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  1. I was doing a solo run on Neptune proxima. My crew role assignments are two gunners and one engineer. I got boarded for the first time ever (never happened in Venus; my gunners were at max level and took all ramsleds out before I even saw them, which is what you'd expect from maxed out gunners using Mk III weapons in a tier 0 mission). I had just finished whatever it was I was away from the RJ doing and so I teleport back to the RJ only to find the intruders all dead and my engineer running around the bodies. My engineer only has two pips in combat and three in endurance, but he was carryi
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I was in Neptune Proxima, completing the new Corpus Railjack missions. I had just completed the first Defense mission and had selected the next mission (an exterminate). I thought I might need to replenish my dome charges, so I ran down to the forge and pulled one up. Right after that, the "Mission Complete" menu opened up over the Forge menu, and I was stuck: I could not click on any Forge options and could not close the Mission Complete menu. Clicking on Exit did nothing. I had to exit the entire game to get out of it. REPRODUCTION: 1. Complete an
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