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  1. Or do a public test server, like most other MMOs do. Either approach would've prevented this clusterf@&#. What I find particularly ironic now is that they've done pretty much exactly what Rebecca said they didn't want to do right before this debacle of an update was released (link because I can't figure out how to directly quote a locked discussion post): Her post was Feb 22. It's now Oct 16.
  2. Just saw a dev topic about Wukong's upcoming rework that mentions melee 3.0. I've stopped playing Warframe due to how awful melee is now and only occasionally check the forums (somehow, I keep hoping for a patch to address some or all of the issues listed here), so correct me if I am wrong, but is that the first mention of melee 3.0 from someone who works at DE since phase 1 was released? Anyway, I hope I'm wrong about this, but I have to change my earlier prediction about why DE is being silent on melee. It looks like they're ignoring critical feedback here and just forging ahead with melee 3.0 as previously planned. Why do I think that? Why else would they mention making Wukong synergize more with melee 3.0 if their plans regarding melee had changed?
  3. I don't think that's it. There's a large amount of feedback in this thread that very strongly suggests (to me, anyway) that the majority of melee mains are not happy with what we have (I know I am not). Beyond that, though, more than anything else, players just want some kind of response from DE regarding the state of melee. If they had a plan that they were very confident would address all of our criticisms and make melee amazing, wouldn't they just, you know, say so? Even something as small as a short developer's workshop post about the current major criticisms with melee and how the rest of the implementation would address them would satisfy a lot of players, but they haven't done that. In the meantime, they've done developer's workshops and similar posts about a ton of other similarly borked systems (Nightwave, Arbitration, Riven trading, etc.). So, more speculation (cause what else are we going to do?): they haven't said anything because they don't know what they're going to do with melee anymore. I think they didn't anticipate such a large, negative reaction to the first stage of their revamp that now, they're questioning the rest of it. They won't rollback the first phase because they're DE and they never rollback any large update, but at the same time, they don't know how they're going to go forward, and they don't want to admit that, either.
  4. I agree with everything else you said, but this part isn't correct. For me, using the T key switched between all my weapons, including melee. It's just the specific "equip melee" function that they did away with, which I had bound to F. All the same, though, I definitely want a toggle option so that I can turn auto-parry and auto-weapon swapping off. I thought I might be able to deal with them when 2.99997 first dropped, but the longer I played, the more annoying they became.
  5. Right now, this is sadly very true. I'm still waiting on them to fix all the melee problems caused by Melee 2.999-whatever. There hasn't even been any word that they're going to work on it, which I find incredibly disappointing because the more I play with the new melee system, the less I like it. I would appreciate options to turn off the auto-parry and auto-weapon swapping permanently. They cause too many problems.
  6. Hrm...I was really hoping for more melee fixes/changes, such as a fix for not being able to glide in melee mode while carrying a primary or secondary and a way to stay in melee mode even while carrying a primary or secondary (and vice versa). Those are things you guys are working on, right? Right?
  7. This is absolutely spot on. I appreciate the intent of having a smoother flow between melee and ranged on paper, but in practice it definitely feels like the game wants me to play mostly ranged with a melee backup. Sorry, but melee is my primary, and ranged is my backup. Another thing that has come up for me: if I am leveling a gun, and have to use a quick melee attack to clear some space because I'm reloading or whatever, right now, that switches me over to melee mode when I don't want to be in melee mode. Personally, I'm currently thinking that auto-weapon swapping and auto-blocking are creating more problems than they are worth.
  8. Not having to block is very awkward right now, but I'm sure that given time, I could get used to it. I have also already used the faster switching between melee/guns to quickly destroy Orokin energy beam emitters, so that part's cool, but it has also created a problem: I can now no longer aim glide in melee mode. This means I can no longer block while gliding (because I am forced to aim the gun I don't want to use) and it prevents me from using glide to get to a more advantageous position for a melee strike (I don't always want to do a ground slam). It also means I have to manually switch back to melee mode every single time I glide (which I do occasionally sometimes just for getting from point A to point B), which is a pain. TL;DR: Please give us a way to stay in melee mode while gliding.
  9. That also occurred to me, but I wrote it off for the same reason.
  10. Yeah, that's what I remember, hence my confusion. It's the thread's automated date stamp (saying this thread was created Oct 19th), so it can't be a mistype unless forum admins can override date/time stamps, but even if they could, why do that? That means it's either a glitch in the system, or there's been some weird, funky time travel going on. I'm guessing the former. Or...maybe an admin did override the date stamp and it has something to do with the Fortuna ARG? I wasn't able to get in on that so I have no idea; it just occurred to me as I was thinking.
  11. Okay, I can believe that I somehow missed it yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, but since Oct. 19th?! That's way more than one week. I mean, it would suggest that DE has been telling people Fortuna is coming "this week" for the past three weeks, which if true, would cause a huge backlash. They're usually smarter (i.e. more vague) than that.
  12. Wait...I is confused. The thread says it was created "October 19th" for me (as do all the player comments on the first page at least, but by the time I get to the last page, the posts are from today), yet I'm...somewhat certain this thread didn't exist yesterday. Is anybody else seeing that or am I special?
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