no reward was given at the five minute mark, and about the seven minute mark the life support would generally fall to zero with no possible way to restore it or end the mission. First run with Ash; you can see how there are no life support canisters nor any marker for extraction by the 7 minute mark: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc
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