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  1. I think they need to change the whole reactant gathering for railjack. It's far too slow and uncertain you even get the 10 reactants to open the relics Suggestions: #1.Add dangerous areas that you can stay in and get reactant but take increasing void damage the more you stay + have corrupted spawns in your ship ( something like trying to charge a battery close to the sun type of deal ) #2.Add void resistance mods/parts for the ship as rewards #3.Add a relic holder on the ship where you can swap the opened relic with another relic (the idea is you can open multiple relics o
  2. 1.Any thoughts in reworking enemy AI from tab targeting/homing attacks to something that encourages smart movement/ dodging and positioning? 2.Can melee get a dash move?( I mostly use bullet jump+air melee as a makeshift dash but its not fully reliable due to times ending up in crouch and getting pinned down)
  3. Nerfing nuke warframes doesn't solve the main issue of the game. Enemy AI/design and scalling are the two main issues why ppl use full strength/range warframes and aoe weapons. The AI tab targets you from any direction with no damage falloff , Bombard rocket following you for 10 seconds straight( in a circle mind you ) , Corpus projectiles homing in on you and being knocked down by the shockwave after shockwave. Skill is pointless when you can't dodge/position yourself or react to attacks when they are instant. Nuking things left and right with no drawbacks is the sole reason why we have
  4. From what I see DE is trying to bring warframe into seamless open/connected environment with Railjack (last 2 tennocons kinda shows that) but it proves to be really difficult and probably way over their heads. Railjack will probably be used for end-game content later on otherwise I don't see any use for it. I doubt this but hope they remove archwing and let us use our landing craft instead. About fixing the game: DE needs to grow a backbone and fix/change things that complicate the game's development like powercreep, enemy design/AI , Mods. ETC.
  5. I bet the same people complained about Stalker and Fiends. The void storms could be something that moves around the map from time to time that can be viewed on the star chart. Dynamic events isn't something new to this game, it makes the game feel more alive and also gives a reason to replay the missions.
  6. It would have been cool if void storms were a random event during railjack missions and corrupted enemies had a chance to drop Sevagoth parts. Plus it would had been a good excuse to add this guy
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