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  1. Just to give you some perspective, I come from the smashbros dlc speculation circle. Its basically in my blood to behave this way about new content lol edit: The entire point of the original post is just to express gratitude to the devs. Just hoping one day someone involved in the development process for yareli see this and gets the feels goods. Its nice to feel appreciated.
  2. This past month I have been craving for a hydroid rework and spent hours thinking about how one could realistically rework hydroid without taking away the original concept of what hydroids kit is meant to be. funny enough I actually came to the conclusion that a making a new water based warframe would probably be easier than reworking a design philosophy for a character that is 7 years old. As one could imagine, I was quite surprised to see the new warframe reveal because I was quite honestly expecting a new fire based warframe (i had heard some people speculate that the ember deluxe skin #2 was gonna be the new warframe since all we knew about the new warframe was that they would talk about it and the picture was of the deluxe skin.). Now water is my favorite element and to see that DE and Pablo are making a new water based warframe brang happiness to my heart (not to mention that the design is quite beautiful and translates the flow of water so perfectly). I am actually a bit torn on messing with the color scheme because I love the design so much. In short, I am soo grateful for DE and Pablo for creating this new character and I just cant wait for her to come out with Sisters of Parvos and I hope Pablo and the design team see this thankyou letter :D Your Hydroid Yareli loving tenno, venomthebest -I feel like a kid on Christmas eve
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