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  1. I'm curious as to your thinking here. The Adarza and Smeeta kavats provide a stupendously larger gameplay impact than sentinels, yet they have potentially infinite revives as long as the player gets there in time when they're downed (not at all a challenge with mods like Medi-Pet Kit and Loyal Companion). Sentinels deserve a much heavier time penalty with a resource-intensive consumable, because...?
  2. Honestly just mod for viral, slash and heat, some toxin vs Corpus, and hard mode suddenly becomes normal mode. I quite enjoy it as a game mode, though still receiving things like Hornet Strike and bundles of 200 endo from Steel Path rotations is quite lame. Give us a chance for some radiant relics or something?
  3. I was never a fan of the Helminth system from its inception. It seems like a band-aid so abilities that haven't aged well and are in need of revision can simply be replaced with an ability from a different frame. Case in point, unless you use its augment, Ash's Shuriken is outdated and useless, but that's okay because you can put Banshee's Savage Silence in its place and enjoy pretty numbers on Bladestorm, and hey presto we all forget that Shuriken is outdated and useless. Thanks for everyone who dropped a message, glad I'm not the only Tenno left scratching my head over this one.
  4. I usually title my feedback with a little more of a positive angle on it, but besides being in an Exilus polarity I can't think of a single saving grace of this new augment for Protea. The playerbase has been asking for a universal means of keeping sentinel companions alive for quite some time, and it's been a topic of increasing discussion forum-side. There's been a lot of great suggestions, the most obvious and practical of which would be to give sentinels access to the "Link" mods literally every other companion in the game can use. Tying the ability to regain our Guardian, Vacuum
  5. Thank you for the fixes, optimizations and tasty new Tennogen items! Any word on the ongoing visual bug for the Sepfahn zaw holster? Instances and details are documented at length here:
  6. Thank you for the ongoing bug fixes. Any update on the odd placement of holsters on the one-handed Sepfahn zaw? It's an ongoing and often-reported issue, as this bug report thread will attest:
  7. Still going, this is Sepfahn with Nikana Tekelu skin:
  8. 14 forma investment is heavy. Pros: Love his aesthetic, the Shadow in particular is great fun to play Exalted weapon stance is far more usable than some others I'd care to mention (looking at you, Valkyr). Gloom is great Claw damage scales well in to higher content Cons: Umbral mods are practically a necessity Base energy seems quite measly, as does sprint speed The scaling AoE from Sow + Reap sounds nice on paper, but blast damage is awful vs most things and loses effectiveness very fast Consume... it's awkward to use, easy to miss, and
  9. Free bump for this beautiful post
  10. As someone with over 2000 hours in-game and Hildryn in top five most-played frames, I still do not tire of her dodge. *PHWAMPH!*
  11. Needs to happen. The whole premise of Grendel is being able swallow entire hordes of foes and for his appetite to be insatiable, not to spit them out five seconds later when he runs out of energy. Nice to see more threads about this popping up, hopefully the developers will take notice.
  12. That answers my long-standing question surrounding the profile of Catalyze probes. I've been trying to test their vertical profiles standing on slopes, underneath platforms... I know that after a certain height the ability just seems to miss enemies altogether. Having them as oval hitboxes does seem somewhat unecessary considering it's not exactly a spammable ability in most scenarios, and requires a lot of priming from a Cedo or Kuva Nukor to actually do decent damage. Overall a neat frame though.
  13. Overall the crew members work really well and it's a great addition to solo play. One thing I would say, is assigning a crew member specifically to Defender or Pilot role does not currently serve much purpose. On defending against boarders, the gunner(s) and engineer(s) already do a fine job of that. The pilot does not seem to aim toward any specific objective or, perhaps most importantly, pause so the player can aim the Forward Artillery. On that note, it'd be great if the assigned gunners could use FA! I'd also say it'd be nice if we could tweak our crew members' stat poi
  14. That damn Cephalon being affected by dialogue volume settings, or heck even giving him a mute button like Ordis, would be a good start. It's a couple hundred thousand credits for a full squad on Pluto and Veil Proxima I believe. I don't pay too close attention TBH, but running for Sevagoth this weekend with the credit booster has netted me about 10 million credits.
  15. I too am rather confused by this needless change to dome charges. What was wrong with everyone starting the mission with five? Being able to increase the pool mid-mission is great and all, but just as you say, we actually need the crafting materials for them to drop in all the missions.
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