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  1. Just reading all those that say the endo drop is fine.... How many minutes do these people give to arbitrations to say such things? 10 mins? 20 mins?. Of all the arbitrations i made since the new update (excavations) i can say endo drops are low , 40 mins mostly gave 15k to 20k endo on pre patch (call me slow if you want), now if im lucky im getting out with 10k (mostly 8.5 to 9k) with some random useless rewards (sculptures not included)
  2. If you go read the recent negative reviews you will notice people are talking about "lack of content". Combine it with the translator problems and you have a nice mess
  3. To be honest now arbitrations are not worth the farm now, most players went there for the endo; adding random mods or arcanes we won't use to the drop tables (lets be honest, only 1 or 2 are useful) will just make this another dead game mode. Thanks DE
  4. Sad to say but only fix is to lower the ability effects. Even when going solo the game can decide to blind you with fire based eximus xD
  5. Can confirm as well, silent nerf to Volt not joking nor trying to be a fanboy.
  6. Got him doing 9 rounds, he's just to easy to farm 😕 (i was ready to get my weekend trying to farm him)
  7. it's mostly affecting some textures only cause i have my ember prime with immortal skin all black and still looks the same.
  8. Even i that waste hours in this game can agree that this event is not rewarding and so repetitive , sorry but it's true
  9. guess i'm a new player and i never knew 😦
  10. "Learn to play the game" Me trying to shoot or melee enemies..... All dead... People aren't complaining for been outdamaged, they're complaining because X frame can clear a room of enemies (even behind walls) without even seen them. Is it hard to even understand this?
  11. Easy fix to nuke frames will be give the same treatment as our old friend Excalibur. (Remember those days of spamming his on 4 ?) Mesa? She maybe OP but she can't kill mobs if the enemy behind a wall... Now for OP... HP regen? llike others said she has Regenerative Molt for that 🙂
  12. Are we getting these kind of problems fixed anytime soon? 😛 (I've seen a few reports on adaptive exposure with no answer) This has been on the game for a while now forcing us to either change energy colors or play blindly
  13. Some of these riven updates makes no sense.... Example: Tetra: 1.5->1.45... This weapon really needs a boost to begin with xD Glaxion: 1.35->1.25 : I'm neutral here
  14. I don't get the logic about PC waiting for another's platform fix unless we're going cross platform or save but OK.........
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