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  1. Mastery test,
    they should be rewarding, and effect gameplay(focus points maybe )

    As you can see now, the only difference between MR 8 and MR 17 player is they get to deploy one more extractor and load out slots, for going all the trouble of making, maxing, grinding to get all weps /frames ingame, we get nothing , this should change, veteran players should have extra perks for going all the trouble and thousand hours of gameplay

    Daily rewards,
    Daily rewards are utter bs now, they should not duplicate and they should scale with MR, I mean who the hell at  MR 16,17 need banshee, glaive, etc crap blueprints , the 10k credits and exp rewards, they should be revamped and should scale with MR

  2. Supra needs a buff, and it would nice to tweak drop rates of mods like, higher the level of enemies, higher the chance to drop a rare mod , it would make sense , personally whacked like 999999 bombards till now, never got a crimson out of them, this pure rng system is kinda $&*&*#(%&

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