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  1. So I've had an idea float about in my head since Railjack dropped...a Ballistics/Munitions Warframe, a frame who handles bullets and ammo. I can't think of an edgy or creative name for him so for now lets call him Uncle Ammo. I tried my best to name his abilities though😥 First let's throw in some quick lore for him, skip if you like Any values given are rank 30 values with no modding Passive: Omni-Case - He carries no spare ammo for any of his weapons i.e his weapons come loaded with one magazine. Instead he picks up any ammo pickup and converts it into universal ammo, storing up to five cartridges in his special case. One cartridge equates to one magazine regardless of the magazine size of the weapon in use. A cartridge is consumed if he or any ally reloads with no spare ammo on them. - He also won't have any energy (mainly because the only abilities that I can feasibly put an energy cost on are his 3 and 4 which won't even be that much so might as well have no energy) How the case's UI could be made/handled 1. Omni spec - A cycle ability where he converts the stored ammo into special Rifle, Shotgun or Sniper ammo shell/casing. - Reloading your weapon will load it with the modified ammo granting an additional characteristic. Rifle reduces recoil (including kickback from fan-the-hammers from the Pandero and Kuva Kraken) (-40% affected by strength) Shotgun increases status duration (+2s affected by duration) Sniper increases projectile flight speed. (+35% affected by strength) Holding the ability resets back to generic ammo if you don't want your bullets modified 2. Ballistic Potential - A second cycle ability cycling the light colour of the ammo - Loaded in the same way as his 1, you reload and load the modified ammo so you can cycle the 1 and 2 then reload once to get both benefits - Provides a secondary buff depending on the ammo light/colour displayed on the Casing/shell Rifle (blue) - Gains multishot (+35% affected by strength) Shotgun (green) - Projectiles gain bonus multiplicative Status Chance that decreases with distance travelled (starts at 30% from 0 to 6m then decreases at 5% per 5m, base value affected by strength then rate is affected by efficiency) Sniper (purple) - Projectiles gain additive crit damage that increases with distance travelled (+0.5x every 10m, base value affected by strength then rate is affected by efficiency) - Holding the ability puts down the omnicase instead allowing allies to use the special ammo without needing to empty out their ammo reserves first. Press 1 or 2 to put it back on - Allies can only get one cartridge each per instance of dropped omni-case 3. Ballistic Focus - Reduces your magazine to the last two bullets, using the ammo that was consumed in the process to grant additional damage to those two shots. To illustrate, a Tenora has a magazine of 150, so we consume 148 bullets and channel them into the final two bullets in order to deal our entire magazine's worth of damage in two shots - Hold to instead consume omnicase cartridges instead granting a damage bonus per cartridge that was present to a single bullet (+15% per cartridge affected by strength) 4. Omni-shot - The Omni case is morphed into an exalted sniper rifle - As a result he won't have to reload to get the bonus from his 1 and his 2, he can just change on the fly and the munitions within will change accordingly since the omnicase is the magazine - Modable using rifle and sniper specific mods - Using current Sniper ammo as a basis to measure the magazine of this weapon gives a maximum of 10 rounds per omnicartridge so that means he can have a maximum of 40 shots at any one time - It will glow with the color of the ammo case that's in it so that it's easy to tell what's in it - It could gain an additional perk from the shell in use Rifle shell - Loses punchthrough, Headshot kill round ricochets between enemies within 3m of the initial impact (ricochet radius affected by range) Shotgun shell - A single instance of damage can inflict two status procs at once Sniper shell - Increase sniper combo by 2 per shot instead of 1 The bonuses of 1 and 2 will still apply here You still reload your secondary as normal even with this active, you'll just be taking a magazine from the exalted sniper Too much? This is a rough idea please let me know and help me. I can already tell that this kit will have complications with bows, beams, battery mags, the Corinth and the Strun due to how their respective reload mechanics work so yeah, HELP Also apologies if this is posted in the wrong place
  2. In that case all we have to make sure of is that they don't forget about them
  3. Gladly Making the hivemind Lich-like...I like We've been told that the Infested function in a hivemind like manner, however the existence of Arlo, Lephantis and the Jordas Golem would suggest that there are possibly multiple such hiveminds so what if the hivemind that spawns Phorid was to toy with us by spawning "fake Phorids" which would be the one we walk over currently but each one will have a certain oddity which will serve as a sneak peak to how the final Phorid will be like for example they could have additional abilities like rallying and buffing special infested units I'm thinking along the lines of Juggernauts, creating environmental hazards depending on the tileset they spawn in like electric arcs and toxin turrets if it spawned on a Corpus ship for example. Defeating fake Phorids drops infested matter we use to calibrate Nav Coordinates (yes those ones that are barely used) to trace these leads to the source, the real Phorid then the final fight will be a culmination of all the fights you've done prior. True, I thought infested take over what they have access to so I find it confusing they spawn units based on Grineer in Corpus tiles and vice versa I feel there should be separate sets of Infested enemies depending on the faction whose node has become infested Maybe a derelict rework is in order which will be where they appear. Then again I'm reaching and hoping here
  4. Agreed that's what most people associate daggers with anyway
