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  1. DE’s logic for not announcing that the disposition changes were coming was to avoid scams as only certain people would be aware. This same logic can be used against people’s claims that dispositions were ‘always meant to change’. Which was a claim on a forum post in late 2016. So to be aware that dispositions were indeed ‘always meant to change’, people have to do that which DE seems to think is hard, be active on the forums since late 2016. 

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  2. Everything in life gets repetitive after a while, saying that warframe gets boring because it's the same old thing over and over again, is the same with every game. The statement makes no valuable sense. For example, playing a sport over and over again, learning the same drills over and over again. It all gets repetitive, but not boring. Why is it all right for everything else in life to get repetitive, but not warframe?

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