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  1. Might have been brought up before, but it'd be nice little change if the tactical map, along with teleport/warp points, could be static and/or more centered in the screen. At certain locations within the Railjack (namely along one side of the forge) the other toolbars and such obstruct clicking on certain warp points, as illustrated in this screenshot:
  2. As it says in the title, just seems a little odd that an Excavation with level 6 enemies will reward the same amount of cryotic per successful excavation as say, a Steel Path excavation on Pluto with level 135-145 foes. Obviously there's a number of items that require rather large amounts of this resource (looking at you, Sibear) and I think it'd be a nice incentive for players with a more poky arsenal to be able to run those higher level excavations for faster acquisition of the icy stuff. I get the higher tier excavation missions have nicer rewards in their drop tables, but honestl
  3. Ooh toxic. Instead of spewing crap like that why not tell me why I shouldn't be using those mods in tandem? Actually if this post is anything to go by I probably don't want to hear anything you have to say either :)
  4. Ah, thank you! Errr so I just discovered Proboscis Cernos for pulling stuff together and hitting viral proc before Dread Heart... I think this will do nicely...
  5. Yeah I guess it's a nice "primer" for the team's weapons and abilities. I had been experimenting with Gaze primary, Ogris and Tonkor (Kuva variants), the latter seems to perform the most satisfyingly in combo with Seeking Talons. I heard some folk mention Magus Anomaly for bringing things in to Dread Heart range, but spamming Transference sounds like pain in the rear and I've had my fill of grinding toroids. Also lol'd at the range mods part, yes you're quite right 😂 I guess I'll have a play around, synth was just a placeholder I think. Which ability is subsumed from Wisp?
  6. Howdy Tenno! Bored with most other frames right now so I'm giving Garuda another try. Digging her passive, running around with 2HP trying to stay alive and dish out tasty damage with her Talons is a lotta fun (especially now Blood Rush + Weeping Wounds function with them). Kinda confused about her fourth ability though. It forces slash procs from any subsequent damage source right? But uh when is this useful exactly? Am I missing something? With a maxed combo counter and 100% damage boost from Death's Gate I find her claws just shred through things (currently using her for solo Steel
  7. Welcome back! I came back last summer after maybe five years' absence, so I definitely feel you! In terms of mission theaters the open worlds are probably the biggest change. I'd suggest tackling one (Fortuna, Plains of Eidolon or Deimos) at a time as there is a lot to take in, many new resources, modular weapons, bosses, and quests. It's worth checking out the changes to status effects. They got overhauled in my absence. Obviously there's a truckload of new frames, weapons and companions too. I'd suggest flicking through and finding maybe a handful you like the look of, and foc
  8. Shout out to my gal Garuda who can turn the whole team's weapons and abilities in to slash proc monsters
  9. The Lenz is good fun and something a bit different, but as others have shared, it's just inferior to the Bramma. Not that I'm saying don't use it, I'd take the Lenz out of personal preference.
  10. It's a good spot to check info for sure. I do yeah, just got your friend add, I gotta go out for a bit but I'll be online later :D No worries, UK time here!
  11. Hi, and welcome back! I came back to the game this year after about the same amount of time away :) There is an awful lot to take in. A lot of mechanics have changed. As others have said, I'd recommend taking on one new thing at a time, lest one suffers information overload and/or burnout. Might be worth checking the wiki to see how damage and status effects have changed too, that was a biggie for me. Oh and yeah no more void keys, it's all in relic form now! Hit me up in-game if you need any assistance.
  12. The thing I find with Warframe is that it breeds an attitude of instant gratification. Nuking hordes of enemies in the blink of an eye and obtaining abilities and mods that just flat-out make the player stronger without any penalty is the standard to which we all become accustomed. For me, some difficulty lies in learning new mechanics and strategies in niche game modes like Tridolon hunts, but that falls more in to the category of knowledge of game mechanics, which is necessary to progress through a game of any sort. I would say that Warframe is quite shallow, but I do not say it as
  13. I understand that giving every new weapon the lowest riven disposition is so that, on the next pass, it doesn't have anywhere to go but up, unless the weapon is already particularly powerful in its riven-less state. Even then its dispo remains the same. No nerf = no QQ community. Now, as to why trade chat is flooded with people wanting to buy rivens for weapons that are already immensely strong (looking at you Kuva Bramma/Nukor) and willing to pay through the nose for them... go figure. Rolling and selling rivens is such a fustercluck, 90% of the time I just pretend it isn't a thing.
  14. There's a couple clues in Episode 5 that can be hard to spot. Namely a pair of cuffs/shackles that'll be hanging from something (as opposed to on the floor), and a ceremonial weapon on one of the plinths in the center of the room, next to one of the benches.
  15. Depending on what abilities your lich spawns with, they do have the potential to smash defense targets with alarming speed! I've not had much luck in recruiting for murmurs lately either. If you need an extra Tenno to shoot more Grineer in the face give me a holla! It's dark, raining and blowing a gale where I am so I'll likely be online a fair bit today :D
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