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  1. personally, I think it is. Maybe the game has changed too much, maybe in years has changed nothing at all. I think that "absolutely trash" is still a strong statement, mostly said by people to impress other people. From my personal experience, before playing Warframe I used to play Spiral Knights a lot (according to steam I have 1500+ hours), but in the last two years of playing it I realized that the game has never changed, nothing really happened, no patch has really added anything, I was keep playing just because I love grinding. I would never call it "trash" also because I still remember the fun I had with it, the playerbase which was really friendly, the various strategies I learnt, but the fact that has never changed, and other bad shoots from the developers (e.g. the updates were and are only new lootboxes which bring always the same cosmetics just with a different color palette) only remind me of the sadness I had while playing hoping for something really new. Maybe someone in my place would call it trash just for that, I prefer to just say it's a bad game until the developers prove that they can do actual updates.
  2. TonnoTuna

    Warframe Encyclopedia (?)

    Physical copy are as useful as FANDOM sponsored videos in the Wiki. Except the fact that they may be done from people that knows nothing of Warframe (which has happened with previous featured videos) They are bound to be obsolete in a patch or two. And I don't think a digital copy would work because, as said before, it would require lots of maintenance, which is already a luck having it in the Wiki.
  3. TonnoTuna

    Kronen Prime Range is BAD

    You're using just the first attack of Sovereign Outcast, maybe it's not bad the range of Kronen Prime as it is bugged the first attack of that stance. The enemy does no react when you attack, except at when you do the second attack at 1.08 which is clearly hitting, if you pay attention, the enemy also moves a bit. After verifying it with other Tonfas, you should report it as a bug.
  4. TonnoTuna

    Magnum Force vs Augur Pact

    True, but you should have appealing alternatives, so that not everyone goes around with Loki on spies and Nidus with either Ignis Wraith or Tigris Prime on sorties. I was late, sure, but this discussion is 3 months old.
  5. Done little research, it was changed 4 days ago In other words you're right, but I also wonder why the discussion creator said it was 25% almost 1 day ago... It's also true that the sentence that refers to Iron Staff has omitted "in-game". Probably he remembered like you the previous stat and then he saw the changes in the Wiki.
  6. That's not quite accurate, DE only does occasional edits, (like today Drew), the wiki is hosted by FANDOM (the one that puts ads and autoplay videos on article pages). Admins and Mods are just users like us, and with exceptions, they don't have particular contact with DE. But to be more accurate, the Wiki is mainly made by every contributors that edit the articles within. Without them the Wiki couldn't exists 🙂
  7. Drew saved the day Other pages related to these exalted weapons are accurate, where have you read that Iron Staff has 25% status chance? Not necessarily, some stat are tested in-game (such as stance statistics). Can't say for sure regarding exalted weapons because I don't remember ever seeing stats of exalted weapons.
  8. Not sure if you're supposed to equip Umbral mods on non-umbra equip (haven't heard official position), but supposing you can do that, the Umbra polarity tab is missing from every non-Umbra equip when you're modding. Also, some button icons are missing while playing with the Steam Controller (in the screenshot, Mod has just a white square which should correspond to X )
  9. TonnoTuna

    Magnum Force vs Augur Pact

    I haven't verified Continuos weapons with cone AoE (AKA Ignis and Embolist) after their rework, but I'm a bit skeptical about the "wider" spread. All continuous now have pinpoint accuracy, that cannot be modified through mods. Supposing that accuracy still affects Ignis and Embolist, then the question would be if it really makes the cone larger or it simply make shift the bisector.
  10. TonnoTuna

    Ask Me [Almost] Anything

    Can Charm apply the same unstackable bonus (e.g. insta shield replish after hit) twice or more or the game prevents such cases? Can you get insta-reload buff without primaries and secondaries equipped and insta shield replish with Inaros or Nidus? If not, does the chance of getting the other buffs increases or the chance/time of Charm varies for every missing possible buff?
  11. TonnoTuna

    Please stop staying afk on elite onslaught.

    I've already reported a lot of users for being AFK. The support usually asks for the End of Mission reward screen, then for being sure that the report is successful I also add additional infos like genre of mission, local time when it started and ended, party components, and a screen where the user idled.
  12. Bestie del Santuario: Hotfix 22.20.9 Cambiamenti: Raddoppiato l'ammontare di slot "Configurazione" che puoi comprare con Platinum (adesso massimo 20!) Nel tentativo di rendere le Fratture Scavo più interessanti, è stato aumentato il rateo di generazione dei nemici nelle Fratture Void in base al numero di Scavatori attivi! Si può accedere alla Chat Reclutamento dal Dojo! Il logout forzato a 15 minuti dopo un aggiornamento è stato cambiato in modo tale da riportarti al launcher. Idealmente questo significa che quando tornerai al PC l'aggiornamento sarà già stato scaricato! Launcher verificherà la presenza di aggiornamenti ogni 30 minuti, di nuovo: se vuoi andare a letto prima di un grosso aggiornamento ora potrai scaricarlo mentre farai sonni tranquilli! Reso il launcher sensibile ai display con DPI alti in modo da migliorare la leggibilità del font e la fluidità dello scorrimento. Il danno base del proiettile Antimatter Drop di Nova ora è segnato nella schermata della abilità come affetto da Potenza Abilità e il moltiplicatore danno adesso appare come 8x non modificabile. Questa è puramente una modifica dell'interfaccia, che corrisponde al funzionamento di Antimatter Drop fin dal suo rilascio. Correzioni: Corretto un blocco nella progressione ne La Guerra Interna dove l'Operatore perdeva le sue abilità Void. Corretto il contatore dell'Efficienza della Carneficina non contava correttamente dopo una migrazione dell'Host. Corretto l'Operatore veniva "messo dentro" dal tuo Warframe durante una cinematica del Secondo Sogno. Corretto il menù della Dotazione si sovrapponeva a quello di pausa. Corretto un errore di script quando un compagno di squadra lasciava mentre si transitava fra missione e Orbiter. Bestie del Santuario: Hotfix Cambiamenti: Ottimizzato il codice dell'interfaccia utente. Questo corregge problemi causati giocando con VSync disabilitato ed accedendo a gruppi con una connessione scarsa. Corretti alcuni report automatici per le prestazioni che venivano inviati a ripetizione causando crash. Correzioni: Corretto l'auto rilevamento regionale. Corretti gli Spettri con alcune armi a proiettile (Supra e Paracyst in particolare) che curvavano attorno ai bersagli. Corretto un errore della telecamera nel Tileset Cattura Foresta Grineer. Corretti errori di script causati da numerose abilità Warframe. Bestie del Santuario: Hotfix Corretti alcuni timer che risultavano scalare 1 secondo per frame.
  13. TonnoTuna

    Stug: Why Is It Full- Auto?

    Because the charge mechanic (that originally used to be the only firing mechanic) is pretty useless, especially if you have Multishot: one of the downside of Stug is the fact that you can't stack more than 6 projectiles on a single blob. While aestetically it appears larger, the damage is the same as a 6-projectiles blob.
  14. TonnoTuna

    Ask Me [Almost] Anything

    Is Gara Shattered Lash's sweep arc affected by ability range mods? If yes, how? Does it also take melee range mods into account? Where precisely the Ability starts?
  15. TonnoTuna

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Yay nice, the only thing I feel missing are the stats for combos in-game. As of now the ingame screen only shows input, hiding the effective potential of a combo behind test or more commonly the Wiki. But combos are much more of that: multiple hits in one input, hits with different damage multipliers, forced procs, knockback, knockdown, ragdoll and finisher opening. Maybe even more than that!