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  1. Already understood it all in the second Orphix from the first mission. Pretty easy. It was nice for a change of the usual playstyle, but it was bad because it's too slow compared to operators/warframes and has VERY reduced mobility. - It was a pain to reach the resonators in high areas, so you need to use the operator to get there. I equipped the +jump height to make me able to move at all. - Moving from one Orphix to another was slow because you run out of stamina halfway there, and need to walk like a tired turtle. Running shouldn't waste stamina and charging should consume much
  2. The problem was: Mother only had the 6 regular bounties after coming back from cambion drift. The old Iso Vault bounty was missing, only appearing again after going back to the orbiter and to Deimos again. The Iso Vault bounty should be there. it also only happened in that time, after that it was fine. (I know that in order to access T2, T3 and the new bounties you need to get them in the drift in a single session)
  3. • New Cleaning Bounty I had to repeatedly scream at the public squad to not kill the infested in the "throw the jar at them". I could only complete it after 8 throws, almost rage quitting the instance halfway through. You can argue that this is because people still don't know how the vault works, and it's ok to think so (even tough I figured it out in less than a minute), but it opens up a possibility of player griefing, where he kills nonstop, making the others unable to hit enemies with the substance. Possible solution: make enemies invulnerable outside of the range of the jar (like the
  4. It might be due to high demand at once... there are a lot of players currently playing due to yesterday's update, so they all went to claim when they saw the announcement box (just like I did). Just wait a couple minutes, restart and it will probably be in your inventory
  5. Suggestion: now that we have dedicated steel path daily missions, please update the navigation panel, moving both Steel Path dailies and Kuva Siphons from "alerts" tab to new dedicated tabs, like we have with invasions, syndicates and void fissures. Having 2 big blocks of missions in a single tab doesn't seem nice, and you have to scroll all the way down if you want to find the Siphons Suggestion 2: Like Kuva Siphons, make a new Steel Path mission that is refreshed weekly that spawns all the 6 acolytes at once, then the stalker itself after they're dead, for a total of 15 essences (6 acol
  6. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Mother Isolation Bounty missing after completing an Iso Vault and going back to town VISUAL: Didn't take screenshot REPRODUCTION: Did a Iso Vault bounty (only 1 vault open), returned to town and Mother only had the regular bounties but no Iso Vault bounty EXPECTED RESULT: Mother having at least 1 Iso Vault Bounty OBSERVED RESULT: Mother had no Iso Vault Bounty (only the 6 regular bointies) REPRODUCTION RATE: Only tried that once, don't know if general bug or instance
  7. TYPE: in-Game DESCRIPTION: Consecutive barters in Deimos don't update the availability (grayed out) if you don't have enough resources VISUAL: Didn't take screenshot REPRODUCTION: Barter something in one of Deimos NPCs. If there are more barters that you can use that item, but due to the first trade you don't have enough for the second one anymore, it will still be marked as "having enough resources (not grayed out)" EXPECTED RESULT: Check the available resources after each trade and grey-out the trades that can't be done anymore OBSERVED RESULT: The resource chec
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