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  1. I don't want to die of a heart attack playing this game
  2. I like the idea but it seems more of just a "give Mesa more DPS" then anything else. I don't see nothing wrong with Ballistic battery (even tho it's been a while last I touched mesa). Although that seems to be a common thing with Warframes, The newest frame will always do what a old one can do, but better. I will love to see Shooting Gall changed to something like this tho, as the spark or wisp tends to not play well in solo. But then again I'm the type of player that removed her 4th, so. However the downside, seems more of a pain in the ares, then a way to try balance out the power (and hard to code, no doute) what was you trying to base this off?, cuz I swear there is a movie I seen when someone did this. Edit: If I wanted to make BB more appealing, I'd make it work how Hawkmoon works in D2
  3. With what I've seen with the posts and meny reports on other places, this ISN'T the case, I don't know about you or your friends, but if they where Founders (or threw money and alot of it) in the game, then of course they'll be happy to work with you, cuz you are a PAYING person, not a "freeloader". Money makes people happy, it makes the world go around and "it turns good into evil" (why is saying that a thing?) I see your point, but I can't agree with a person who happily spent tons of cash and yes, I have spent a little bit of money myself, when the game was great and had a good healthy relationship with it's fanbase, but now I regret every penny I spent, will I get it back?, No, afraid not, if I chuold I'd be over the moon to. But we're all human, we all make mistakes.
  4. I know, like I said, a little naive of me to have this mindset, but I guess it's just the way I see certain parts of life, I do agree with you of course and hah if I did have a magic fix, I'd solve more then just money, just sayin!. 🤣
  5. Hah, I remaber that, if it wasn't for the back lash that lockboxs had in the past, you damm know right, DE had kept this in.
  6. Hi again Lilly 🖖 No, DE will keep your account locked until you cough up money. That's what I've seen lately, they do this to new players as well, you're not a Player, until you open your wallet and even then, they are still happy to get rid of you, as they got money in the end. This is the way it is and they will go on to get away with it, while I don't give a damm if it's "society works", no one should be held accountable for a wrong doing, nor should they be put up at gun point and forced to pay for something in order to return what was theirs, this is an strange outlook on it that I have, I'm sure some will agree. Edit: I might have a bit of a Naive outlook on life, but that's just me!. @Gepsal Feel free to leave the game if you so wish, it's you call in the end!
  7. Hi 🖖 Yes, it was this update, IIRC the update was, let's say, not one of their proudest moments, due to the update added "That Sentinels were being adjusted to have a Vacuum range of 6 meters rather than 12" And as of the announcement it prompted "Questionable" actions across the whole community, Since that time and due to the "Backlash" Digital extremes has apparently decided to change the range back, that granted the mod back with 12, that can be put on ALL Sentinels. Now I don't agree with the "methods" that was used, not by a long shot, but the damage that was done and the continuation of "Bad" updates (Railjack/Arcwing/Umbra Warframe/New War Delays, etc). The "Show and Ship issue" and so on and so on. kept damaging the reputation, on top of that DE made questionable partnerships as well, made it a lot worse. Like I said, Warframe itself had a massive golden rep and now, it's gone, the only reason why folks will tell you otherwise, but they are either new people or "Loyalists" as polite as I can put it without trying to kick the nest. (I've been burnt for that once, but that only further proves my point). Edit: If you wish to see more info, Please DM me, I'll send you the info (I can't send it here)
  8. Yet people said this last year and the year before that. This no longer holds any weight. Look out Railjack turned out, it was delayed for quite some time and when it did come out, it was a flop, a mess. Same goes for Archwing and it took years for DE to finally realize that their updates where terrible, only because players left and where no longer giveing money (the only thing), let's not forget about the "The Vacuum Within" update, no one can forget about that update, not only was released in the middle of Warframe's longest content drought to date, it was also a long request from players but it was "addressed" horribly, Players quit in frustration and did a lot more then that. DE undid this change but the damage was already done. No amount of waiting, hype or "gate keeping" (the list goes on, I'm afraid) will blow minds, you can dislike what I have to say by all means, but it takes a person with common sense to realize that Warframe no longer has their shiny rep anymore.
  9. Ah yes, almost forgot. Good job other games beat this out the water, that new Halo Game and new Witch Queen Update looks damm amazing
  10. Not gonna lie, I misread the title at first. I saw: What do you think of public bathrooms.
  11. So, the New War isn't coming until the END of Oct?, Near Nov-Dec?. Christ, this is last last year all over again, and year before that, NEVER COMMIT, if you can't even release something
  12. Well, considering this is suppose to come out with New War and it's already been 2 months and still no update in sight, I can't see it being this year, with the rate they handle their release dates. They can NEVER hold them. So, your "Son" will be upset for months to come.
  13. So is the roadmap implying that we won't be getting New War until the end of October?, cuz if that's the case then we're on the same boat as we was last year "I'ts coming 2020", tell me I'm wrong, cuz if this IS the case, then I can't wait for the player drop.
  14. Remove Nullifiers and Eximus units, then we can add the AoE one.
  15. Fair enough, but I rather have Umbra Forma drop like normal Forma, same goes for the Aura one, or have it in the Market
  16. Must be the "Die" in it. (Or Mussie) The issue with the profanity filter is that, it's far too sensitive, people have been complaing about this thing sense it was placed in the game and there will be nothing done about it OP, due to there is "sensitive" people out there. You just have to suck it up and accept it, I'm afraid. Twitter Folk and the alike are breeding into this game like rabbits and it will stay like this forever, Just yet another reason on the list, of why people don't play this game, New Players I feel more sorry for, as they can have good names and make up things, yet once they say a "no no" word, they are treated like scum of the earth. Sorry pal Edit: Jesus, don't look up the word "Mussie" like I did, mistakes where made
  17. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to out-right Farm or Buy a Umbra Forma (Outside of BS wave) But I can max out my builds with even only 2 Umbra Mods, no issue.
  18. I've been asking for this for quite some time, there is so much Tennogen and other items I've got, that I never use, I want a way to dispose of them P.S: This type of topic, goes into Feedback, just a small tip
  19. The odd thing is I never seen a Limbo for such a long time, I tend to only play him, when I feel like useing him and even then the build I use is strictly to avoid any issues with the team (Smallest bubble to go over def objects). Tho outside of Def Missions, Limbo is pretty darn useless
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