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  1. Why shouldn't it? Cautious Shot should work with every single weapon that does self-damage, imo. If you don't want to use it, then don't. If others want to sacrifice 15% of their damage to avoid accidental deaths due to BS, why shouldn't they be allowed to?
  2. All of the changes made to the lich system in this patch were good changes, but the core problems of the system are still there. To be perfectly upfront, I wasn't a fan of this system from the onset, and this patch didn't change my mind about the system. Without more major changes, I probably won't ever take on another lich. For me, fighting liches isn't fun and the rewards aren't worth it. 1. WAY TOO MUCH GRIND - I can't emphasize this one enough. How often do players kill/convert a lich that isn't rank 5? I bet it's not very often. The murmur grind needs a pretty hefty reduction. It takes hours to go through enough thralls to learn your needed requiems, unless you're exceedingly lucky and just happen to correctly guess the requiems you need. Either thralls need to give more murmur progress or requiems need to require fewer thrall kills to gain. 2. Too much bullet sponge. I killed a rank 5 lich today with a plague kripath polearm modded for "endgame". I used said polearm because my lich just so happened to be immune to slash damage, which meant most of the heavy hitters in my arsenal were worthless. Each armor bar took forever to shave off. There was no difficulty to it because I was invisible, so he couldn't fight back except for the occasional attempt to body slam me that usually missed because I stayed off to one side of him. Either way, the fight was not fun; it was tedious. One of the things I love about Warframe is that when I hit a normal enemy with a sword, he reacts realistically - as in he dies immediately, and usually falls apart. I don't want Warframe to be like most MMOs where you have to whack things with weapons endlessly to kill them. That's boring and unrealistic. Please don't go that route - keep the combat fast-paced. 3. Kuva Weapons generally aren't powerful enough to justify having to deal with lvl 100+ mobs at rank 5. Why should we bust our rears for a bunch of weapons that aren't going to outperform stuff we already have or stuff we can get far more easily with a lot less RNG? Warframe has always had a history of poor rewards for the relative difficulty of content, but this is even worse than normal. 4. Get rid of Requiem charges - these should be infinite use once acquired.
  3. Aekhon

    Operator's gender

    That happens no matter what they do, so they're not going to worry about stuff like that. As for Duviri, I think people are assuming that Duviri means our operators are growing up just because we were shown an adult operator in a cutscene. As far as I know, DE hasn't said that's what's going to happen in Duviri, so I wouldn't bother getting worked up about something that might not even happen. That whole cutscene was like one giant acid trip (or five minutes of a quantum mechanics class) - so we have to admit that we don't know what's going to happen. Sure, maybe our operators will grow up, or maybe the adult operator in the cutscene is going to turn out to be a unique NPC, like Teshin or Lotus. Hell, he could even turn out to be the new Lotus. We don't know and we won't know until somebody at DE says something (ha), or until we play it for ourselves.
  4. This is a problem with a lot of Grineer units in RJ content (Elite Lancers are even worse, having 2500 flesh instead of just 750) and I, too, would like to know whether this is ever going to be fixed. Difficulty is fine but bullet sponges are just tedious.
  5. While I do appreciate any and all fixes, when can we expect to see some more balance work on Railjack? For example, Amesha is still by far the most viable archwing - can we expect to see the others buffed so that they can compete? What about the ridiculously overpowered ground units in Railjack missions? Will they ever be given the correct kind of health for Grineer (they currently have flesh when they should have cloned flesh) and will their health amount ever be reduced to be in line with other units of their level? Will we ever be able to destroy crew ships without having to board them or use artillery? If not, can I trade in my Railjack for a crew ship? You know, when I typed that last question, it was sort of as a joke, but now I think I mean it. Crew ships are vastly superior to Railjacks in terms of both armor and firepower, and Tenno already use all kinds of Grineer weapons. Why not let us use their ships, too?
