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  1. I would like to see a warframe that manipulates the shadows, ripping enemies to shreds and causes them to cry in terror. Theme Dark/ritualistic Skills: Passive: Has a small chance during melee attacks to activate a unique finisher when the enemy is almost dead - Ripping the enemy apart and causing a large blood splatter Enemies hit by the blood splatter will become bloody and receive a terror debuff greatly reducing their fire rate and resistances. 1. Throws a small scythe at an enemy causing brief stun and adding bleed proc for a few seconds. Activating the skill again will teleport to the target recovering the scythe and dealing damage to the target ( damage is increased for number of bleed stacks on the target and number of enemy kills done after throwing the scythe ) - if the target were to die by this skill the passive will activate 2. Swipe with a tendril coming from the warframe's body, knocking enemies down - Holding the key will make the tendril do a forward thrust 3. Creates and evil doppelganger of the enemy that will taunt and damage other enemies - has its own hp and will die if the real one dies as well 4. Becomes a large pool of dark mass moving fast on flat surfaces with a unique set of abilities - can only be damaged while surfaced (using mouse one or 3*) 4.1 - Mouse 1 - jump out of the pool slashing with huge claws dealing large damage and bleed procs 4.2 - Skill 1 - Dark spike erupts from the ground impaling the target dealing bleed procs and CC for a few seconds 4.3 - Skill 2 - Hands pull the target down into the pool dealing bleed damage until released or killed - If the enemy is killed a huge gazer of blood will erupt inflicting terror debuff on surrounding enemies - cannot do other actions until release 4.4 - Skill 3 - surface from the pool revealing your nightmarish form - constantly inflicting terror and doing more damage at the cost of higher energy drain and receiving more damage
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