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  1. I can't log in post patch network not responding then just loads forever
  2. any update on the Paracesis disabling the mod in its first slot when you fill all other slots?
  3. yayyy.... I'm so bored of sayrn changes she was fine is all of this fiddling worth it? and when in hell are we getting *something* new to do?
  4. please please please no... please do not make the combo counter only apply to heavy attacks please just don't. I Hate heavy attacks thay are way to slow have to much momentum and are just in general worthless, rework them sure but do not murder the combo counter
  5. I ma very very excited for these changes ❤️ please don't nerf them
  6. I have never ever made it past zone 8 the efficiency just drains way to fast and you are.. making it harder? what why? I actually like this game mode please don't screw with it.
  7. they are announcing this info live on prime time as of three minutes ago a new test build popped and they are wating on the testers.
  8. I don't care if these exist I'll likely run this new game mode about as much as I did the one that came out with Nidus, 10-15 times to get the the new frame and never again, because so often the rewards just aren't worth it. Peculiar mods mean absolutely nothing to me, they don't even register as a blip on my content radar. if people like them, cool? if they don't why bother with things like that? there is so much that gets started and then never touched... warframe is a mess of me waiting for things that will never come, while a handful of trully odd choices do manage to get into the players hands.
  9. I love that I was hoping for a kit that focused more on her whip and instead you didn't take any of the things people where asking for and just removed the whip.. seriously? we worried that her 2 was just an iteration of Harrow's 1.. so you took away her ability to swap damage types.. and took away her exalted whip, wow.. just sad RIP a decent frame concept replaced with a mediocre uninteresting frame.
  10. if I purchased a physical ticket a few weeks ago do I get my digital pack now or at the con?
  11. okay so, if I purchased the collectors edition ticket, when do I get my digital pack goods? at the con of through my email?
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