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  1. Any fix for the now 1 year old bug of the melee weapons Elemental FX being ON despite being turned OFF in the settings ?
  2. Also amazing, now I can't play with Keyboard+Mouse if I have a controller plugged-in.
  3. Still need that Melee Weapon Elemental FX fix for a year now...
  4. One of the many examples, you can google it, or check in the forums. This bug has been going on since U22.
  5. Melee weapons Elemental FX fix when ? :'c
  6. Fix Melee Weapon Elemental FX. Can't be turned OFF Been broken for a year almost.
  7. Fix the melee Weapon Elemental FX already, still a bug since U22
  8. Melee Elemental FX fix when ? always ON despite being on OFF in settings (bug since U22)
  9. Still no Melee Weapon Elemental FX fix . . . still "on" even if ticked "off" in the settings, almost a year now . . .
  10. Elemental FX still not hidden on many weapons since U22, weapon such as nikanas (yes elemental fx is still not hidden) , Venkas, Gunsen, and Exalted Blade for Excalibur and Claws for Valkyr still display elemental FX even if the setting is off.
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