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  1. So this would basically be like our current dojo arena, but on steroids. It would be customizable, so you can make it look however you want and of course the space would be much larger. If you wanna make it pretty or focus on purely the level design element, that’s up to you. for customizable game parameters, for example if you wanna ban certain frames, mods, weapons, and/or abilities, that’s up to you. And if you want to play with your pve loadouts or conclave mode loadout, that’s also in the settings. You get to decide the rules and what’s fair or not. And if you wanna take it a step further, anyone fighting has the option to donate an item or plat up as a reward for whoever wins. Customizable arenas in our dojos would also give more incentive for players to get creative in their clan, participate, and more grind for resources to craft arena objects. in anycase, the current tiny dojo arena needs an overhaul.
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