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  1. Clan: Soy Sauce Infinite Size: Storm Platform: PC Role: Warlord Many thanks to Hjj4047, -SSU-Jiu and Joknighter. Without their tireless works our dojo would not look as amazing as it is right now. Some of the projects are still green since the material requirement is large, but their ideas are quite brilliant. Here's a video tour by Hjj4047: Below are the screenshots of the best parts of our dojo: Everyone enjoys a drink after kicking some grineers' backside! A cozy cafe to fill up before heading out to dismantle Alad's evil plan. Stargate in space. To infinity and beyond! Tarven in the middle of a zen garden? The sacrilege! Nice little garden for the botanists among our ranks. Giant warrior statue to stand guard against intruders. Rides of those rich kids. Nothing like a stroll across the statue hall. Hiking in space is the best thing. Finally a homage to our alliance: Ladies of the East~ Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed our dojo!
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