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  1. TonnoTuna

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Yay nice, the only thing I feel missing are the stats for combos in-game. As of now the ingame screen only shows input, hiding the effective potential of a combo behind test or more commonly the Wiki. But combos are much more of that: multiple hits in one input, hits with different damage multipliers, forced procs, knockback, knockdown, ragdoll and finisher opening. Maybe even more than that!
  2. TonnoTuna

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    Steve's Bourbon List of Devstream #73 will do the 2nd anniversary in 3 days. How do you think you're doing regarding those points?
  3. TonnoTuna

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    Oh, finally no more 3 sec delay on Radial Blind! Elite mode limits Ability use... I suppose it's meming time.
  4. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    Maybe you should make clearer the last point, I think that's not the first time someone question it. Why not put both? I don't know how to call the "at least 1 proc per burst" but surely players are more familiar with the Arsenal stats.
  5. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    A lot. You've already mentioned some of the reasons, but I can mention some more. For example, who grants me that you gave the inputs at the right time? With a Macro you can probably do frame-perfect attacks, but then the problem is that it's really hard for a human to be frame-perfect consistenly. I suggest you to see attack speed not as N attacks per second, but as N% animation speed, this solve many troubles.
  6. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    You have to fix Multishot on Continuous :) Continuous Weapons don't get additional status chance from Multishot; only the main beam(s) can proc, the others just increase the overall damage.
  7. TonnoTuna

    Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    During Devstream #73 almost 2 years ago, Steve has mentioned his Bourbon List with pretty interesting improvements. Do you think you're doing well according to this list?
  8. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    I'm not good with programming but I think there're tools that allows you to get data from a spreadsheet, so you can share this spreadsheet to people who surely won't vandalize it and from there automatically update your code (or maybe I'm just too dumb for understand such things). Eventually, you can always use spreadsheets to receive data about changes in a cleaner way than forums.
  9. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    Have you ever tried a shared Google Spreadsheet/Docs?
  10. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    The problem is the fact that the editor who added this sentence has just say that it works in this way, without actual proof. Seems I'll find a way to test it by myself... For continuous weapon changes, refer to: Personally, I don't use your tool much, I prefer doing tests in Simulacrum instead of refer to a hippy DPS that means all and nothing. But I think that now people also want to add Arcanes in their loadouts, if you ever manage to add them, at this wiki link you can find the full list.
  11. TonnoTuna

    This year so far...

    Personally, I think that all these reworks can safely replace the release of new equipments. Keep up the good work!
  12. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    Proofs? I don't know if you're the one who commented on the pages, but just stating a difference on numbers doesn't automatically mean that the data is valid.
  13. FINALLY! I just have a doubt: what Fire Rate stands for?
  14. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Builder

    There's a high chance you have to revisit some values then, the Wiki is still being updated. I don't know what you don't get of Drakgoon and Scourge, so I'll try to explain: Drakgoon has more uncharged damage, projectile speed and reduced charge time, projectile lifespan and charged damage. Effectively the fact that the status chance increase is listed with (charged) creates confusion. I think verify uncharged status chance is not an easy task. Scourge's change is probably related to a number that the arsenal doesn't show, or it's hidden somewhere, like Penta having Impact and Blast damage, but Impact is only the direct hit while Blast is only the explosion. These pages are still under mainentance, but I'll post the abilities that had the biggest changes: Tail Wind a new version of Tail Wind that also has a version of Dive Bomb Airburst the new ability that replaces Dive Bomb Resonating Quake No more stacks, but the description is very criptic Counter Pulse That has replaced Shield Transference Target Fixation That has replaced (?) Divebomb Vortex Petrify Is no longer a channelling and its maximization is pretty simplier World On Fire has burnt many hearts If you come with any news related to the Ability Maximization you can contact me, so I can properly update the Wiki :)
  15. No revisitation of secondaries ammo economy? As I see now, repeaters are generally suffering, making Ammo Mutation almost mandatory, probably with this change Vipers will be fine, but what about others? In my personal opinion Dual Cestras will suffer from the increased magazine size, now they only have 3 magazines + 20 projectiles. On the other hand, it's almost impossible to consume all your ammos with semi-automatic pistols such as Vasto and Magnus I can't wait to see what you're planning for continuous and to short range melees. it's clear that at the moment there's no true advantage to use them over long range melee, weapons like Galatine Prime and Atterax already have everything.