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  1. Honestly, any quest the stars the Operator is generally going to be a bit weak, because the Operator isn't much of a character. That being said, I think War Within probably did the best with them.
  2. She's also almost 100% invulnerable, deals absolutely baffling amounts of damage, AND has attacks that restore her health at an obscene rate when her 4 is active. Are you SERIOUSLY trying to compare World on Fire to Hysteria?
  3. Believe me when I say that I'm willing to root for the underdog. I mean, I made a Youtube video explaining why I believe Zephyr to be a god tier defensive Warframe. And I even think that Vauban has his moments once in awhile. But... let's be frank, here. Ember is supposed to be a AOE damage frame, but her AOE was badly nerfed and her damage always sucked. The one niche she had was trivializing low-level missions, but we have other frames that could and can do that now. Don't get me wrong, if you think Ember is great, more power to you! Every single Warframe is capable of getting through the entire star chart. But we need to face facts. There is literally nothing Ember can do that another Warframe can't do better. She's like Vauban without even having any particular utility abilities. If you can make a strong case for Ember not being the worst Warframe, I'd definitely be open-minded about it. But I genuinely can't think of any Warframe that doesn't at least pull off SOME niche of their own. Even Wukong has some survivability. Even Vauban does well against Infestation. Ember is an AOE Warframe that can't AOE and a damage Warframe that can't damage. Unless I'm missing something big, she's pretty much useless.
  4. I'm trans, and honestly, I'd prefer to not open this can of worms. The issue is already subject for a TON of hostility on both sides of the fence, and I think it would invite more ill feelings than is needed. It would honestly just serve to further entrench people on both sides of the issue. My personal feeling is that it's best to simply be a good example rather than beat people over the head with what I am. Besides, you could always just use things like the Easter/4th of July palettes to come up with a close approximation of the flag's colors anyway. (Personally I prefer deep, saturated blue and gold or red and black color schemes.
  5. Honestly, we've been a little selfish. Personally, I'm looking forward to the moment when we're able to give Lotus a little something in return. *Loads up the shotgun*
  6. I completely agree (ironically). I don't know why people aren't allowed to express a dislike of something anymore. It's ridiculous. Kind of like Youtube comments. The thumbs down on Youtube comments LITERALLY does nothing. It's a pure placebo. I remember when people could downvote a comment so much it disappeared. GOD, I want those days back.
  7. I can live with Zephyr Prime being just under top 10. She's definitely my personal go-to tank Warframe and I'd rank her higher than Rhino Prime, but that's also not a hill I feel the need to die on. 12 is good.
  8. Looks like Little Duck is back to being the most irritating character in the game again.
  9. My tank of choice is pretty much always Zephyr. Though others have their uses, too.
  10. Still no fix for Little Duck unskippably being a jerk to you if you make the unforgivable sin of Fast Traveling to her in your Warframe. PLEASE, can we just have her accept who we are after we show her our Operator form the first time? Her being a self-centered, bigoted idiot has really gotten old.
  11. Apart from the directional slams, I really don't like ANY of the new changes.
  12. Unfortunately for both of them, there is one mastermind behind it all. One all-powerful, dangerous entity that is secretly pulling all of the strings. The true force of change in the galaxy, to whom all are beholden, whether they know it or not.
  13. Helene has better drops, easier enemies, and will get a weapon to rank 30 at nearly the same exact time (since it's divided into waves of 5). It's not even a contest.
  14. Auto-block is really genuinely awful. It truly is. I've literally been interrupted out of combos by auto-block which has actually put me in jeopardy. It's just not a good addition. As a whole, I am very much against my games playing themselves for me. I know when I want to block. I know when I want to attack. the game is just terrible at making those decisions. For similar reasons, I am really against the idea of the upcoming combo simplifications. I honestly don't see why they need to be dumbed down when you can learn their timing with like... 2 minutes in the simulicrum. And those who don't want to spend those two minutes can just as easy button mash their combos already. I worry that these changes are going to kill stances like Cleaving Whirlwind and Bullet Dance.
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