  5. True to an extent, I use Prisma Dual Cleavers instead since they have enough innate attack speed and general supporting stats to take the brunt of being turned into a stat stick allowing to switch between the two at will. Use Carving Mantis block combo to quickly build combo on ensnared enemies then start swinging the whip around is my loop in this case. Then again I never go all out optimising stuff maybe that's why Well yeah😅 Whipclaw's damage is bonkers, it has been since she got her second after-release tweaks, it would be fine if we were regularly fighting enemies that need that amount of punishment but as of right now like a lot of damage abilities it easily becomes overkill with what we usually fight. Exalted melee abilities in spite of the gutting they received are more in line for fighting the level of enemies we regularly meet, is this a good thing? For balance yes but it has exposed the restrictions exalted melee has been forced to endure for far too long Like I said it really depends on you and the weapon you opt for. Full on optimisation well and truly turns your melee weapon into a stick, a powerful stick but still a stick. I opted to keep a bit of the blade on my stick🤷‍♂️ I get where you're coming from here but she is a JOT and JOTs don't normally care for boundaries like that I would argue you have to create more situations where this isn't the case first instead. I bear similar sentiments with Gauss's Kinetic Plating, it is stupid strong but instead of jumping on "nerf it to the ground" trip I realised all you have to do is diversify the damage types of enemies beyond the six "kinetic" damage types then boom Gauss has a threat. It will require an analysis of the frame's own limitations then exploit them, in Khora's case her healing is dependent on Venari either in Healing or Attack mode so have enemies murder Venari (reasonably of course😅), Ensnare and Whipclaw rely on enemies being fairly close to each other so space them out significantly, Whipclaw is weak-ish against tough single targets like Sentients and higher level bosses so have her fight more of them. Now we've brought her down without laying a hand on her, of course I created these hypothetical solutions with solo play in mind since its where we'd have the most control over player-enemy interaction. I see, well this could be fixed by adding those stats to Whipclaw's ability screen/menu/tooltip(I dont know what it's called😅), also doing this for all such abilities. I'm guessing you feel like its an exploit because what you see on the Arsenal UI is far,far below what you get, however I'd say its good to an extent because it implores you to go and test it out on enemies instead. The reward in this instance would be on-the-ground results rather than UI eye candy stats...which I guess is also the general reward system of the mod system as a whole🤷‍♂️
  6. I'm really really struggling to get the sense of this argument. You don't like the fact that Khora has good damage alongside good CC and healing. According to your logic Trinity should also get nerfed because on top of being nigh on immortal and having inifinite energy she has the highest single target damage out of the entire roster of Warframes, Garuda should get nerfed because she has good healing and functionally infinite energy already. Maybe help me understand your viewpoint because I just don't get it From my perspective Whipclaw rewards knowledge of how it functions, sure Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds and Condition Overload now working on it is most likely unintended (and probably get fixed) but to remove the stat stick thing is just dumbing down the frame imo. It also serves as the illustration of how melee should interact with exalted melee abilities, your combo is shared between ability and melee, they co-exist and bring each other up, making Whipclaw separately modable or making it no longer benefit from melee anymore would kill any hopes of there being a flowing co existence between melee and warframe abilities No but I do like being rewarded for knowing and applying how a thing works
  7. So is this an indirect plee for Exalted Whip?
  8. I never said Limbo must be immune to Nullifiers, even if Nullifiers couldn't bring him out of the rift his abilities still wouldn't work because: Banish - enemies under the bubble can't be targeted, Limbo has to be on the same plane in order to Banish if he so happens to be in a Nullifier bubble it won't work because he is on the same plane as the bubble Stasis - only works in the rift anyway, if Limbo comes out of the rift then it's outright nullified Rift Surge - Surge charge is an ability that can materialise in the material plane, when it does it makes sense that a Nullifier field can then remove it Cataclysm - Contact with a Nullifier field collapses it immediately The game doesn't classify it as so since a Slo Scrambus/Comba (which disables movement abilities) can't stop him from moving in and out of the rift, so I disagree. It was an ability before his rework but it became his passive and the integral part of how he works and survives. We can probably agree to disagree on this I guess
  9. Wasn't my point, it was more of an example. My point was that most other frames don't have their passives turned off by Nullifiers, some frames like Nidus and Gauss whose passives are meter based have the meters degrade instead. In Limbo's case his passive is "I can freely move in and out of the rift" and "I can stay in the rift forever", no part of this can be degraded so then following the precedent set by other frame passive it shouldn't be turned off by Nullifiers. The only frame whose passive is sensibly nullified is Grendel. His armor bonus is dependent on Feast, an ability so a Nullifier or Sap Scrambus/Comba nullifies Feast thereby nullifying his passive. Limbo's existence in the rift isn't an active ability, its a passive therfore you'll find that there's no Scrambus/Comba unit that can bring you out of the rift because it doesn't fall in any ability category however Nullifying fields produced by Nullifiers, Isolator Bursas and Disruption Conduits (it's the same type of field) can somehow nullify a passive which to me is inconsistent with how they apply to any other case.
