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  1. Bear, thanks very much for the transparency and letting us know as soon as you realized that this wasn't going to make it in the update. I'm very excited about this update, but I was also excited to see some of melee 3.0 coming in as well. I have to tell you that i'm disappointed. At some point can you (DE) make this a focus? This is starting to get ridiculous.
  2. Although I'm saddened that we aren't getting the update this week, the way you have handled this communication has been great and it did a lot prepare me for the heartbreak...thanks team!
  3. I'd like like to see Venka, Paracesis and/or Sigma & Octantis. I really loved melee. 2.0, and when it came out it was probably my favorite moment for this game, I loved and love it now, but am even more excited for this. Please stay the course however, it sounds like even after the phases have been completed there will be work to be done (Jat Kittag indivudual FX etc) Please stay with it until the end and don't "go dark" to use your phrase. Thanks for everything guys and gals!
  4. I hope this means we will get an update this week. I don't understand why we would be getting all these dev-streams without some content. Steve said we would be getting one or two Workshops this week. I'm very much looking forward to those.
  5. Thanks for this update Steve. I'm very much looking forward to Melee 3.0, so I'm glad you communicated the delay. I feel like I have to express some disappointment however: We've been talking about this for a long time, and I believe the original workshop came out in May of last year. Since then I recall at least two commitments of additional workshops coming out to tell us more, and they never happened. Will we get one (workshop) next week? I'm sorry to say I'm skeptical. Don't get me wrong, I think the world of your whole team and this amazing game! I also think accountability is very important, and think that I need to point this out. With that out of the way I'm very excited at what you have planned for us this year so far! Melee 3.0, a focus on more frames etc. sounds great! Thanks so much!
  6. I want to send out some feedback on these dry spells. I'd rather see an update of some sort rather than another devstream. Usually we get a stream, some content, and then another stream. One could start to look at these as endless teaser streams if this continues. I thought we'd see part of Melee 3.0 before we had another devstream. All the Warframe partners that I follow have moved onto Anthem. I know they haven't abandoned Warframe, but please provide them with something to talk about.
  7. Is this our update for the week? Or are we getting something new? When will we be getting pieces of Melee 3.0? Will there ever be "umbral" forma? Thanks for this amazing game...;)
  8. Melee 3.0: Have you made a decision on this? As far as what you talked about during last Devstream? Will you break it up or ship it as one? Everything stated stated sounded like spitballing. Please let us know what you have decided on and a roadmap of some sort, this has been in the works for some time.
  9. First off, thx for Fortuna and Fortuna 2 with Baruuk. Great junks of content for the Holidays 🙂 Please, Please tell us some good news on Melee 3.0! I'm hoping this doesn't get pushed back any further, will we see it soon? Most of what has been shown about it is great.
  10. I'm very saddened that Melee 3.0 isn't making it out this year. I'm greatly hoping this isn't getting pushed out too far. Can you please share an estimated time-line on its release?
  11. Thanks for the update Megan, and I'm glad to hear that Garuda is coming with the update. Is there any light that can be shed on Melee 3.0? I think Geoff said "undetermined" on Dev stream 118. Are we thinking it will be with Fortuna? After and into Dec? The melee sound updates that came with the mainline are incredible! Very excited to see the whole package!
  12. Any chance of a Chroma re-work in there?? Also, melee 3.0 wasn't included in your last roadmap. Where does that fall in the queue?
  13. So where does Melee 3.0 fit into this year's timeline? I don't know if I've missed something or what but it seems like we aren't talking about this anymore. Chroma re-work...Are you thinking about doing one? While I understand your arguments for his major nerf, that's where he was left-nerfed. Lets re-work and leave on a positive note.
  14. Well, its finally here. As a Chroma main, I've been waiting for this for a long time. I am extremely happy with the way he looks and can't wait to get my hands on him. That being said I'm very disappointed that he didn't get a rework. I understand the reasoning behind his nerf and tweaks earlier this year but I remember hearing that he will get a real rework. This would certainly be the time. I would really like to hear from our wonderful Dev team on this. Is a rework ever coming as was stated? Lots of arguments can be made that his kit is already amazing, except for spectral scream. I don't think anyone will defend that ability. Some of the recent reworks (Oberon, Nezha) have been amazing and I was really hoping for more with Chroma. There certainly is a great deal of community feedback on the forum for him. I remember it pouring in after his nerf as well as after his Prime was announced. DE team please take this into consideration. Regardless, I will be supporting the cause by buying one of the cheaper Prime Access Packages and farming the rest. Thanks for this amazing game!
  15. Great! Thanks Reb! I'm extremely excited about Melee 3.0 and Chroma Prime. I'm very much hoping he (Chroma) will be getting a rework with this??!!
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