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  1. First of all why is a volatile target is 400m from entry and the exit is 800m it makes no sense. If the mission objective is completed in the "core" game then anybody who teleports back to the ship should also teleport the others (at least out into space in a short time after). Second if we kill all the crew on a big corpus ship (exterminate mission) why can't we just take it or strip it. Also why can't we just fight the big ship and blow it up from the outside? Third can we finally get an item that opens the "friendship" doors it is annoying to go in a public mission and waiting for
  2. The one time I want to use Vauban after 2 years to do some Defense...
  3. Stamina is gone finally. I will not be a snail with a fully geared out Railjeck anymore.
  4. Clan Tier Terracotta Bronze Silver Gold Ghost 1390 5860 13920 18850 Shadow 3510 22275 69120 137250 Storm 11700 75250 230400 457500
  5. Is it just me or DE is really punishing higher tier clans then Ghost? As the event is not truly "endless" it is a punishment for bigger clans as they have to do 9 times more work then a Ghost clan (if you take the maximum player count). Completing the 36 waves will yield around 20k points so 1 person is enough from a Ghost clan to complete it with the highest tier. From Shadow 7 player needs to complete it. From Storm 23 players... Honestly starting with Shadow clans might be some that has 30/30 active users but considering a lot has inactive players as well and those can not be
  6. The first post from @Voltage sums it up pretty much. The one part missing is that for lower lvl players it is even worth as they have even less stuff that would make it more enjoyable (like mods and Necramech).
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