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  1. This is the easiest question I've ever had to answer. No more "gatekeeping" modes and boss fights. Ever. At all. Period. Eidolons and Kuva stuff absolutely REQUIRING the Operator was... reluctantly allowable because it was a storyline decision. I still have a profound dislike of it and thought it could have been done better, but I'll give it a pass. Orphix Venom being made with the 100% entire sole purpose of shoving Necramechs down people's throats, however, is where I draw the line. This was absolutely unnecessary and has only served to make me DESPISE those things. It has eas
  2. No. When they brought back Orphix as a permanent game mode, they basically destroyed any desire I had to have Necramechs as a side mode. Warframe is at its best when they present you with a fun new way to play and let you give it a shot. Warframe is at its worst when they present you with a fun new way to play and then BEAT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH IT AND SAY YOU CAN'T MAKE PROGRESS UNLESS YOU DO THINGS EXACTLY THE WAY THEY INTEND.
  3. I like Taxijack. I kinda like doing a little bit of everything in a mission. It's a neat idea. What I DON'T like is them bringing in horrible gimmick modes like Orphix again. I absolutely ABHOR playing game modes where there is literally one and only one way you're allowed to play it. Orphix Venom made me never, ever want to see a Necramech again, when originally I was somewhat okay with them.
  4. Who knows; maybe they'll turn this bug into a feature and have like... a pet aggression level setting that you can adjust at some point.
  5. (Blast it all. Didn't realize this was necro'd.)
  6. Okay, you got me there. I definitely admit that second video is strange. I apologize for being presumptuous about this. The only thing I can offer is that I don't recall something like that happening to me before, especially against hitscan enemies. But I suppose Warframe can be weird like that.
  7. (D'awww! So adorable!) Well... I mean... Raknoids are already in the game. So I'd say that ship has sailed already. ^^;
  8. Okay, I suppose I'm gonna have to be the one to say it. ...Look, what happened in the clip had NOTHING to do with Turbulence working incorrectly. At all. Look at the clip again. Turbulence deflected the rocket, and it exploded on a nearby surface. Turbulence doesn't just make projectiles vanish and lose their hitbox. It says right on the description that it REDIRECTS them. They still exist, in other words. When it comes to explosives, you can still be harmed by the AOE effects, especially in close-quarters. On top of that, shield-gating is freaking OP as hell. You always have a
  9. I have/need no crew. But when I get my command rank high enough, I'll probably bring on a Kuva Lich. =)
  10. Well that and I resent it for shoving Necramechs down our throats. I know people like them, and that's fine, but I find them slow and boring as crap. The thing is, though, I'd have resented them less if they hadn't arbitrarily come up with a contrived reason you HAVE to use them. I had the same problem with Operators when they first came on the scene. What makes Warframe good is when they say "Here's a fun new game mode or gameplay style you can try." What makes Warframe infuriating is when they say "Here's a fun game mode you HAVE TO DO OR ELSE YOU DON'T GET TO MAKE ANY PROGRESS."
  11. Can confirm. Maybe Kubrows and Kavats have contracted space rabies. D=
  12. For what it's worth, I haven't noticed any issues with MOA companions. Not sure why; maybe MOAs have a different AI pattern; possibly since they have ranged weapons instead of melee.
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