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  1. I feel that railjack missions in the veiled proxima when players don't have void hole and munitions vortex take too long ranging from 20 minutes or longer and when you do it's only 5 minutes mission. The difference between when you have them and when you don't is drastically different and make some of the other battle avionics could be looked at so they don't make these two feel like a must have avionic to speed up the mission time. I think that missions probably wouldn't take as long as they do if archwings didn't draw enemy agro away from the railjack and cause enemies to spawn further away. Unless there is a plan to introduce a new taunting battle/tactical avionic, it's more efficient for players to simply stay in the railjack and use the archwing slingshot to enter crewships instead of flying, so that enemy stay near the railjack. I think that enemies in general are fine for railjack missions because they aren't too easy to be killed in 1 shot by most weapons and we already have things that make killing them easier like void hole and munitions vortex. Initially when I started railjack, I felt that the mission rewards at the end aren't really worth the time it takes for one mission. 15 trachon in the veiled for a possibly 10-15 minute mission isn't a lot when destroying the 90 fighters give you way more trachon.
  2. Not sure if this was reported but when a teammate is inside a enemy crewship when the mission ends and they jump out of the mission and the host selects to dry dock, the player still on the crewship will cause the mission to enter the "infinite loading screen" because they weren't teleported back into the railjack.
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