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  1. Regarding the last 3. Alad was cured of the infestation during tubemen of regor I believe. As for the wolf being friends with the sentients it's probably due to alad's experiments with amalgams. And finally the wolf is still a grineer, he'd still have a built in hate for the tenno.
  2. There was a legal issue as the items had yet to be licensed so they had to be pulled. DE are working hard to sort everything out.
  3. How dare people show praise for something they like! they are all blind! Let me just take a page out of your book and *rolls eyes*
  4. Can someone explain why 16x anisotropic filtering was removed? I'm a tad confused.
  5. If a corpus window breaks you are supposed to see shutters come down after hacking a console, this does not happen. This also causes the muffled sound to persist for the rest of the game.
  6. What you are suggesting is a bit close to a vote kick which is a big no.
  7. That section is for issues with the website or forums themselves not moderation. What I meant by the comment itself is chances are the deleted comments were abrasive. Like I said, best keep it to the feedback or general discussion section.
  8. Take the tinfoil hat off, It has nothing to do with how popular the comment is it's about the comment itself. Support has nothing to do with issues with forum moderation it's for game issues or account issues so no you are not in the right.
  9. Breaking all the vents was not intended at all. The posts are being deleted because it's not really the place for it, take it to the feedback or general discussion section. Do not send support tickets for stuff like this EVER you will bog down the system with false issues and I wouldn't be surprised if doing it repetedly could get you banned from support.
  10. Might take around a week to get a response but be patient.
  11. Send a ticket to support, this isn't really the place for issues like that.
  12. Was that really needed? Of course DE tested the fixes thats part of the fixing process, however sometimes things still mess up. You could have simply been very unlucky.
  13. I'm fine with people giving DE feedback (it was quite a sledgehammer way to "fix" the issue) just not feedback that consists of trying to make DE seem like insidious fun haters.
  14. I support the idea of abilities being useable but with some limitations I just hate being able to cheese boss stages in ways there were clearly not intended.
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