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  1. I agree that is of course a challenge yes, just not the kind of challenge I would enjoy. I would much rather use my fav setups and so on on something just a tad bit harder compared to having to tone down my newly discovered build just to make it harder. I was more aming at stuff like hmmm, maybe give us more options to start missons on higher level from the start of the mission? Nightmare Sorties with a double downside maybe? Whatever, just more options to do more higher level stuffs would be nice. That way you can still get the big rewarding numbers but still have a challenge. As I find fine tuning builds and getting to that one build wich really suits me as to how I enjoy playing that frame / weapon very rewarding. But hey, that's just my opinion. Is something I would like to see more of instead of having to water down what took me some time to find just to have a challenge. To each their own, have fun Tenno 🙂
  2. I'm with claymence on this one. The game is very often "made easier" in many ways and I too struggle often to find a real decent challenge. Not sure if it's because people who have to play a mission more than a few times shout the loudest and get their way or that it is something else. If you keep adding mod slots it becomes way to easy to build whatever and eventually result in yet again lots of people using the same. Diversity is what I love in this game and the fact that you're forced sometimes to rethink your build and do things differently and thus creating a somewhat new playstyle for the same frame by sacrificing some mod you had in your build for that other one. Removing mods and equipping all dragon keys as you suggest to have a challenge is just a lame thought. Everytime a really tough something is added I'm very happy with it but also know that it won't remain so hard for long. Drop amounts get enhanced, damage of enemies gets debuffed and so on. I really applaud DE for making the changes to MR needed for lots of things and trying to make sure people start using the obscure things / playing the obscure missions as well. Things take a little more time now, enjoy the gameplay and not only the farm for new stuffs. Keep on rocking DE, doing a great job for all these years and I hope many more to come! Just give us oldies some more really hard and challenging (optional?) things to do!
  3. Clan name: Flatliners Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Clan architect: Onlythesoul Hello Fellow Tenno! Come and have a calming stroll through our Dojo. We like to keep it simple and serene at our home with colors and lighting being of importance in all the rooms. Huge thumbs up our main architect Onlythesoul who has been creating this safe haven for us over time and continues to add more wonders to look at. I myself have only helped with some of the coloring and lighting as well as the main layout. Also a big thanks to all people from the clan who have donated resources to keep his creative flow going. Not all the rooms are covered in this video since it was starting out to be a bit long, but it will give a good feel of what our Dojo is about. Hope you Tenno's enjoy it as much as us Flatliners! See you around!
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