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  1. DFliyerz

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix

    Yeah, I'm not very good at Captura.
  2. DFliyerz

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    Why was the ping meter removed?
  3. DFliyerz

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    Well, remember when people were able to transmute for those unreleased mods? DE didn't remove those from players' inventories.
  4. DFliyerz

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    But my 1 mil credits I spent transmuting for that Rending Wind...
  5. DFliyerz

    Hotfix 18.10.5

    Oh wow, I wonder what it could be?
  6. DFliyerz

    Hotfix 18.5.3

    Aww, no Supra fix.
  7. DFliyerz

    Tactical Alerts Are Coming!

    Not a bug,you're just unlucky.
  8. DFliyerz

    Tactical Alerts Are Coming!

    PLEASE tell me that these aren't limited to just this weekend; I couldn't bear missing this because I'm away from my good computer.
  9. DFliyerz

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    Someone should make a full list of the found ones. EDIT: I'm an idiot, didn't look back at the first post.
  10. Torid really didn't need more reasons to be unused, Penta, Ogris, Castanas, and Angstrum didn't need such a huge ammo reduction. Goodnight Castanas, I'm afraid you'll be falling off of the best secondaries list, now only the Brakk, Despair, Marelok, and Lex Prime will be there.
  11. DFliyerz

    Hotfix 14.1.1

    Please, PLEASE do this.
  12. DFliyerz

    Hotfix 14.0.10

    Woah, why are the planets suddenly yellow-ish?