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  1. The official discord has no chat channels yet, what is the purpose? Should make the bot open source on github for the community to add community features.
  2. IGN: Klypto - Age 26 - Mastery Rank: 18 - Time Zone and play-time range: (EST -5, mostly whenever I am awake and bored which is random) - Primary Frames/Load-outs/Specialties if any Hurr Durr Rhino was my main for many years Nekros Prime for pickup whatever and maybe not die Inaros to not die while going afk Chroma for fun Mainly like building large slow heavy melee for crit stacking combo counter with almost no status. Falls off pretty early on endurance (1+ hours) but it's fun for everything else. Similar follow through on sidearms. - Why do you want to join our clan? Goals? Xusto asked You have a decent amount of active people in your discord and these neat challenge things that I want to try for. - Tell Me a little about Yourself Some jobless entry game developer who's recovering from back surgery and doesn't have a ton to do in the meantime. Been learning Unreal Engine on the side and some blender for VRChat avatars - Tell Me a Joke! Maybe later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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