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  1. I can live with Zephyr Prime being just under top 10. She's definitely my personal go-to tank Warframe and I'd rank her higher than Rhino Prime, but that's also not a hill I feel the need to die on. 12 is good.
  2. Looks like Little Duck is back to being the most irritating character in the game again.
  3. My tank of choice is pretty much always Zephyr. Though others have their uses, too.
  4. Still no fix for Little Duck unskippably being a jerk to you if you make the unforgivable sin of Fast Traveling to her in your Warframe. PLEASE, can we just have her accept who we are after we show her our Operator form the first time? Her being a self-centered, bigoted idiot has really gotten old.
  5. Auto-block is really genuinely awful. It truly is. I've literally been interrupted out of combos by auto-block which has actually put me in jeopardy. It's just not a good addition. As a whole, I am very much against my games playing themselves for me. I know when I want to block. I know when I want to attack. the game is just terrible at making those decisions. For similar reasons, I am really against the idea of the upcoming combo simplifications. I honestly don't see why they need to be dumbed down when you can learn their timing with like... 2 minutes in the simulicrum. And those who don't want to spend those two minutes can just as easy button mash their combos already. I worry that these changes are going to kill stances like Cleaving Whirlwind and Bullet Dance.
  6. Is there any chance you'll update Little duck so she doesn't unskippably whine at you if you commit the oh-so-horrible sin of fast travelling to her before getting out of your Warframe? ...Better yet, just make her stop demanding it out of you after the first time. ONCE IS ENOUGH.
  7. I was seriously wondering about this! I mean, it's a melee enemy so it still wasn't particularly frightening, but it was still something I was curious about.
  8. Here's hoping they eventually fix fast traveling to Little Duck. Or better yet, just make Little Duck stop being a ***** to people after they've proven they have an operator form.
  9. This is nice, but will you PLEASE fix Little Duck giving you an unskippable, bigoted lecture if you fast-travel to her in Warframe mode? Just put us in front of her without starting the conversation if you insist on keeping her such a horrible, disgusting person. (Yes, I know you can go into Operator mode first. My point is that if someone accidentally DOESN'T do that, they shouldn't be punished with an unskippable rant.)
  10. What is it with people only showing the bottom halves of their faces in this game?
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