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  1. My best guess is we are very similar in lore to the Proteans in Mass Effect 3 and Lotus is basically Vigil, the last remaining AI from our race. Cloning being involved would make a lot of sense, perhaps it's why we can have 250 embers, her memories transfer in the process.
  2. End game is just content that challenges the top percentage of the player base, and warframe definitely will need it. This doesn't have to be content inaccessible to newer players though, it can be done using scaling systems and adding different enemy spawns based on conclave rating or a difficulty selection pre-mission.
  3. So the dojo portion showed the old Orokin style, is this making a comeback and will it be available for the PS4?
  4. The main "skill" this game requires is teamwork and communication. Beyond that they would need to rework enemy AI or add enemies that create a new layer to the combat. Example: A corpus drone that provides the in area enemies with such a large shield buff that you must kill it to get to them, and has avoidance behavior to make taking it down somewhat difficult. Grineer using mines and capture nets to either force you to stay aware of your surroundings or struggle to free yourself from a slowing effect. Deployable enemy turrets or rocket pods dropped by engineer enemies. I could go on but
  5. Whenever you can't log in try a network test, it is almost always PSN even though they refuse to acknowledge it on their status page.
  6. Congrats everyone who participated it was a great event. -Reapers Regiment
  7. It worked for 20 waves of Sechura then stopped randomly. More testing on if Oberon is hurt vs full health needs to be done. IMO it should trigger regardless and halt the channel once all affected targets are at full health.
  8. Yeah it is happening on multiple tests. It randomly stops targeting teammates or sometimes won't from the very start of a mission. I'm still testing if it's determined by Oberon being at full health when it's cast or not. The skill also continues to channel long after full healing and the remove status proc is suppose to happen, you have to manually turn it off. It will also continue to channel for free if you are disrupted and your e-siphon will start restoring energy with it still active. Very buggy.
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