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  1. TonnoTuna

    Ask Me [Almost] Anything

    Is Gara Shattered Lash's sweep arc affected by ability range mods? If yes, how? Does it also take melee range mods into account? Where precisely the Ability starts?
  2. TonnoTuna

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Yay nice, the only thing I feel missing are the stats for combos in-game. As of now the ingame screen only shows input, hiding the effective potential of a combo behind test or more commonly the Wiki. But combos are much more of that: multiple hits in one input, hits with different damage multipliers, forced procs, knockback, knockdown, ragdoll and finisher opening. Maybe even more than that!
  3. TonnoTuna

    Best Nuke Frame

    Actually it's still effective, it only requires the ability to expire naturally (and deals the damage in a smaller area). Equinox Day's Mend & Maim is surely the most effective if you're able to kill enough enemies, and it can be used at any enemy level.
  4. TonnoTuna

    The "Bourbon List" 2 years later

    During the Devstream 73 of the April 29th, 2016, Steve has made public a peculiar list, The Bourbon list. It essentially exposed various problems of the time, some of which had a comment about a possible solution. Do you think those points are fixed now? The list comes from the Wiki Onboardin’ The current early game experience lacks any ‘push’ for new players to explore new systems, and doesn’t make this transition easy or straightforward. *The Starchart rework is aimed at eliminating this problem by simplifying player experience by removing numerous nodes, etc. Cheese Pizza The mid-to-late game experience has ‘cheese’ tactics letting players take on exploitative tactics to one-hit or decimate enemy groups. Grindin’ *Void fatigue is real, and changes are being made to eliminate player burnout. The rewards will stay the same, but tilesets and enemies will be moved around to avoid endless repetition in the quest to acquire specific, desired items. Samey-Same More diverse environments are also in the works to freshen up the 3+ year-old maps that players bullet jump through. Increased interactivity (i.e. breaking and smashing) is on the docket, including new ways to make use of your Warframe's parkour abilities. Dracoville XP farms are great for leveling up without really playing the game. This stagnant style of play is something we want to eliminate, but we also want to address the reasons behind why Draco has become such an important part of getting new equipment. We’re looking at revamping the relationship between weapons and player experience, where future changes can mean that a new gun or sword will immediately be leveled up to match your Mastery Rank. As a result, some of that painful early-level gameplay will be eliminated and nodes can become places of interest instead of grinding zones. Mo’ Money Mo’ Boring The current end-game experience should offer more than just sorties. Many veterans have reached the ‘have everything’ level, so the motivation to continue playing is low beyond sign-in streaks and sorties. We are working on reversing this problem, because Mo’ Money should mean Mo’ To Do! Sounds of Silence Events are always one-time-use, custom-built and painful to execute which has reduced their frequency to new lows. These are crucial to keep spiking interest. We’re increasing the number of events to keep interest in the game and to add a sense of 'liveliness' in the world. Flies with Chopsticks *We are working towards bringing back the clan competition that has been limited to PVP Conclave. Currently, Conclave is fast-paced and cutthroat and we want to introduce systems that can appeal to more casual competition. Lunaro is a start. Additionally, we are looking into a change in Conclave hosting to eliminate game-ending host migration. Part of this effort may include rewarding players who have great internet connections and PCs to host PvP games in order to remove lag issues. Musty Smell *We have added an insane amount of content to Warframe in the past 3 years, but there is a large percentage of this content that has remained untouched since it was introduced. It is our goal to eliminate a lot of this stagnation, including enemy designs, the lack of tiering and challenge after mid-game, and quests. Sentients are one way we will introduce more difficulty to combat the ease in which veterans navigate end-game. Gangs of New ‘Yolk’ *Many of you on Twitter (and other social media) have brought up the increasing irrelevance of Clans, Alliances and Dojos. Work is being put into rekindling the competition between clans, including the dark sector, starting with the Rathuum event released last week. My comment Bonus: possible new points to the next Bourbon list
  5. TonnoTuna

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    Steve's Bourbon List of Devstream #73 will do the 2nd anniversary in 3 days. How do you think you're doing regarding those points?
  6. TonnoTuna

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    Oh, finally no more 3 sec delay on Radial Blind! Elite mode limits Ability use... I suppose it's meming time.
  7. I don't need other tests because it's already clear that it works exactly like other channellings, the Ability is based on the Ability Strength available at the activation, changing form essentially makes nothing regarding Mend & Maim. Provoke buffs Mend because it first buffs Maim, and no, for the above reason (which should also explain your above questions) it doesn't stack for every Provoke instance before returning to the Night form (or you would be able to reach infinite Ability Strength).
  8. All my points are confirmed, in other words, the ability is based on the Ability Strength at the moment of the cast, so it's pretty much like a normal channelling (proofs in the spoiler) That can be said of almost every augment, with just few exception.
  9. If you read the note in the source code, you can also see that's just a supposition, but I think it's pretty stupid that you lose Ability Strength just because you've switched form, also because it doesn't happens similar cases such as Channelling with Growing Power/Warframe Corruption buff; the channelling will take the Ability Strength you had at the moment of the execution of the ability, it doesn't matter if meanwhile you'll lose the buff. Give me some time and I'll verify
  10. TonnoTuna

    Combo stats in-game

    You probably already know that Combos aren't all the same, not only because of the performed maneuvers, but also for damage per hit, hit per input, forced procs and other things. The problem is that these information are nowhere to be found ingame, and the "Combo" section only tells you how to perform a certain combo. As of now, all the stats related to combos in the Wiki are all tested against a Nullifier's shield (which is an object so it doesn't suffer crits) and for this reason exposed to errors. Moreover, some of the variables are not even available ingame, such as Ragdoll "proc" icon, so I had to create exclusive icons just for that, even if it costs misunderstanding for people unfamiliar with those fan-made icons (who can't read the legend). UI update is coming soon, and even if I don't like condensed fonts (luckily the screenshot shown are just mockups), I do hope to see changes regarding combos, so that players do not need to open the Wiki to know what a combo does and the Wiki can have a style coordinated to the game.
  11. TonnoTuna

    Azima Secondary Rework Idea

    Azima is fine as it is, a small and unique niche. Have you ever tried using it with P. Ammo Mutation, Pistol Scavenger and Ammo Case? You can spam disks at will and makes it a good CC weapon if modded properly. While it's true that most of the times you won't hit anything, I think it's fine, you can eventually increase the fire rate so you have a higher bullet density per angle at the expence of disk lifespan.
  12. No, he means Mirage, and he's actually suggesting to make her pretty similar to Equinox. While I can agree that lightinings are pretty buggy so it's hard to understand if you're on the light or in the shadows, the true problem lies on the fact that the bonus shown in the HUD is just the maximum value, this tends to varies depending on the light intensity.
  13. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    Maybe you should make clearer the last point, I think that's not the first time someone question it. Why not put both? I don't know how to call the "at least 1 proc per burst" but surely players are more familiar with the Arsenal stats.
  14. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    A lot. You've already mentioned some of the reasons, but I can mention some more. For example, who grants me that you gave the inputs at the right time? With a Macro you can probably do frame-perfect attacks, but then the problem is that it's really hard for a human to be frame-perfect consistenly. I suggest you to see attack speed not as N attacks per second, but as N% animation speed, this solve many troubles.