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  1. I was gonna play warframe today... But I got high?
  2. Pencil me in for the Aurora Gladiators I guess In-Game Name: NeoJezisJosephCortez Mastery Rank: 11 Country: London, UK Preferred clan: aurora gladiators or the international one. I dont mind Previous clan: eeerrrrr, last time i was in a clan was probably years ago. Do you have Discord?: I use it but I don't have my own server or nuffin Anything we should know about you?: Ive been playing on and off for years. Originally started the games with friends but they have have all stopped playing a long time ago then the clan I was apart of with them tried to force me to be more active. Make me officer/mod or admin and be on discord 24/7. Which I didn't really care for... I went inactive for a very long time and came back to find they had booted me. Ever since then I've not really bothered with guilds/clans etc etc. Some used to boot people if they were inactive for 2 weeks without any reason... I aint got time to deal with such drama when I log in.. If I log in. (I think I've been clanless since MR7 or 8 - I've been wandering the wilderness alone for a long damn time) I haven't unlocked much of the planets. I did have a few completed originally but then a massive update some years ago just wiped the slate clean and I haven't been bothered to run through the whole thing again solo. I mostly spend my time grinding voids, fissures or hieracon for relics. I would very much like to unlock all the planets but solo'ing quests/missions bores me to death. So I fissure and void which ever 40-45+ game I can get in to. Most people would expect a MR11 to know a fair bit about the game but ive only been back 2 months and the last time I played the game there wasn't that game mode where you're flying in space (I hate that mode with a passion. I refuse to play it) Send me an invite or don't. I'll keep truckin either way
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