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  1. Yes - Some update ago - All of the sudden I could not use borderless windowed anymore because it never saves my resolution or anti-aliasing settings. I had to switch to Full screen only,
  2. Thanks m8 - Hopefully this QOL change gets looked at.
  3. Wall latch seems pointless in its current state. There are many mods that are completely useless due to the time that wall latching has before you fall off. This change would diversify game play more. I mean you can balance on a zip line forever; why not wall latch forever.
  4. Great new steel kill mechanic. Now solo only.
  5. Ever since the main update TAA gets turned off and never saves after I turn it on "confirm" and reopen the game. -- I have to change sharpness for TAA and confirm it every time to for it to be applied - but the it never saves it,
  6. You lost me with this one. This is the whole point of these ability's, Especially on xp farming maps. So .. No. This is your suggestion - And down voted,
  7. What happened to increase spawn rate of the Wolf? We are over half way though and I have not see the Wolf ONCE! I need to know now if I should just buy on warframe market or is increase spawn really gonna happen. MR27 over 4k in-game hours and I dont play normal star map missions much if at all. I only really run Relics, ESO, Arbitration and Sortie missions. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be doing something else? Is this just for new players that are still grinding star map missions? Some insight would be appreciated.
  8. This looks great and all but.... FTLOG PLEASE Increase the Range of Kronen Prime and other tonfas. The range is so small it feels like its broken as in bugged. Needs a doctor to look at it. Going home to tell parents with a brochure to explain what you have now Bad.
  9. Expand Riven Mod Max Capacity - Please I want at least 1 Riven for every weapon. They allow for 20 extra load out slots - I have all 34 total loadouts - I have a unique weapon for each of the 3 weapons you can carry for each of the 34 unique Warframes im using, 90 is not enough to have a riven for each weapon with all my loadouts! More rivens means more things to do in Warframe for me - more time playing. Right now I get an annoying pop up about my capacity all the time and im punished further being bared from sorties. In an interview with tactical potato DE Scott said it is possible when asked about having one for each weapon however it brings more demand on the server. Ya know - With all the inactive clans and Dojos and Accounts - Why not compress all that and put it in an archive server to make space and reduce load. When someone comes back make it a process of decompressing when an inactive account comes online and recheck to make sure it fully active. This capacity needs to be raised or limited to one or 2 for every weapon. Please
  10. Thanks for the Fortuna update! As for the changes to dispos; All in all not too bad, but can we really have the sweet without the bitter? ANSWER = Not as long as you invest in Warframe or any game that continually updates. Id rather have changes then no change at all. Steam is a grave yard of games that never update and are abandon by the Devs. Warframe is not one of those. I appreciate the hard work DE puts into balance. It shows; - though not always perfect they do continually listening and are willing to change. This is why I have over 3k hours IN the game "not steam" and keep coming back for more.
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