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  1. Hi there. 1.Can the Liset be used for space exploration? 2.When can we grow up? 3.Is the Duviri Paradox operator exclusive content?
  2. Hi there. 1.Hows the movement system coming along? *Will other frames get unique movement like say, Hysteria Valkyr crouch running on four legs..wink wink? 2.Ever though to limit damage mods? *to limit damage stacking and buff the lesser mods. Like jagged edge with 90% slash damage getting 25% bleed dmg increase to compensate for -30% slash dmg that Buzz kill offers. 3.Will missions get an overhaul to offer a bit of narrative and be made a bit complex like combining more game modes(having more objectives) *to give an example, having Rescue+defection - freeing a group of prisoners and escorting them to the escape pods while taking down enemy ambushes and standing your ground waiting for the lockdown to be removed. 4.Will stances remain the same or have some form of progression like operator skill tree?(earn xp to unlock combos and other unique benefits) 5.Does Sekiro Shadows die twice combat mechanic work for Warframe?* i would prefer if an enemy blocks and counters my attack instead of standing and trading damage and also to stop shock wave spam.*Posture affects block damage values and get stunned/knockdown when reaches 0.**Deflect by attacking at the right time to counter the enemy
  3. I think they should just scrap the whole system and do complete rework. Just make missions with different modifiers every every round/5waves. Some challeging, some fun. To give an example: The floor is lava/ Kill the matching color/ Immunity to ranged weapons but melee is insta-kill etc.
  4. The melee system looks very promising and I can't wait to try it out. So far the animations look amazing with a few exceptions, but thats mostly because the animations resets to neutral instead of having a smooth transition animation. I hope they add a dodge/dash mechanic for melee down the line because jumping around isn't really that fun. Amazing job so far.
  5. Hi. A few questions I want to ask. 1. With the Railjack update will we have some form of space exploration?(something simple like mass effect 3, isometric point-click and run into events like ships,void fissures, Derelicts) [Video] 2. Is the Enemy AI/reactions getting updated for the melee 3.0? ( I think the best example for the melee combat style would be Ninja Gaiden 3, where is pretty much the same as warframe '"Ninja vs Armed Dudes") [Video] 3. Can we get some sort of mini raids with the corpus facilities on fortuna? (Like a full assault mission where we blow them up or capture them)
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