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  1. The problems are pretty much: lack of innovation/ or over simplification of modes or features that makes them look shallow or incomplete(this could be the fault of engine limitations), Not improving or expanding current features like factions( unique missions or tribute resources instead of boring medallions) or game modes (branching objectives like payday 2 where you have steps in every mission to complete) and also enemies ( its a horde shooter but weak mobs are a 1 to 1 threat from the tactical era) Empty open worlds ( reminds me of ubisoft games ) - guild wars 2 made this
  2. Hi, these are a few ideas i had going around in order to lower the insane damage number of weapons without making the damage type mods useless and also a few changes to the Ai to make them more skill based or at least give them a strategic purpose other than meat turret with gun. I understand that some enemy rework/tweaks are needed with these changes but this is mostly to deflate the huge insane numbers while offering some challenge and variety to builds. ( and pardon my bad English ) First, the damage type and mods: Instead of having different values of damage on a weapon, the weap
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