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  1. It should be the base of their thought process,honestly,which would result in far more fleshed out concepts and designs,unique mechanics that would suplement the warframes. And most importantly,it should always be mechanic/ability-wise first then graphically second,or at least in conjunction.Never "This is how Warframe will look like,lets make his kit out of the appearance."
  2. You don't have to tell me about it. xD I made a Vauban feedback topic during the stream in which they've shown his entire "reworked kit" for the first time.It got mushed together with rest of the feedbacks in their Dev workshop topic for Vauban and Ember. So much potential,but they keep with the aforementioned memes.Btw,if it's memes and it works/benefits him and the squad,it's no longer memes.
  3. Yes! Thank you! Finally,someone has layed it all out,black on white. It was said in the beginning of her release,that she is a Vauban 2.0,that actually gets the job done.Mostly the fact that her Motes is the Minelayer he deserves..but never got.You can say she c*ckblocked him,or rather,DE has done it to him,this way. Ofc,this proceeds with the recent "rework".Hope he gets the justice he deserves,and no more memes..
  4. They didn't,but as soon as we have something good,they're gonna take it away. -___-
  5. Vauban rework feedback only: Like all of us already knew from the first time they've shown his revisited abilities,this rework wasn't gonna address his 2 main issues properly: Survivability & CC kit redundancy So,let's begin. 1.Survivability: Instead of improving and prolonging his lifespan on the battlefield, they've actually managed to downgrade it. This was achieved in such manner by animation locking during casting,which leaves him open for enemy fire and instant death. Sure,Bastille does strip armor from enemies and gives it everybody standing within,but it's very energy dependant to maintain and the duration when out of Bastille's reach is underwhelming. Besides,it only benefits from armored enemies,what about shielded enemies,fleshy enemies like infested? Let's get the argument of "Crowd controlled enemies can't kill you." because it is easily nullified by the argument "Crowd control immune enemies say hi." This problem should've been addressed beforehand,much longer before:"This is the rework,give us feedback on it." I say this because I doubt they will dismiss the whole Minelayer and give him a proper defensive mechanism,that would benefit the squadmates aswell. But,if this were to happen,by who knows what kind of miracle,something along the lines of Oberon's renewal would do the trick,in this case it's meant for shields. Reinforce: Vauban deploys a grenade that releases a pulse granting additional shields buff and an interruptible shield regen.Also provides status and/or knockdown immunity. Additional shield - 300 (affected by power strength mods) Shield regen/s - 45 (affected by power strength mods) Duration - 25 sec (affected by duration mods) Range - 10 m (affected by range mods) Augment: Irradiating Reinforce - upon shield depletion,radiation pulse is emmited and proccing confusion in a 8 m radius. Shield continues to recharge after 1 sec delay. 2. CC kit redundancy: Scott mentioned he wanted to reduce Vauban's kit redundancy but fails to do so with his Minelayer. Example: Tether coil - inferior to Bastille Flechette orb - inferior to Photon strike/Tesla Bank augment Boost pad - it's just Bounce with a new coat of paint Overdriver - only one worth mentioning,providing straghtforward even though bland damage buff I'm not gonna provide a feedback to an ability that has bad design in the first place.Many more have done that already. Thanks for reading.
  6. No worries mate,I've experienced nothing but politeness from your side. ^^ Btw,I'm afraid they'll nerf the Tesla Bank augment,since it's a better "Photon strike" than the real ability is. God forbid we have something decent..
  7. First of all,I would like to sincerely apologize because I just realized what happened.. I have the tendency to open multiple topics at once so that I can read them in order I want.With all those opened topics in different tabs, I've managed to lose track of the (PC) Ember & Vauban Revisited Feedback posted by the DE themselves,which ended in me ridiculing your topic instead of theirs. Better ideas should have been implemented in the first hand and work from that.When they miss that opportunity,this is the backlash of many community members feedback they get. I respect your topic MrDangatang,because you,like myself,want the best for our train boy Vauban. Once again,I would like to apologize for this misunderstanding,because it led to this. Sry man...I fked up. 😕 P.S. You might wanna post your feedback in the appropriate topic https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1136760-pc-ember-vauban-revisited-feedback/ so that it gets maximum attention it deserves.Posted in this way,as a side topic even though it addresses the same problem,might go unnoticed.
  8. ^This. That's why this feedback topic is ridiculous.It's based on fixing the problem that was created for not listening in the first place.But they sure never run out of those memes right? Right?? (Lookin' at you Memelayer) It is mandatory that prior to any kind of Warframe rework/revisit they spend some actual time playing with it,and when I say play I don't mean capture aka kill the target and gtfo...Mot would be the best.It's like cooking...you gotta taste everything...is it too salty,should I add more condements,will the meat be overcooked/rare? You can't just throw S#&$ in the pot,leave it be and hope the family will eat it.. -____-
  9. Asking why is only 1 out of 300 competent for it isn't the same as asking why isn't everybody of 300 people competent in frame design.That is clearly what I didn't asked. Don't try to put a false meaning to my question.As to refer the positivity of his work,ofc there are bad things,but looking at the bigger picture,he has better good to bad ratio than Scott,e.g.
  10. The question is,why is only a single person in the 300+ members of DE team competent enough for these things?
  11. I agree with the OP. The way I played Vauban before rework: Vortex -> 2-3 Phantasma Alternate fire shots(Corrosive build+orbs proc more than you wish for) -> 2 Redeemer prime quick shots from the bullet dance combo followed by a charge shot,very fast very efficient =Certain death,even for 165 lvl Corrupted heavy gunners. The same thing works now,even better because of the Bastille into Vortex mechanic..although the gunblades are iffy now...charge shot is is heavy attack and slugish..not so fluid.. So this setup is far more efficient and faster than any Photon strike will ever be... P.S. Memelayer sucks a$$. -___-"
  12. Yup,like we knew before the release,it's garbage.. *slow clap for Scott*
  13. Didn't even open the topic and I already knew you had better ideas for the current Memelayer...my brother who doesn't play the game has better ideas..my retired fireman father has better ideas for it..the cat on the street has better ideas for it....everybody except Scott... -___- I can already see the Memelayer Augment: Boostlayer: Turns every mine into a boost pad. Thanks Scott!
  14. Aaaand that's the end of that I guess..especially since the creator hasn't been online for a while now,no signs of possible improvement.Too bad. Appreciate the info.
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