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  1. I don't need other tests because it's already clear that it works exactly like other channellings, the Ability is based on the Ability Strength available at the activation, changing form essentially makes nothing regarding Mend & Maim. Provoke buffs Mend because it first buffs Maim, and no, for the above reason (which should also explain your above questions) it doesn't stack for every Provoke instance before returning to the Night form (or you would be able to reach infinite Ability Strength).
  2. All my points are confirmed, in other words, the ability is based on the Ability Strength at the moment of the cast, so it's pretty much like a normal channelling (proofs in the spoiler) That can be said of almost every augment, with just few exception.
  3. If you read the note in the source code, you can also see that's just a supposition, but I think it's pretty stupid that you lose Ability Strength just because you've switched form, also because it doesn't happens similar cases such as Channelling with Growing Power/Warframe Corruption buff; the channelling will take the Ability Strength you had at the moment of the execution of the ability, it doesn't matter if meanwhile you'll lose the buff. Give me some time and I'll verify
  4. L'Inno di Octavia: Aggiornamento 20.3.0 CYCRON Rinuncia alle munizioni con il rigenerante disco d'energia di questa pistola spara plasma. *Ottieni adesso il Cycron comprandolo dal Mercato o come ricerca del Laboratorio Corpus nel Dojo! LUCRA SYANDANA Ostenta ricchezza e prosperità con un flusso costante di dati finanziari. Revisione Oberon: Oberon entra a far parte dei molti Warframe che hanno ricevuto una rivisitazione delle abilità! La prospettiva è di dare alle sue abilità sinergia fra di loro, e
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