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  1. i was farming kubrow eggs and hatching them. I had mastered all kubrows except huras, the stealthy ones. And after maybe 10 or so eggs i finally hatched a Huras kubrow. At first he looked a lil ugly, then i noticed, to my surprise, he had forest camo fur colors(brown, green, and gray which ruined it a lil but still looked nice) so i went ahead and pet him, and behold, this dude also has a lotus pattern. So in conclusion i have a stealthy kubrow with forest camo fur color and a lotus sigil on his forehead. I am giving away 1 imprint to random alliance member who was looking to buy simple huras imprint cuz it was only one he needed. Spread the love, Tenno!
  2. i only have the default archgun lv28 with no mods lol
  3. i mean if you could read the part where i wrote that lenz is too slow for my liking and needs alot of forma to fully build. I agree its fun and i liked it but its just so damm slow, maybe if i get crit and firerate riven it could be awesome. Ill try out corint and staticor, but from what ive seen on YT i doubt it will be for me
  4. i used Hek alot, and then i upgraded to arca plasmor. idk why, but atleast these 2 shotguns are not really for me. I seem to like eexplosivee weapons like launchers but the self damage is killing me, literaly lol
  5. Hey, what are some sun primary weapons to use? Something like shoot and forget, one shot one kill or just satisfying primary weapons to use? Lenz is interesting but slow firerate is the drawback for me, also the fact that you need alot of forma to make it viable for faster killing. I have 6 forma braton prime that i enjoy a lot atm with crit-viral and slash build(i use frame with 100% armor strip) but it still makes me stand in one place for a while if i want to kill higher lvl enemies and that sometimes kills me. I tried zarr but once i put in 4 forma im affraid to use it because of self damage oneshot, i even found a riven for it but i wont be using it anytime soon lol. Torid is a nice substitute for zarr but its not satisfying to use... just pufff pufff puff reload puff puff.... Im not really a fan of bows because my aim is not as good in fast paced combat on ps4. so with that out of the way, any suggestions? oh and im mr14 so i can do any weapon and if there are any pistols that could be what im looking for please do tell.
  6. wait so what is the name of the sentient leader? hunhow? i mixed those up it seems. so the orokin sent sentients to Tau to find resources or did they have other plans?
  7. Just so i have it clear 1 orokin experiment with golems 2 orokin create sentients 3 tenno happen 4 oronik get attack by sentients? 5 warframes are sent to kill sentients? i bet its a lil more complex than this but i want to get the timeline straight
  8. from what i understanf those machines were infused with the infected and that made them into the warframes who can channel power of the tenno, So is it really fair to call them just machines? at the very least they are androids or cyborgs
  9. yes but my main point was that there is a non 0 chance that someone will make a warframe of their own, or be able to steal a warframe or the worst casse sever the link forever. That way they might become almost as strong as gods. Btw anyone else see the irony of orokin creeating sentients who end up being these almost god like creatures and wiping them out? And the tenno+warframes are almost the only ones who can stop them, so imagine if the link was severed forever.
  10. and i belive the warframes were created before the tenno too, the tenno just were compatable with warframes and became 'pilots' the sacrifice quest explored that a bit
  11. i did them all already, but maybe its time to replay them
  12. ok now im actually interested in this. What is that code, the implants on the faces, who put them there and why? do they help with the transference? When were they implanted?
  13. you just said what i was about to say about stalker lol. So from what we see, there is a theory that someone can sever the link between operator and the warframe, and since the corpus can already disable warframe powers and they are experimenting with sentients in Orb Vallis i think they might be close to doing that, then probably selling the technology to highest bidder, or even worse, creating warframes for themselves, they are already starting with those robot-sentients and S#&$.
  14. so who is supposed to see that? and the suspicion is tracking? could it be that the stalker is the one tracking us with the help of the sentients? S#&$ its 4am and im deep in this S#&$ trying to unravel, and for some reason i think my tired brain is mixing up the quests
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