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  1. Here you go 🙂 https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200287090-How-to-deal-with-Cheaters-AFKing-trolling- Edit: And for those that say that reports are useless, they aren't :). As far as i know the reported user gets 1 warning first (unless the players has been reported more than once)
  2. I'm just annoyed that he won't leave me alone 😞 (they should add a wolf mark so he will only show up for marked players)
  3. i've only experienced the glaxion and its a solid weapon to be honest, now if the vandal variant is a crit based with increased fire rate it would be a decent weapon to have (having a crit riven my self 😛 )
  4. Well long time since this was posted.. Just reporting that this issue still in-game.
  5. Playtime and knowledge of the game.. (Sadly MR is useless these days 😞 )
  6. Just to add that if you're holding tokens and the dead player decides to leave you're stuck with them.......
  7. I'm sure we would get a "i can't do 1hr SOLO, please DE remove it " thread
  8. I was gonna agree with you OP but after you talked about "time wasted" i rather not. It's way to easy to go recruit chat and join someone for such task (you don't do it all the time). DE just needs to reduce the time because 1hr survivals are a no no for some (not for me 😛 ).
  9. How is it affecting the players? Since nightwave became a thing , these items are now obtainable 24/7 (if you have credits). The only fix here needed is to make these items a bit more cheap or give us more wolf credits. Now about saying alerts were better.. They weren't. I play this game a lot and all i saw was credits alerts most of the time to be honest. Edit: A plus to this is that the nightwave challenges are becoming way to easy now (boring for my taste). So i don't understand why some are still complaining
  10. This one (i really hate this one)
  11. to be honest, if they nerf itzal i would just go back to my zephyr instead of using a boring k-drive😛
  12. Why not add elemental resistance while we're at it? 🙄 instead of doing this you guys should fix the main problems, fix op chroma or buff the spider (or both)
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