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  1. For me, the key shown was incorrect: it's the same key that you use to shoot the ordnance from railjack (in my case, Mouse3), even tough it was shown as LAlt ============================== As for the quest, I thought it was visually great, but too short... and the part where we play with the new frame was a mess because we don't know what his abilities are, so it said "press 3" and it just emits some FX but I still have no clue what it does... The descriptions should be like "<Ability 2 name>: Press [2] to dash into the enemy, causing damage and effects X, Y and Z."
  2. TYPE: In-Game (UI) DESCRIPTION: Keybind shown for Tempestaari quest's ordnance is different from assigned REPRODUCTION: Change keybinds for ordnance from LAlt to something else, then play Tempestaari quest EXPECTED RESULT: Ask to press the current keybind to shoot the quest ordnance (in my case, MButton) OBSERVED RESULT: Asked to press LAlt, and then nothing happening when pressing it REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% as long as you changed keybinds
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Able to assign more crewmates to a role than intended if done fast enough, breaking their AI and locking seats (the verification if role is occupied is actually checking if there is a crew already in the seat the moment you try to assign instead of a crew assigned) VISUAL: 3 gunners: 3rd crew walks in circles/hugs the wall near forward artillery 3 pilots: one to the pilot seat, one to the gun, one walking in circles near the navigation console Broken AI after assigning all as gunner then all as pilot: The #1 pilot is in gunner seat, will
  4. TYPE: In-game (visual) DESCRIPTION: Crew heads vanish when they are in guns VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Assign a crew as Gunner and observe him. Don't know if this also happens with human players EXPECTED RESULT: No decapitation OBSERVED RESULT: Decapitation REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% when a crew is a gunner
  5. • Pilot - They just wander randomly instead of going to an objective. Suggestion: check below + They go towards you when you exit a ship with archwing so you can easily board the RJ • Engineer + They efficiently repair the ship within 30s of a hazard + They don't use revolite, so you're not surprised with a failed mission because he didn't have revolite to repair - They can't resupply forward artillery charges (and other resources). Suggestion: in the tactical menu, have an order for "FORGE X", where you can select what he will do in the forge • Gunner - Can't use Forward
  6. It can. Between the crewship and the shield there is a drone that can be shot down to disable the shields. To be able to shoot it, you need to get close to the crewship, circle around it and shoot the drone before it rotates towards you. Alternatively (probably a bug), you can just front-slam the shield with your RJ and shoot the drone: the gun will be able to shoot through the shield, destroying the drone (at least the Carcinnox and Glazio pilot guns can do this).
  7. TYPE: In-game (visual) DESCRIPTION: Nikana sheath is sometimes out of place VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Don't know what triggers it, but it is commonly happening after the update and switching weapons fix it. Don't know if it happens only with Wukong, Zaw Nikana and Gemini Ymir-Form Sheath Skin EXPECTED RESULT: The sheath should be in the regular place OBSERVED RESULT: Sheath floats in random places REPRODUCTION RATE: Commonly after last update. Don't know what triggers it.
  8. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: New Corpus Railjack Orphix missions don't allow you to solo extract while in a group VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Go to Orphix grounded extraction alone after killing the necessary ammount of Orphix EXPECTED RESULT: The extraction timer should have begun to allow you to solo exit, otherwise you're stuck while the rest of the group decides it's time to do a max ammount of Orphix kills. If impossible to make someone go back to archwing alone, make you leave the party and go back to your orbiter with a mission complete, or to your railjack. DO NOT M
  9. Only played a little of the new Venus mission so far, but from that I already understood that to fix players not wanting to do Railjack, the solution was to remove Railjack+Archwing from the equation. The Railjack is just an oversized landing craft that, instead of deploying us directly into a grounded mission, deploy us miles away and we need to drive it there, then jump into the archwing to fly another couple meters to the door, wasting time. When I saw that new missions were coming I was expecting actual Railjack/Archwing content like ship exterminate, ship defense... Not the grounded
  10. TYPE: In-game [Player harassment] DESCRIPTION: Possible Player harassment to the pilot. Players can deploy the Necramech on top of the RJ pilot, completely blocking his view. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Summon a Necramech on top of the pilot seat. EXPECTED RESULT: 1- The necramech would spawn some meters behind the pilot so they wouldn't have the camera blocked, or / 2 - "Invalid Spawn Location" message appears to whoever is trying to summon it there, or / 3 - The necramech (and possibly other summonables) would be invisible to the pilot within a radius. OBSERVED RE
  11. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Infinite loading warp from railjack after selecting a mission. Unable to select another mission in the panel because it's inactive. Unable to abort mission from the menu. Had to Alt+F4. Probably lost all mission rewards (no mission endscreen appeared) VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Try to run a mission after another mission in RJ. After the loading hangs in the warp (already a bug), try to exit the mission from the menu EXPECTED RESULT: The previous mission would show the rewards and the next mission would load properly. If by chance it fails to lo
  12. TYPE: In-Game (menu) DESCRIPTION: Crew attachment selection selects wrong item VISUAL: https://imgur.com/y1np1https://imgur.com/y1np1 REPRODUCTION: Choose Right Leg or Right Arms and hover over the last 2 items in the list EXPECTED RESULT: select the hovered item OBSERVED RESULT: the selection goes 2 items before, making it impossible to equip the last 2 items in the list (in this case, hovering the Saturn Six Plates selects the Eos Prime Spurs; and hovering the Vetala Ankle Plate selects the Prisma Daedalus Knee Plate; all the other items in t
  13. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Defense Missions in Venus and Pluto counted as failure when selecting extract in wave 5. In Venus lost the rewards. In Pluto got the rewards, but in both cases the node wasn't completed. Also, if you try to abort mission after returning to RJ, you get a screen saying that the mission can't be aborted because it has already ended. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: [SOLO] Go to Railjack Defense mission, extract at wave 5 (don't know if other numbers also happen, not going to say 10 waves to lose it). EXPECTED RESULT: return to railjack with mission succ
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