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  1. Happened with me 3 times in a row. Gave up on the first 2 but completed the third one. Coincidence or not, this week I was playing SOLO and the HUD never dissappeared, but the 3 times it happened I was with public matchmaking but alone, and nobody would join the squad.
  2. The only things that bothered me were the 6M credits cost and the 15 argon. If the Railjack locks players from progressing in the questline, I see it as a bad decision because some resources requires only time to hoard without really much that you can do, so I can see players with the minimum MR for the quests struggling to finish the railjack. I'm MR24 and this is the first time i went past the 4M credits mark. Got 2 credit boosters from login rewards and farmed it in the index. Not really a complain, but this was my biggest credit grind so far. The problem about the Argon is that you need 15 AT ONCE. If it was spread like each part requiring 2 or 3, it would be much better than having to farm all of them at once. Pustrels were done in 1 and half runs in the first cave to the left of the gate easily. The Cubics and Carbides were easy enough to farm. I'm out of Orokin Cells like always, but I got quite a few of them while farming Carbides, so also no problem. Copernics I still need to farm, but if it goes like the pustrels, no problem. And the other resources I didn't even need to look at them because of 2000+ hours of playtime
  3. When you swap an equipped mod "X" with another mod and then search anything in the box, the unequipped mod "X" will vanish from both the search and the list of mods until you exit and reenter the upgrade window. It only happens with that exact mod X and all of its duplicates (the same mod type with different ranks still show up normal). If you repeat the process, both the first and the second unequipped mods will vanish, and so on...
  4. MR 24 test: you start with just the default Void Beam, buf if you die you respawn with your currently equipped Amp. Happened both in practice and qualify modes.
  5. - Some doors in Grineer tilesets during invasions are missing the outer border: - Some Orb Vallis Preservations don't show up the animal tracks neither the map area that we need to go - Some places in Orb Vallis lakes the water is dark blue where the Luminous Dye can't reveal the fish, like in this picture you can only see a tiny part of the fish that is outside it. Knowing that we can see them even behind terrain, this shouldn't block the Luminous Dye. - Throwing a Fishing Spear prevents player movement and actions for some seconds if you don't hit a fish (if you hit it works fine, probably the game is going into a state where it waits the minimum duration of the fish display animation to proceed). - Extraction waypoints sometimes appear directly at extraction, rather than guiding you room-to-room, making it difficult to find it. Found this in 3 Invasion missions in a row (same mission as above screenshot of the doors without border), don't know if mode-specific or tileset-specific. - Orb Vallis Animal Tracks were very difficult to see before, but the visual updates of the Old Blood made it almost impossible to see in some cases, as they are the same color of the ground and it's very bright. Needed to lower the brightness so much that the other missions were almost unplayable at those settings - Lighting in the Liset makes the Gauss card (and possibly others) completely white no matter where I put it. - Naramon's Power Spike almost never works in the Simulacrum. - Sometimes when quickly transferring into operator and using Void Dash the camera will fade black like when a warframe goes into forbidden places to be teleported back, then return to normal. - Fragon Brokk Hammer Skin still has "-10% Channelling efficiency" in its description. - Reposting Sarpa-related bugs: animation out of sync and disabling projectiles - https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1136758-pc-the-old-blood-bug-reporting/page/56/?tab=comments#comment-11149243
  6. Sarpa has problems with blending animations where it will render the weapon useless and cause some bugs, as seen in the video: First, if you stack enough attack speed and keep doing the regular combo, the bullets will keep shooting after you stop. Most likely because the animation is made for the redeemer and not the sarpa that needs extra time to shoot the projectiles in sequence rather than simultaneously, so the animation already finished but the weapon still has in its buffer that it needs to shoot X bullets because every attack increased the projectile buffer. Second, probably is some animation/state blending, caused by changing from attacking to crouch/sliding/jumping/falling in certain ocasions, as seen in 0:50, 1:36 and 1:54. This renders the weapon completely unusable, not shooting the bullets and even the melee and heavy attacks messed up, along with not being able to jump for ~4s after any attack and the combo counter not decaying. At first I thought it was exccessive attack speed, but then I didn't use Valkyr's buff and it remained, then i removed attack speed mods until i left it unmodded and it still bugged, but it was harder to replicate it slower. Fixes by resetting the state (changing loadout). This video takes Valkyr and Sarpa's attack speed buff to the extreme to make it shoot for 10 seconds after stopping:
  7. You can kill them without the Parazon and it still counts the Requiem Murmur
  8. 1) Naramon's Power Spike (Melee combo counter decays by 5 instead of resetting) stopped working when I was in the simulacrum and changed the focus school from naramon to zenurik, then back to naramon. Void Stalker (also in Naramon) was working, so Naramon was really active. Happened in every mission until I fixed it by disabled Power Spike, commited changes and re-enabled it again. 2) In Orb Vallis, when using a quick melee to destroy the plants inside the caves with the mining laser equipped, 2 out of 5 times I did it the warframe was stuck and couldn't move. Walking, rolling, attacking and jumping all played the animations but the frame was stuck in place. I was able to get out by going into Spoiler Mode and Void Dash out of there. Don't know if it was just a terrain glitch or if it has something to do with the new system that meleeing with a gear equipped will stay with the gear equipped. 3) Sometimes when there are multiple Floating UI Markers pointing to the same room, they will switch very fast the one that is on top of the other (like 20 times a second). I think it happened with me when there was a Thrall marker, a player waypoint and the green extraction marker.
