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  1. Limbo in general is just a hot mess. I think that of all the Warframes in the game, Limbo is the one with the most issues at a CONCEPTUAL level. To the point where I honestly don't know what would fix his fundamental issues; particularly in terms of team play. (Note: That's NOT the same as me saying he's bad/ineffective. More that by design, he has some pitfalls in terms of teamplay that need to be accounted for.)
  2. I definitely don't think Railjack should be LAUNCH levels of difficulty because that was flat-out unapproachable for players starting out on it. And the number of people that ignored it entirely is reflective of that. That being said, I think there could be a middle ground here with a bit more balanced of a difficulty ramp-up. I'd say keep Earth Proxima as-is because it helps people get a sense for how everything works without having to be dead weight on a team. But then maybe have Saturn and Void add some curveballs to the experience. I genuinely think Railjack is more fun now than
  3. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree. It's cluttered, crowded, tedious, interferes with using the chatbox (it also activates the search box), and basically looks like a worse version of Anthem's already pointless end-of-mission screen. And it goes without saying... we do NOT want to follow Anthem's lead. XP I don't want to stare at my Warframe doing a dumb pose while I'm mashing the Escape key to get back to the Orbiter. (Or trying to click the "Repeat Mission" button.)
  4. BUG: When using Dispensary as a non-Protea Warframe,, sometimes if you cast an ability immediately after using Dispensary, your weapon (which disappears during the Dispensary cast animation) fails to reappear. GAMEPLAY EFFECT: You can continue to fire the gun until its clip/magazine is expended, but you are unable to reload or manually switch to another weapon. HOW COMMON IS THIS GLITCH: Not very. It's a little hard to replicate manually. For what it's worth, this happens most typically with Zephyr's Turbulence and Oberon's Hallowed Ground, from my experience. HOW
  5. Okay... This one is going to sound cheesy (and it is), but I named mine... "Hope." I really, really love the concept of the Helminth. The idea of a more benign version of the infestation, loyal to you. While still predatory and a bit creepy, the Helminth has a mind and is both an aid and a necessity to the Tenno cause. I called mine Hope because I consider it (in lore, obviously) to be a hopeful concept of peaceful coexistence.
  6. Honestly, the best suggestion I can give if you're wondering is just... ask the squad you're playing with. "Yo, we staying to 15?" "You doing okay on energy?" "Need a second before we go to the next point?" You'd be surprised how much opening that little text box can help misunderstandings. As much as some people complain about them at times, I've found that Warframe players in general are very open and communicative. And expression of intent is usually plenty.
  7. The truth is, Warframe will always have its issues. There isn't a single online game that doesn't. If you want to play the game again, then go for it. Don't let someone's complaints stand between you and your enjoyment. And remember, this ain't a marriage proposal. You can always stop again if you're not enjoying yourself. I can and have taken multiple several-month-long breaks from the game, only to come back and enjoy it when I'm feeling up to it again. That is healthy and perfectly normal. In short: give it a go. Worst case scenario: you lose an hour or so and a few gigs of b
  8. It does sound interesting for sure. I can see it as a gimmicky alternative build for some situations, but probably not as a main one unless you really, really hate Switch Teleport. That being said, if you can set it up and get those disarms going on... yeah, I think it could get the job done.
  9. I legit didn't even realize what Loki's passive was, and he was my very first Warframe. It sounds like it would be a bit of fun, but more importantly, it sounds like it would be super useful for those damned Wall Latch Riven goals.
  10. Sad I missed out on the survey. Save vs Kill Lotus was pretty close (the "Other" option kinda obfuscated things, though). I expected "save" to be much, MUCH more of a majority. I could personally fall on either side of the fence depending on how the story goes, but the thing is... REGARDLESS of whether we save or kill her, I want absolutely nothing to do with Lotus anymore. Like... ever. I actually like Brother somewhat (Father is my least favorite). He's acerbic, but I like his idea of trying to find good in the infestation rather than just wanting it dead with no questions asked. As a b
  11. I don't see how what I said could be considered condescending, but if I was, I apologize. Text sometimes doesn't convey intent very well. I think we can respectfully agree to disagree here. We both enjoy and have very good results with Zephyr, so that is by far the most important thing. By its very nature, the Helminth adds a lot of flexibility and interpretation to gameplay, so I think it's okay to have different perspectives on what does or doesn't work best. so long as the missions get cleared and everyone has fun, that's the important thing. I think we can end this on a hearty ha
  12. Zephyr's 1 is simply too valuable for open worlds and for getting out of bad situations really fast for me to to even consider getting rid of, in my opinion. Especially open world stuff. I like not having to activate archwing every time I want to get somewhere at a decent speed. I suppose if you want to have a separate loadout for missions and you don't want to have a quick movement option, though, that's fine, too. I also very much don't appreciate your condescending tone when talking about Dispensary. It is FAR too common to hear people who don't like someone's idea calling it some kin
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