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  1. I figured if negative stats didnt exist the goal of making less used weapons better would be achieved just fine. Granted, stats like positive zoom can be terrible, though it can still be managed with hip fire. I just dont understand why negative stats that can cripple a weapon, and waste kuva, exist in a system thats supposed to make less used weapons better. I suppose there wasnt much thought (as mentioned above), or effort, put into this system as any stat can roll as a positive or negative. Just a simple implementation. The idea of buffing less used weapons seems to be out of focus...
  2. So... people actually keep rolls with negative damage, multishot, cc...? Cause to me, as I explained, those are "throw away" rolls (in every case so far). A waste of kuva. I understand in a 3 stat roll, one negative means the 2 positives are significantly higher, thats just part of the riven system. I also understand certain negatives, such as zoom, can actually come in handy. What I dont get is the reason why stats like damage can come up as a negative. After all, riven mods were supposed to make less used weapons viable... how does negative damage in a hardly used weapon riven make that weap
  3. Hello everyone I will try to make this short. Negative riven stats should not exist. Rivens are supposed to make the least used weapons viable while offering a bit more kick (not leaving left out) to the more popular ones. How does a negative stat fit in this idea? When a roll comes up with negative damage, or multishot, or cc... that basically tells me the kuva I just used for that roll was a complete waste. This is different from rolling stats lower than what I aim for. I can settle for a set of stats without a negative, but not as high as I would like, and it wont leave me feeli
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