  9. Like I said in the Feedback Thread, Fury is outperformed by everything else and should be changed to have a max drain of only 7 drain while keeping the 30% to be useable in more builds that don't have the 2 extra points. Fury: V Polarity - 9 drain - +30% attack speed Gladiator Vice: V Polarity - 9 drain - 30% attack speed + set bonus Quickening: V Polarity - 9 drain - +40% attack speed + 20% combo chance Berserker: V Polarity - 9 drain - +0/30/60/75% attack speed on critical for 24s Primed Fury: V Polarity - 14 drain - +55% attack speed
  10. Heavy Attack: Too much to lose compared to its benefits. Losing all the combo for a powerful attack might be good sometimes (demolysts, bosses, capture targets), but it's a slow animation and very likely that the target will take a step backwards and you'll miss, also you'll reset your blood rush critical and weeping wounds status multipliers. Suggestion: instead of using 100% of the counter, make it use the equivalent of 2~4 multipliers only and reduce 50% of the current damage, so you will be more likely to use them mid-combos instead of just keeping the combo counter at max. Another option would be to only spend the counter if you actually hit an enemy (not objects). Stance Combos Some changes were good and the idea is really intuitive, where pressing W+E in most cases really makes you go forward and reach the next enemy, but some W+E combos don't move you at all, while the regular E combo moves a lot more. Same applies to some block+W+E combos. Gunblades' E combo is broken. You move forward so much that it should be in the W+E combo, but i'd rather have it removed because it's really, really hard to aim with it. E combo should be a completely stationary shooting. Ragdoll/knockback Many Stance combos have a really big knockback. This is a problem specially with the E and block+E combos where you'll stay in place, like the block+E combos of Rending Crane and Blind Justice, where the 1st/2nd hits throw the enemy out of range of the next attack. Suggestion: reduce weapon knockbacks in like 80% in the E / block+E combos and keep the knockback of the W combos. Lifted Lifted seemed good on paper, but in reality it acts like a ragdoll that pushes enemies away from you out of melee range. Enemies should be locked in place when receiving the lifted status (even immune to knockbacks during the duration), so they remain in melee range. Heavy Slam twice in a group of enemies and NASA will call you to help them send things into orbit like you just did with the enemies. Nikana's Blind Justice W+E combo (includes a lifted proc) launches enemies towards your back at high speed. Blood Rush/Condition Overload/Maiming Strike changes Yes, they needed nerfs. The idea was to make other weapon builds viable. However what i've seen so far is: people either not going melee saying that it's dead or the Blood Rush+Condition Overload combo in crit+slash based weapons like Galatine, Gram, Atterax, Nikanas, Orthos, Reaper Prime, Scindo, Venka... and stances that force-proc slash. All these weapons I tested with this build outperformed by far anything else against lv145 Corrupted Heavy Gunners and Auditors.
  11. Melee mod Corrupt Charge is still labelled as Chanelling. Should be Melee Melee mod Parry is still labelled as Chanelling. Should be Melee Melee mod Parry (+96% Counter Chance) has no use now as it's 100% block chance for everything and you can't reflect anymore? Maybe change it to "+100% Combo Counter Chance while Blocking" or "Restores 1/2/3/4/5 health per blocked hit"? Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp had its damage reflect removed without mention in the patch notes (please bring it back) Melee mod True Punishment (+40% CC, -10% Combo chance) is not updating the critical chance of the weapon. Don't know about the combo chance.
  12. First of all, DE should have made the missions with a public matchmaking, with everyone needing to carry a key like razorback/fomorian instead of locking teams to recruit chat/clan only. I never used (and refuse to) use recruit chat and i'm in a solo clan. I either go solo or public, so give us the option to go public. Second, disabling all of the things you've farmed for years just to "make things challenging" is a really, really lazy bad design. All the forma, affinity, potatoes, gear, focus, mods, endo, rivens and build planning are just thrown into garbage Grendel's belly. I don't mean "you gave me a challenging content and I'm mad at you because I can't cheese it". I mean it's a really bad idea from a game design perspective to lock people out of things they farmed for years in a grinding game to try to make something challenging. It works in short games, like a challenge in a DMC or forcing you to go stealth in a FPS mission instead of guns blazing everywhere because you don't have enough time to get attached to your things, but when it comes down to Warframe and MMORPGS, we grinded to use them, so it feels wrong to go against the logic behaviour of a grinding game by not using them.
  13. So far, heavy attacks seem useless as they reset the counter, breaking blood rush and weeping wounds. They might only be useful if you build your combo then heavy attack a specific target (boss, demolisher, capture target) and hope they die with that, or else you'll be weaker than when you got to it. Also, the Life Strike in theory should allow us to regain full health with a single hit with a good combo counter. I was a main maiming strike user with atterax and I agree that it was too much OP and deserved a nerf, but they nerfed it to the ground. Redeemer wasn't nerfed to the ground... it was buried 10km below it with the condition overload nerf + the combo stance changes that made it really bad. IMO, pushing all changes (stats + mod nerfs + combo counter + stance combos) at once made it really bad, as we need to redesign everything we have at once. They should have made small iteractions on changes to adjust based on feedback, instead of having to deal with a massive wave of rage
  14. Completed a Kuva Flood and no relic rewarded. Mods Corrupt Charge and Parry are still labelled as a Channeling category
  15. Fury: V polarity - 9 drain - +30% attack speed Gladiator Vice: V Polarity - 9 drain - 30% attack speed + set bonus Primed Fury: V polarity - V polarity - 14 drain - 55% attack speed Quickening (Changed): V polarity - 9 drain - 40% attack speed + 20% combo chance Seems like Fury (which was already outperformed by Gladiator Vice) has been heavily outperformed by Quickening . Fury needs to have a decrease in drain to a max of 7 while maintaining the current 30% attack speed to allow people to fit it in cheaper builds.
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