  10. Indefinite stay in the rift is his passive, Nullifiers bringing him out of the rift means they outright nullify his passive which in my view is unfair to him because no other frame experiences this. The worst that happens elsewhere is that the passive effect degrades otherwise the passive still functions.
  11. - The rift bound indicator needs to be changed, it is currently quite difficult to discern whether an enemy is in the rift or not especially with all the VFX going on and Limbo generally trying to stay alive. - I don't quite understand why Banish has a downward scaling duration on bosses/special enemies, it's only allowing Limbo to isolate the enemy (since Stasis flat out doesn't work) so please could banish function for its full duration - Following from above I find it strange that a part of Limbo's kit just won't work in any shape or form, if the hard CC that is Stasis is deemed too strong then lessen it's effect somewhat: maybe the boss will be rooted to the spot but can still attack or have the boss be slowed by 50%. This problem plagues frames who rely on their CC to survive and I'll probably make a post providing solutions for many such frames and abilities - I can't fathom the sense in Nullifiers managing to pull Limbo out of the rift (when he himself engages a nullifier bubble while in the rift), I mean he's in a different plane of existence altogether. There are a few other enemies who are guilty of this as well, predominantly Corpus, who somehow gained the ability to attack across PLANES OF EXISTENCE with no void shenanigans whatsoever and on top of that they're seemingly unaffected by anything Limbo does. That's just not fair to Limbo at all (and logic)
  12. You could say that, just a thought off of the top of my head
  13. So what I'm getting from Excalibur Zato (on Umbra) is that the memory has played over and over to the point he just has a smoke each time it replays. I also get the vibe that he could sit the other warframes down and tell them stories about the world
  14. I'll speak for myself here, when I use anit-matter drop I release one orb wait for it to explode then maybe release another one. With this in mind could pressing the ability again lock where the orb is going to go and maybe speed it up as well
  15. For the purposes of initial analysis I'll assume armor doesn't exist. Now then, reflected damage in Warframe is rather hit or miss here's my list of abilities that use damage reflection in some shape or form: Elemental Ward (Electric) Defy Dread Mirror Shatter Shield Tribute (Thorns buff) Absorb Mallet Some weapons (predominantly sword and shields) also use damage reflection somehow but I'll focus on Warframe abilities as they have the most creative flexibility Firstly the basic order of operations of reflection Enemy hits you -> Raw Damage is mitigated (if health is hit, or if other DR exists)-> Mitigated Damage Value is taken as reflect value -> Reflect Value is multiplied if applicable -> Reflect Value is sent back to enemy and damage modifications are done on that end -> You take damage (unless the ability allows otherwise) Since enemies are designed to kill us and not each other it follows that the raw damage values will be pretty low (on top of being mitigated by DR as well) so that means in order to meaningfully reflect damage the raw damage must be substantially multiplied. Since you end up taking damage at the end of it all, in most cases, the frame using reflection should also have a sizeable EHP pool with as little contribution from armor as possible. In a perfect scenario then Hildryn would be the best frame to give damage reflection since she has access to a large EHP pool that consists almost entirely of shields, however we have what we have. Elemental Ward Mallet Tribute Defy Dread Mirror Absorb Shatter Shield All in all I've come up with a few categorisations of reflection: Passive and Active Passive reflection is where you activate an ability and it will do the reflect business, like Elemental Ward. Active reflection is where you determine where and when the reflection is done like Dread Mirror or Defy Instance-by-instance and Battery Batteries store up damage and release it in one go. Instance-by-instance deals damage based on each shot received from moment to moment How to improve/change some reflection abilities Tribute Unfortunately owing to her squishy nature Titania cannot use a damage reflection ability imo, it will sadly have to go Elemental Ward It is plagued by the poor regeneration mechanics of shields, allow shield recharge rate to be determined by the damage received in the five seconds prior to shields being depleted (yes this applies to allies as well) Shatter Shield This ability is generally used for its defensive qualities so I don't think the reflect aspect is worth contemplating improvements on. However I have an idea for changing Mesa such that this might be a consideration but it needs refinement Absorb If it is to remain as a damage ability then it NEEDS damage multiplication similar to Wukongs or Chromas, otherwise making into a damage buff that is determined by enemy damage received could be a different route to take but it will need a way higher duration that it has now. Also the animation speed has to be sped up drastically. If you read this madman's post, thank you
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