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  1. LOVE this option for customizing tap/hold on each frame, I ran into that with Lavos. Thanks!
  2. Wow, thx for this DE! Merry Christmas guy and gals!
  3. Very, Very, happy to see these Isolation Vault flow adjustments and drop table changes, Cheers DE!
  4. So I'm loving these iso vaults but here are some issues I'm encountering: Stability and crashes out of the mission. I've lost quite a bit of loot over this holiday weekend due to this. I like that these missions go so long and deep but that may be part of the problem. If one plays all three tiers and does all the arcana missions there are plenty of ways and times to crash out and lose you're stuff. This also makes it near impossible to reach T3, and it becomes quite a gamble. Please work on stability on these vaults.
  5. Any chance we can get an extension on the Umbra Forma BP available from Teshin...I need a little more time to get the essence and we had a short week ;) Thanks for Arcana!
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