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  1. I finally got enough corrupted holokeys to buy a Tenet melee weapon, and now I have to ask : is there any reason why Ergo's merchandise tab takes a whooping 4 whole days to change? The last selection was not very good, but I was close to the weapon rotation, so I waited. The new rotation is absolutely atrotious, both in damage type and numbers... But that wouldn't be too bad I knew that tomorrow a new batch would be there, instead of 4 days of nothing and waiting. There's no intentive to get more keys if my reward is waiting.
  2. Thank you for giving buffs to Yareli, however there is still no synergy between her abilities. Giving her for sole scaling the number of enemies she catches in her 4 makes her a worst Grendel as a casterframe. Her CC is not good, and her passive doesn't go with the rest of her kit. What is she supposed to be in a team? And I need to point something out: Sea Snares: -Increase seek speed by about 60% and slightly increase bubble visibility to better register your casts. This serves NO purpose, as Sea Snares still seek enemies through walls but cannot pass walls without popping.
  3. The last mission with the Railjack to fight the sister is in y opinion WAY too long. The enemies there hit the Railjack hard, while silmutaneously dropping Mk1 parts. I kept hearing catastrophic failure, without being able to do a thing about it, fortunately my crew is not too bad. The sister I fought was level 2, I had some luck with the precepts. Nonetheless, playing a very tanky wukong, her dogs took 2 of my 3 revives, in a blinding storm of particles. Minor nitpick : once the sister is down, I had to wait like a minute before the exit showed up on the map. Lore nitpick : Shouldn't the sister be in a control room or something? I feel like I fought her in a random passageway.
  4. I'm going to Backside Skyrock my mouse an keyboard into the sun, the buttons shown do not do that move at all! Edit: Well, I was jocking, but indeed, those were the wrong buttons shown. My advice: check the wiki.
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