  6. Since the last patch, when looted reactors had their avionic capacity values tweaked (for the better), it made me realize that avionic capacity is very unbalanced compared to flux capacity, and that there really isn't much of a reason to choose a reactor with high flux and low avionics. Meanwhile, usually Zekti avionics are the clear, best choice for integrated avionics, given that they usually have a higher max rank than Lavan or Vidar. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but only a few that I've noticed. What I am about to suggest is intended to bring a bit of balance to that situation, while hopefully also expanding the options players have for equipping their railjacks at the same time. What I am suggesting is based around the idea of making integrated avionics of a specific house work better and more efficiently when used with components from the same house. So, for instance, let's use the Conic Nozzle integrated avionic as an example. Currently, the Lavan version of Conic Nozzle gives the best boost to your engine speed and has the most ranks possible, with Zekti coming in second and Vidar being the worst. Meanwhile, Lavan engines tend to be garbage. They have the best boost multiplier, but because their normal cruising speed is so low, they end up being completely outclassed by Vidar engines. So, let's say we use the Lavan Conic Nozzle with a Lavan engine. This would create a matched set that does two things: first, it significantly reduces the avionics cost to slot Conic Nozzle because the avionic is being used on equipment it was designed to be used with. Second, it would boost the performance of the engine to make its boost speed more comparable with the Vidar engine (while leaving its standard cruising speed alone). So, you end up with a cheaper build that performs a little better than it would have otherwise, possibly giving you a reason to slot a Lavan engine AND freeing your avionics points up a bit so that you might choose something that isn't a Vidar reactor. What if you mix the Lavan Conic Nozzle with a Vidar (or Zekti) engine? Then it works exactly as it does now. You pay full price for slotting the avionic, and you get no bonus to the engine's performance. It's the price you pay for having the best version of the avionic and the best (or second best) part. What if you slot a Vidar Conic Nozzle (i.e. the worst version of the avionic) with a Vidar engine? In this case, you would get a smaller reduction to avionic slot cost (since it already costs less) and a smaller boost to the engine's cruising speed (since it already has the highest cruising speed). Similar things could be done with integrated avionics like Hyperstrike, Predator, Maxima, etc. - any integrated avionic that specifically affects a component on the Railjack that you can swap out. What about integrated avionics like Bulkhead, that don't affect a part we can change? No changes to these avionics - they work as they currently do. What about turrets? We have two slots for those. Bonuses would scale based on whether you have one or both turret slots using the same house. So, if you're using Zekti Hyperstrike and both turret slots are Zekti, you get full benefits. If only one turret slot is Zekti, then half benefits - you get a smaller reduction in avionics slot cost and only the Zekti turret receives a damage boost. So, to sum up, what I am suggesting is this: 1. Matching an integrated avionic's house to the house of the part it affects (engines, turrets, and shields) always provides a bonus that scales with the avionic cost/part quality, possibly giving players a reason to try to form matched sets and use something other than the best possible part and the best possible avionic. 2. Mixing and matching houses between avionics and parts works as it does now. 3. Integrated avionics that affect anything other than engines, turrets, or shields work as they do now.
  7. It's really not. It is entirely a matter of interpretation (i.e. how you view the situation). I will admit, I've had the same thought as the OP in the past. The OP is looking at it like this: the mission reward is being called a gift when I still have to work for it, so it's not a gift. In that frame of mind, he/she is absolutely correct - the mission reward is not a gift, and the lack of difficulty in earning the reward is entirely irrelevant. Others are looking at it like this: the Lotus (or Ordis) found this (usually) easy job we can do that just so happens to reward absurdly well, and as a gift, let us know about it when they could have just kept their mouth shut instead. Ergo, in this train of logic, the alert is the gift, and since the knowledge of the alert was given freely, it does absolutely fit the definition of a gift. That second interpretation does raise a few questions. I had always assumed that we get paid by the Lotus, that because she's the head of a vast network of operatives and Tenno, that she has trillions of credits and vast stores of mods, resources, and other things that she pays us with. Maybe that's not true, though. Maybe the Lotus is only a middleman, so to speak. Maybe the rewards she gives us are actually from regular citizens of the solar system who reached out to her and asked her for help because they didn't know how to contact a Tenno directly, and she deemed their cause worthy of our involvement and then passed along their reward to us. Maybe it's a mix of both; maybe it's neither. As I said, though, whichever way you interpret it, it's not a big deal.
  8. My guess? They drink engine degreaser that comes in giant bottles. Maybe it helps with their own mechanical systems.
  9. I wouldn't mind the RNG stats on components if they moved the end-of-mission wreckage to regular drops, and then tweaked the drop tables so that components other than weapons drop more often than they do now. Right now, I feel like I pull up 95% turrets and 5% other components from regular drops. I say that because I have done multiple runs where all I get are turrets and nothing else. Those turrets are all completely useless to me - I don't even need the dirac from scrapping them and I can't sell them for credits (which would be more useful in my case, since I'm still ranking up mods). I understand that the rate for turrets needs to be higher because there are more variations of turrets than there are for components, so I'd even be happy with a 75% turrets and 25% other components rate. Bottom line, I don't care how it's done, but I want to see more component wreckage and less turret wreckage. Oh, an auto-scrap on turret pickup option would be nice, too.
  10. I almost exclusively gun for other players - I rarely take my own Railjack out - so I'm speaking mostly as a gunner here. Yes, drifting throws off the lead aim indicator, and yes, that's annoying. Too bad, though. As you've already noticed, drifting helps you find and evade ramsleds. That's a huge help in and of itself because evading a ramsled long enough for gunners to shoot it down enables said gunners to stay in their seats and keep shooting, rather than having to get up and deal with the overpowered intruders busting up your ship (and possibly getting killed by the intruders in the process). What's more, when you get to the higher pilot intrinsic levels, drifting reduces incoming damage, making it even better. At the higher gunnery intrinsic levels, drifting increases outgoing damage, making it win/win. So, any gunners who really don't like pilots drifting need to learn to get over it. Now, having said all that, I wouldn't recommend drifting in zig-zags or random directions - there's no benefit to that and it makes it tougher on your gunners to compensate for your drifts. Instead, drift in a circle strafe pattern, so that every time you drift, you're drifting to the right, for example. If your gunners aren't completely inept, they'll notice what you're doing and it will make compensating for the drifts easier. Plus, if you're always drifting to the right to evade ramsleds, when your gunners hear the noise, they'll know to start looking for the ramsleds coming in from the left. Lastly, if a Tenno is in the artillery chair and is trying to charge up a shot, that's the one time you should definitely not drift. In fact, stop all evasive maneuvers for that - just either sit still or fly straight. You don't want to waste dome charges, especially in the veil where it's probably going to take you two artillery shots to take down a crew ship.
