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  1. Operator, What does one get when they hybridize a Cephalpod and a Condroc? ***AN ABOMINATION....***- A Tennobaum's feast with drumsticks for everyone!
  2. Passive- Violent Deconstruction: the more damage the frame takes, the more pieces are torn from it, lowering enemy accuracy by up to (30%?) (low health = pieces being broken from the frame/ a more torn up look+ less incoming damage) as the frame heals, new parts are formed out of void wire twisting into shapes and hardening 1- Livewire: Enemies that come within 3-5 meters recieve a random status effect as a tendril reaches out to slap them (lower range for channeled ability or higher range for single cast) 2-Improvement: mark one enemy and attempt to kill them within a small duration to recieve a buff buff will depend on the enemy type and the frame will 'steal' a piece of the dead enemy to wear until it is depleted and the piece breaks or is otherwise removed from the frame -grineer will grant armor, while letting the frame wear a grineer chestpiece (shatter effect when depleted) -corpus will grant a small shield charger that sits on the lower back and breaks upon refilling the shield to a cap (small explosion when depleted) -infested will grant improved melee attacks and cover the frame's wires in infested growths like nidus' mutation (shrivels and disappears) -sentient will grant an immunity to eximus auras and nullfiers and strap a smaller version of a symbolist shield on a forearm (snaps in half) -wildlife will just heal by a static amount (15-25%?), maybe cover the frame in loose feathers or fur (small cloud of feathers or fur) 3- Anomalous source: A wave of volatile energy rips outward from the warframe, engulfing the area with strange and contradictory effects Up to 5 effects of any single-target warframe abilities are applied to any enemy in radius. I.E. 5 random single-target warframe abilities such as volt's shock, equinox's rest, frost's freeze, ember's fireball, limbo's banish can be applied to any enemy in range 4- Freakish Friends: a memory from a past life...is somewhat marred by time Summon up to 3 abominations (kubrow/kavat hybrids) to your side. They have a shared health pool that splits as more are summoned (I.E. 1 will get 1000 health, 2 will get 500, 3 will get 333, scales with duration), and each have a random kubrow or kavat ability (no duplicate abilities and they cannot be healed) (they have an amusing despawn animation, such as a stickynote hybrid turning into a cloud of paper/confetti, a kavat with wierd legs curling up into itself, etc.) let me know how you think of these, i wasn't considering so much a specific playstyle as just things that seemed like they would fit together only on this one guy. I hope the hybrid idea goes over well, at the very least
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