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  1. Agree, Just discovered the guy who apparently "made" the Hydroid-Pro-Meta: Slam-Undertow, get out of undertow when the free tentacle from hydroid-slam-passive has catched something. You can evade this stuff yes, but its lame that shooting is useless as long as a melee wielder looks into your general direction. Yes, he can't shoot you either when he is blocking hence: lame. Pair this with the new slam speed and you eliminated guns from Conclave. I preferred shooting over the melee+ability playstyle. Quick-fix would be a uninterruptible after-slam-delay, so that there is some risk involved in slamming. Those slide attacks also look pretty broken.
  2. Corrupt Charge will sometimes not apply the +30 initial combo for a whole mission, maybe it depends on who is host. I use it on Hirudo to achieve a high initial crit rate with blood rush
  3. The new decals and shot-impacts are superb, shooting feel is what keeps me into warframe!
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