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  1. esto ya viene de hace rato en PC. seguramente en próximos hotfix los repararan.
  2. ese plano es de un warframe prime? ... de no ser prime no se puede.
  3. existen planes, supuestamente se está trabajando en una migration o "banco" pero no informan mucho o no tienen gran progreso del mismo. Toca esperar y ver que nos enteramos en los devstream.
  4. TYPE: [in game open-world cambean drift hunting] DESCRIPTION: Avichaea booster x2 resources doesn't work with it VISUAL: this criature "landing in absolutely rare places, even inside tumors REPRODUCTION: EXPECTED RESULT: booster works OBSERVED RESULT: spawn in correct location REPRODUCTION RATE: every Avichea call point on open world, every time
  5. plz tell me all this unbalanced future problems are a good joke!!!, wait is it a joke?
  6. am I the only player who dont care about Hemlith new system!!? .....
  7. te deberian aparecer en la fundición en objetos terminados, ya te los entrega listo, no debes construirlos. Otra cosa a verificar es que los estas matando y no capturando
  8. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027519732-Game-automatically-closed-crashed-by-itself-while-logging-in-the-game it fixed my problem on PC
  9. te falto el "send" al final para estar a tono ajajaja
  10. me paso que cada vez que logeaba se cerraba, fijate si usas el software de razer, synapse. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/es/articles/360027519732-El-juego-se-cierra-solo-automáticamente-crash-después-de-ingresar-al-juego
  11. 1 hs Eris, survival and got 2! wtf!! its insane!
  12. its a big successful!!!, One player likes "hard boring old mission mode"
  13. srry but i dont understand what that mean!!, its a repetitive mission with more level!, nothing more.... I've been playing this game for more than 6 years, I have 2 account , I completed it 2 time, now going on my 3. it doesnt look fun for me!,
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