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  1. Once more about Zenistar What i had This build With this build i had 7 unique status procs(blast give count as 2) so what give me 26.84x damage from CO for Zenistar and for his Disk = 24398~ from Zenistar and 9383~ from Disk. Yep, this is very high damage numbers but this weapon hasnt any crit potential What i have now? 14x damage from CO but for base damage and NOT working with Disk = 9384 for Zenistar. This lower than. Disk.Damage.Before.Update. About disk = 377 377 Its a joke? But this was not enough to totally nerf and because of this you give for Zenistar with disk 80 Impact damage. Why? Anyone know - this type of damage very not useful now and cant do enough damage for armored enemies. And Impact Damage now More than Slash which give to slash less chance than for impact. BUT this is not enough too! Base Disk duration now 10sec. Okay, i can understand why you did this - With melee need to play as melee and this is totally true and right. But Impact damage and nerf CO steal any chances to play active with Zenistar because it have not enough damage for good count of combo Another question - You nerf Zenistar with all ways but why you dont do what you want to do we? You give us Heavy Attacks and how many can understand Combo Multiplayer dont work for Zenistar Disk too. Why? For what this mechanic if this mechanic break all Zenistar unique? You want use Heavy Attack -> You will lose all Combo Counter for disk. Disk was deployed -> you want use Heavy Attack -> disk will be returned and Combo Counter will lost Many days before you said - Maybe with melee 3.0 Charge Attack will have punch throw as it was before nerf. Where? Why Zenistar cant throw 50 centimeters of anything? Why it cant throw simple cryopod or kuva siphon? I know some weapons must be nerfed because they are too strong and very popular but why zenistar? MANY of players dont use it after punch throw nerfs and only for very levels it was used with specific team build. Yep it maybe bad and i can understand this but i cant understand so many nerfs for Zenistar and after all - Zenistar riven disposition = 0.5, when Gram Prime still has 1.5 and MUCH more damage than any Heavy Sword Im sad .( UPD: Oh, i forgot something -With update zenistar take one of the lowest range buffs for heavy blades .c UPD 26.0.7 And now you did that - Zenistar BUFF. But really? This is mostly useless buff i ever seen ./
  2. Nope. ITs will be abuse for skip useless Weapon and liches without ephemera And after this noone lich will be able to rank up because first rang lich too easy for anyone Kuva - best reward from this relics. I have already more than 100 relics and i dont want from them mods You can dont grind for them - rank not so useful. But if you want rank - this is best way to get it more than usually Too easy, Warframe game about grind
  3. So as fan of Zenistar what i can say 1) Where Zenistar Disk stat buff? After nerf condition overload disk should have buff. just +50% damage (50>75) should be good 2)Condition Overload still not work with disk. Okay, maybe buff not what you want to do but fix this pls 3)Rework disk duration - you want to active play but Zenistar can do good damage only without disk, but for this you need to play with disk, but with disk zenistar cant do good damage... Zenistar Damage buff with nerfed Condition Overload not enough to play active in compare with any another heavy blade. And I can attach some my old videos - Before this update i could kill 165 lvl 2-3 times faster than now. This is sad =(
  4. Since Condition Overload work with another way Zenistar Disk should have damage buff too. Or its should scale with combo counter as heavy attack P.s. Condition Overload not work with disk now Pls D;
  5. Fix Zenistar Disk Damage(Not scaling with any mods except Point Pressure)
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