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  1. I believe it fair to say that the wording is a bit unclear in the Dev Workshop but I get what they are saying and how what Im saying can be viewed if taken out of context. I didn't say I agreed with the method they are going for to Measure. Only that with the information we got; This is what Ive gathered for discussion. I've seen some really great alternatives here also.
  2. This is not just what I believe - Its what was said and what is known. Thats all. Please consider how accusatory your statement is. Im just trying to help not hurt.
  3. It's in the Game: Launch Warframe>Dojo>Railjack Room>Rail Jack Menu Console on the Right>Scrap Components & Armaments
  4. Your right - If you start right now you could by what the Dev Workshop stats, just complete all T1 and T2 - Then farm the basic low resource content, paying for all the slots to get to 30 to be considered a T3 Early Adopter. This is why I said Early Adopters Meaning: Right Now.
  5. Yes - It is a lot of micro managing that takes place - but the Workshop does not go detail about your fusion of parts via uncompleted parts at a rescue cost. Only states completed parts - This would include your Dojo parts that are completed and in the "Scrap Components & Armaments" Menu.
  6. This is very constructive !! I agree. Wreckage count is just too confusing I guess - But it is easy to achieve.
  7. Only the complete ones count. Why would the stuff you scrapped be anywhere?
  8. The problem is the Menu lists completed Wreckage as "Scrap Components & Armaments" and your "Wreckage" menu where you normally work out of does also. -- The way it was worded in the Workshop was not the best defining; what you have completed as it being in your Scrap and Components.
  9. LOL - Agreed - I didn't even realize I needed to do this till I started trying to get to 30.
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