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  1. I'm also greedy for the event, however no need to get crazy here 🙂 Still I don't get the argument that it has to be in line across all plattforms. Or do we get cross platform soon? 😛
  2. The difference is that many games keep making challenging boss tactics which are fine for several games (for example I did mythic raids in WoW for quite a long time). It takes practice to bring a group to the level to clear a mythic raid. I like warframe, but warframe is not the type of game for me where I wanna spend 4 hours in a raid with teamspeak and tactics discussion. Hope this clarifies - in case you wanna continue this discussion feel free to hit me ingame or PM. No need to fill this forum with private discussions 😉
  3. Many - from shooters to probably all big mmorpgs. Not everything needs to be the same 🙂
  4. First of all: thanks for the exploiter fights. I like it. It's fun and the cutscenes are also a very nice idea. More like this 🙂 The first phase skip was nice but well now it's gone. Not too worried about it.
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