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  1. Ofcourse DE is not responsible for the platinum price players put on rivens, But how these rivens affect the weapons makes it so enticing for players to pay the price. DE has to realize (and I'm sure they do) that whatever they do with one aspect of the game will affect other aspects.The responsibility i believe should be shared between the players and DE. They've done as much if you remember that time someone spent 200$? to roll for something about a kubrow and DE stepped in to prevent this. Well the riven is technically another slot machine where you can buy out the jackpot for a hefty price. The player should be responsible enough not to spend too much on the game (although they are free to do so) and DE should be responsible to not let the prices go out of control. What about people who put in the time to unveil a weapon riven they want and a roll they like for the weapon? Why does the META affect them. What if they just like the weapon that just so happens to be a META weapon. Theyre META/popular for a reason. I think its good that DE wants players to try the other weapons but the riven system and how it's buffed and nerfed kind of forces players to switch instead of gently nudging them to try. If they really want to promote the use of other weapons (non-META weapons) then do something with the weapons themselves. Change the stats(lazy fix but still effective), add mechanics (makes it interesting) , sometimes a cool looking skin (fashion frame is real) is even enough. The RIVEN could be the end game boost for players who have put in enough time in the game to be in end game (endurance runs, sorties, arbitration, eidolons).Kind of like the final oomph to get you and your weapons to another level. I really like the Arca Plasmor, a pump shotgun, railgun, no aim needed, aoe, punch through. So i got real happy when i got a riven for it. and even happier when i got a nice roll for it (its not godly but its nice +dmg +cc but - status duration). but now because its META, it got nerfed. its sill viable and i'll most likely move on and keep using the weapon cause there's nothing quite like it, but at the moment (at least), it feels like the time i put in was wasted.
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