  11. I like a lot of what you posted, though I'm fine with reactors determining avionics capacity as long as the drop chance for good reactors is increased. If I had an update wishlist, aside from the fixes and balance changes you listed, it would be the following: 1. More info on the screen, especially for the pilot, since they're the one who usually has to do the most coordinating. For instance, there should be an on-screen indicator for the pilot whenever a Tenno is in the artillery or the slingshot. Yes, Cy usually tells us when a Tenno hops into the slingshot, but he doesn't say how long they stay or that they've launched. He doesn't say anything about the artillery. The pilot needs to know about both so that he/she knows to hold the ship steady and when it is safe to start maneuvering again. Gunners need screen edges to flash red when there are boarders on the Railjack and they are getting hit. 2. Sealing doors for boarders and catastrophic hull failures. Whenever there are boarders, Cy should seal the doors to that part of the ship. Tenno should still be allowed to come and go, but the doors shouldn't open for the boarders. Boarders could eventually cut their way through, but not quickly. This would be helpful to protect pilot/gunners from boarders so that they can focus on what they're supposed to be doing while the engineer/security Tenno deals with the boarders. Likewise, let's say a catastrophic hull failure occurs, but you can't repair it right now for some reason (i.e. everybody is off the ship, you're out of Revolite, the crew member who is supposed to be on repairs is picking his nose or something). As a temporary alternative, any Tenno can pull up the tactical map and click on the location of the hull failure to seal off that part of the ship. This immediately freezes the countdown to destruction, heals the Railjack a bit and makes it invulnerable for a short period (just like repairing would), but has the drawback that the affected part of the ship is now depressurized and inaccessible. Any Tenno caught inside the sealed off area slowly lose health until 1 HP is left, just like in a survival mission when time runs out. They can either exit the ship to archwing, or use the tactical menu to teleport elsewhere on the ship to get out. Furthermore, leaving the hull failure sealed off adds a permanent debuff to the Railjack's health and armor until it is repaired. At any time, any Tenno can pull up the tactical menu and unseal the area, resuming the countdown but allowing crew to repair the hull failure. Suffering a second catastrophic hull failure while one is sealed off resumes the original countdown - now you have to repair BOTH hull failures in the time you have left to avoid destruction. 3. Crew ships can be destroyed by ordinary Railjack turrets, ordnance, and battle avionics, but become invulnerable to archwing weapons. They remain much tougher than fighters, but you no longer need to resort to infiltrating them or wasting one of your four dome charges on them. Artillery becomes an instant one shot kill for crew ships regardless of level. I say "instant" as in the crew ship explodes the moment it is hit, not ten seconds later.
  12. I've never crashed in RJ. I did have one PUG that I could never really connect to, so from my perspective, the RJ just kept traveling through the void forever (i.e. infinite loading screen). I also experience plenty of bugs, but never a crash.
  13. My opinion on the artillery as a whole is that it should not be our only means of taking out a crew ship without boarding it. Sure, crew ships should be significantly tougher than fighters, but a combination of concentrated turret fire (as in all three turrets firing at the crew ship), ordnance, and maybe a battle avionic or two should be able to destroy a crew ship without too much trouble. Artillery should be used for large, special (i.e. mission critical) targets, like what was shown in last year's TennoCon. Their ammo should only be wasted on crew ships for "oh sh*t" moments when you're caught off-guard and need a crew ship downed immediately.
  14. Yeah, there are always ghouls on the plains, so the "event" doesn't really feel any different from how the plains are normally (plus, the rewards are crap, so why bother?). What I would like, however, is more frequent Plague Star events. Feels like they do those once per year at most, and if you miss it you're screwed because that's the only time you can farm those zaw parts.
  15. There are a couple of ways you could go about doing this, and my guess is that you're going to get different answers depending on which method you use because DE probably didn't bother to make things accurate. For instance, knowing that the Earth curves 360 degrees (sorry flat Earthers, Warframe's Earth is undeniably round), its diameter and your screen's FOV, you could calculate the amount of the Earth's curve you can fit in your screen, and then use the curvature formula to calculate your altitude. Alternatively, you could also time how long it takes for the Earth to spin once beneath you (yes, it does spin in-game), giving you a rough estimate of your Railjack's orbital period (time for one orbit), and then use that to calculate orbital altitude, since orbital altitude is dependent upon orbital speed. Of course, this one is only going to be a rough estimate because you have to take into account the Earth's rotation as well. There are probably a few other ways of doing it, but again, my guess is that the answers won't agree. DE probably didn't bother to match altitude to orbital speed.
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