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  1. I really like Trinity, mainly because I like healer roles, so these are some ideas I have that would make Trinity really fun to play. This revolves around Link and WoL. I believe her Blessing and Vamp are just fine... I mean I do believe that Vamp and Blessing is a bit OP as a kit combo on a single frame, but her laughable armor pretty much takes care of that. Her armor is actually the reason why I dont use her as much as I would like to. Its the reason why I see Link as necessity rather than an ability, which makes it a tedious micromanage. Honestly if it was up to me I would make Link active at all times. Ok, so... WoL: I would rather have WoL pulsate health to nearby allies, rather then everyone who needs health having to take focus off other enemies and aim at the one that has a hard cc applied to them. Link: I would like Link to me able to channel up to 6 enemies. To be able to store incoming damage during Link, regardless if Trin is immune or resistant to damage, and upon recast, or end of ability to deliver the damage stored back to all channeled enemies. That would make Link a fun ability. Void Spines should not interfere with Link storing damage. and finally... id like to see her health and armor buffed to about 125. This would remove Link from being a necessity, and keep it as a fun damage ability. My thoughts on whether or not this would make Trin "OP" are.. Warframe enemy levels tend to scale with time in a lot of missions, and im not a Mercury player. This would actually have me bring Trin to the most dangerous missions, and enjoy playing her in those missions for lengthy amounts of time. I believe that a lot of frames are OP in certain ways, and weak in others. To me, at this point, its all about having fun.
  2. Hello. How would you compare Octavia and Volt to each other, and Saryn, in terms of effort required in order to "clear a room"? Im genuinely curious to your opinion. Personally, I find Volt requiring a bit less effort than Saryn, not much of a difference. I dont really play Octavia, so I cant speak on her. Im only asking because some people seem to think that Saryn is the one frame above all that comes out of the box ready to clear rooms without any effort, and no other frame can come close.
  3. Saryn is fine, imo. If any DE are looking to nerf Saryn, its probably because its the easy fix to not being able to figure out how to bring other similar frames to the debuffing/killing efficiency of Saryn in reasonable time or in a way that makes sense for those frames... or both.
  4. In terms of mechanics, melee is just meh. Still a button mash, with the addition of a heavy. The combos are not anything special either. Simple hack n slash stuff. In terms of power, a lot of other weapons, including non-melee, are falling behind. Thats the way I see melee anyway.
  5. Best thing I did was open the nodes and hang the game back up. This update is all over the place, I see many changes coming... I can even see some railjack weapon "balance" coming. I felt that upgrading my railjack every step of the way was a waste of resources so I joined other crews on my way to veil. Now that I have an idea of what type if grind and rng im facing.... lol im not even going to bother unless I see some big changes.
  6. I found out about litches the hard way as well. I spared my first one thinking I can get their weapon whenever. After learning that I couldnt, I gave the litch to a friend thinking he would get the weapon right away... and before he told me that the litch becomes active once traded, I traded for one thinking I would get their weapon right away. I hope a future update gives me the option to just delete this litch, Im too burnt to bother going through the processs of getting rid of it. I also hope that information regarding content can be better explained in game, in the future, especially content that requires a considerable amount of time and effort to complete once it has been engaged.
  7. Apologies my fellow Tenno, but your opening sentence did make me laugh. I sympathize, but not because of how good, or bad World on Fire might have been, but because I was used to it... through time it identified with Ember. Now the frame is different, it seems as though it was replaced. I can see how thats not fair to some of the players who "mained" Ember. Give some other frames a run. If you dig into the mechanics and synergy of some of these frames abilities you might find something you like. Hey, they took my buddy Excal and turned em into a turret, it was a sad day for the empire. I grabbed Oberon and never looked back. Cheer up
  8. I really like Oberon, hes my favorite frame. Im all for him getting better, but the thought of.... his reckoning is not bad, adjusting it... it might just backfire. If its an over the top crazy buff, im all for it. We already have frames with ridiculously powerful abilities (that DE doesnt seem to have a problem with), might as well add Ober to the list. If its something mediocre, something we have to micromanage... just leave my buddy as is and work on the augment, as mentioned above. Or, give some love to frames that really need it.
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