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I played Warframe for over 6 years, with some nice long breaks. Over 4,000 hours of gameplay. Warframe is was my #1. I used to help new players steer toward an efficient path through the game by shared knowledge, and the occasional gifts of free sets and mods. I have, arguably, the most OP Toxic list of blocked players.

I no longer play Warframe the way I used to, I stopped playing as often when the Kuva Litch update dropped. The tedious grind just caught up to me, it became too much. At first I figured I would take another break, but after some months now, I really dont see any solid changes on the horizon.

The sad part about it is: when I reflect back to the times I played, the one thing that stands out clearly above the fun experience is the relentless grind I had to deal with over the years (this is coming from someone who bought almost all the packs). There isn't a memorable challenge or reward I can think of, just times I spent with friends, different builds I came up with that melted everything in sight... but above all... the grind.

That being said, I do pay attention to news regarding Warframe, and log in occasionally to see whats new.


Dear DE: Why not give the meta competition sometimes instead of always killing it? Do you always want things to be average?



Regarding "Verbal Warning By IIIDevoidIII, 25 Jul 2015". If this moderator had done their job instead of give me excuses about how all moderators are overwhelmed with "work" and have to "heavily rely on the community" for help, there wouldn't have been an issue. Do your job! It should not take 3 days for you to notice 5 violations (offensive toward me) in one post made on a thread that moves 1 page per week. This so called "warning" was due to a private message sent to this mod by me, in a frustrated state, with limited profanity (not directed at them). You cant make this stuff up, their eyes got offended at a bit of profanity in a private message to the point where they felt the need to apply a warning, but my picture in a photo introduction section being attacked in a way that stacks up 5 community guideline violations was untouched for days until I had to say something to these so called moderators .

5 years later a lot of mods still manage to overstep their capacity, bend the rules to their favor, and piss off the community, and judging by recent unresolved issues that would have been swiftly addressed in the past, support has also lost a lot of quality.


People that will Always have my RESPECT:

DE Matt (support)

DE Brian (support)

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